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CCBottle chapter 21 . 2h
Really enjoyed the characters in this. Hope its not abandoned.
Sk8ernv chapter 21 . 1/27
While this may be your first foray into the Potter Fandom. I have to say that you have done such an amazing job giving life to your spin on Harry Potter that I cannot help but be blown away. I believe that Rowlings world will stand the test of time and will be remembered as a classic. However, my one criticism is that Harry has always seemed to well adjusted. I think you have nailed it perfectly as far as the struggles that boy who has been at the very least verbally abused and neglected. I was captivated by both the progress and setbacks that are all too real for those who have suffered from abuse. I know the finding one's muse can be a trying experience at best. I can only hope that your muse returns to you. This story is one of the vest that I have ever read. I look forward to seeing Harry grow into the man that he seems destined to become.
JovialShogun chapter 4 . 1/11
Wow. I keep being surprised. I've been reading fanfiction for a while now, so I'm not used to being surprised like this anymore. Will Madam Pince let him back into the library? The suspense... Will Harry continue to have problems with Magic due to his crippling self doubt?
JovialShogun chapter 2 . 1/11
The slytherin sorting surprised me. Given his bookworm nature, I sort of figured that things were leaning towards Ravenclaw. I am eager to see how you depict this universe's Slytherin House - can it be a place where a person can quietly be a loner? I'm not sure I've read any stories where Slytherin wasn't full of intrigue at some level.
JovialShogun chapter 1 . 1/11
I like the premise for your story. Having had some interaction with children (and the adults they grew to become) with abuse in their past, I agree that Harry Potter as written by JK Rowling definitely didn't react in a very normal way. I'm interested to see how your Harry interacts with this world, and also how much darker this world will be.
usshi021 chapter 21 . 1/10
Finish this ): I need my harem reads
usshi021 chapter 1 . 1/9
I loved your story witches of Westfield and decided to read this while you worked on it and mate, this is amazing.

I'm hooked.
LWJ2 chapter 19 . 12/17/2015
Chs 1 - 19

First, I'm sorry to read of your loss, please accept my condolences.

I've enjoyed this, it flows fairly well, you grammar (thank the gods) is very good. It's an interesting plot device, and you're corrrect, that sort of trauma doesn't heal overnight, if at all, for some.

I'll be looking forward to reading more, thanks for writing and sharing this.

A merrry Christmas and happy new year to you and yours.


Leon Jester
Roanoke, VA USA
Guest chapter 1 . 11/19/2015
Have you abandoned this fic?
Saint Raven chapter 21 . 10/21/2015
I love this story so much but it hasn't been updated in over five months. Are you ok? Will you update again at all? Please do, this story is amazing and I must know what happens!
Blitzstrahl chapter 11 . 10/1/2015
Blaise is a douche.
at-nightfall chapter 19 . 8/4/2015
a) Scotland has a very oceanic climate, during winter it is warmer than Danemark or North Germany (where I live). It can be very cold, but that is because the high wind chill factor. The temperatures will stay mostly above freezing. You have lots of rain, and a lot of that is horizontal. A white Christmas is even more a dream than in North Germany. Normally the air comes from the South West over the North Atlantic, which is warm due to the Gulf stream. To get snow and ice you need a special weather situation with cold air coming in from somewhere in the North to East arc. This does happen sometimes due to the unstable weather patterns over the northern half of Europe. These cold spells rarely last longer than two weeks, and happen from December to February. If there is one in the first half of December, the snow will have already thawed at Christmas as the ground and the water have not cooled down enough. (The climate in Europe is a lot different from the climate in North America. e.g. the coast of Norway is ice free all winter.)

These cold spells are the only times night temperatures drop below -10C.
Near the sea most nights will not drop below freezing at all.

To get snow, you need to get up into higher altitude. Settlements and castles in Scotland are at low altitudes, mostly below 200 foot or lower. Temperatures drop 1C each 100m (or 300 foot) of altitude, so you have a good chance for snow above 1000m (3000 foot) in Scotland or Wales.

b) Enough snow to block a railway line should be very rare in Scotland and England. (Once in the last 50 years in North Germany.) The problems we have in Germany with the railways in winter are from trees falling on the track due to insufficient maintenance since the last steam engines are gone. (steam engines tend to ignite the vegetation left and right of the track, so that vegetation has to be cleared. Cost cutting that maintenance let trees grow in that areas, which topple during a storm.)
at-nightfall chapter 1 . 8/2/2015
There are several background problems in the first chapter
a) there should be little clacking on the railway. The main railway in the UK as in most of Europe uses continuous welded rail and did for several decades in 1991.

b) wood smoke: The British Isles have been denuded of wood when England started to build it's fleet. The UK has been the western first country to switch to coal instead of wood because the wood was gone. (I don't know about China.) The stationary steam engines evolved in the coal mines. So it should be coal smoke instead of wood smoke.

c) sitting on top of a rail car should be very problematic:
- the train should go faster than 100km/h for most of the journey as it has to swim with the other traffic on the main railway lines.
- there is a high voltage overhead line above most of the main railway lines north of London.
- gangway connections between long range railway cars have been in existence long before 1900. Open platforms are a safety problem with the electric overhead lines.

d) notable swaying of the car should not happen on good track.
bluesonicblast chapter 10 . 7/15/2015
Ooooooo, I think ickle Ronnykins is JEALOUS!
Kazbaby chapter 21 . 7/15/2015
When I first saw the summary for this story, I couldn't help but be intrigued because it had a different feel to it somehow. I was immediately sucked in, and hard. You've done an absolutely fabulous job with the characters, their backstories, and made them even more real. A few times I couldn't help but think after reading either Harry or Hermione's reaction to a situation: 'I know how you feel' or 'I've done/thought the same'. Those moments bring these kids to life even more.

The friendship between "The Outsiders" is one that every lonely kid (or adult, for that matter) dreams of. When the others joined Harry at the dinner table and ate some of his food so he wouldn't be alone in suffering from Ron's prank, I couldn't help but cheer out loud. Your pacing is damn near perfect because there really is no quick fix for the type of upbringing that they endured. There has been more than one instance where you've had me tearing up, or wanting to hurt someone on behalf of one of the characters.

It was very interesting to see the confrontation between Harry and Quirrell happen during the Christmas break, and it was actually much more exciting. Then the twist with Harry's hands turning things to ash was most excellent but having him isolated from his friends broke my heart for all of them. The changes you've made to canon fit wonderfully together.
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