Reviews for Rumble Dumble
MistressReveina chapter 1 . 2/20/2013
Are you serious? You can't be. I don't think people are that pathetic to write a fanfiction about an author who pissed them off. You're just giving them the attention they crave and they're probably laughing about it. This will not get even with them, you need to get it together dear.

The sad part is that you're actually a very good writer; however, you are extremely childish. You should use your talents to create actual stories, not hate stories towards another author.

The further I read, the more mistakes I see on wording. For example:

Misty was nagging him whether he was ever going to rebuy Misty her a new bike to replace the bike he destroyed them the first time they had ever met.

Edited way:
Misty was nagging him about if he was ever going to buy her a new bike to replace the one he destroyed the first time they ever met.

The way that was written makes me think that maybe English isn't your first language? Either way, have someone read over your work so they can catch little things like that.

Thoughts should be in italics.

"Logic is relevant when it comes to trolling..."

You're right. Just look at this story.

And I'm done. Let me know when you grow up and want to write an actual story.

ღYour Mistressღ