Reviews for Ticking
yellow 14 chapter 1 . 2/15/2013
Wow, what an odd pairing. It works though, keep writing
Satan Abraham chapter 1 . 2/14/2013

Odd pairing, but you made it good. :)
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
My CharlieDraco shipper and I are in agreement on your a/n. WHAT DID YOU JUST WRITE?

Okay. My CharlieDraco shipper isn't protesting as much this go around because at least Scorpius looks exactly like Draco, so I can pretend that it's Draco for the most part.

Have I ever told you how fascinated with bombs I am? Seriously that would pretty fun to learn about. (I watch way too much Flashpoint and Criminal Minds, evidently). Which means that I really love the reference to a time bomb. It's also interesting that you did describe it as a bomb.

Bombs strike fear into people. Fear of when they're blow up, fear of the damage they're cause, fear of the aftermaths. It seems that both of them knew how it was going to end and they didn't like it - Scorpius at the beginning and during the middle and Charlie at the very end.

Now the countdown. That was rather genius and plays extrememly well into the time bomb reference.

I like how the time starts when Scorpius starts to realize how he feels about Charlie and wants to know what they are. That's when all "no strings attached" relationship start to fall apart, so it's fitting that theirs starts to fall apart then too.

Four was rather insignificant. But it really showed how far from a real relationship they would get, how far they'll fall apart. Three, on the other hand, speaks. It speaks so loudly. Because one person usually gets hurt in those types of relationships and my heart kind of hurts for Scorpius because he does love Charlie, but Charlie doesn't really do relationships, do love.

My heart ached at two. We all know it's the end. It's vague, though, which I liked. You don't actually know it's the end, but I think Scorpius knows. It's the moment that Scorpius' world falls apart and he can't do anything about it.

Now at one is where everyone realizes that two is the end of their relationship. Charlie realized too late what he had lost. It's so sad.

And zero. It was coming. And it was real. The fact that Scorpius moved on to Rose, to Charlie's niece is so sad. The fact that everytime they have a family get together at the burrow, Charlie will have to be reminded of what he lost, of what he let get away, while Scorpius will have to be reminded of the love that he once had - and probably still has - for Charlie. It must get uncomfortable.

Now when I first read this, I was watching en episode of Flashpoint, where one of the team got blew up by a landmine while trying to disfuse a bomb - sad I know. So watching that and reading ["Their ticking time bomb has run out - and yet somehow, Charlie thinks, he was the only one caught in the blast zone"] just nearly made me cry.

["Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. / Boom. / And just like that, it ends"] - firstly, I love the tie in with the beginning. It kind of makes it a circular fic and I like those. Then you have the bomb explosion. It's the end. The bomb goes off and nothing is every the same again. And I really like the fact that it explodes at Scorpius marries Rose. Because that's the true end. If Scorpius wouldn't have gotten married, their screwed up relationship could've had another shot, another chance for it to work. But him getting married ends /everything/ because, no matter what, Charlie would never hurt his own niece like that.

While I still ship CharlieDraco and AlScor a heck of a lot more than CharlieScorpius, this was still rather good. Great job! :D
IforIgnore chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
Poor Charlie...I shouldn't like this because I don't ship this pairing at all, but it was so well written and full of feeling. I like how you didn't say what the note that Scopius was writing was; it could have been a letter saying they're over, a wedding invitation or even something begging him to come back (then again that's just what I think it might not be what you intended). :)