Reviews for Silver Lining
fictionhashijackedmymind chapter 1 . 7/27/2014
Please update this fic! I need a third chapter!
cheshirekadi chapter 2 . 4/17/2013
Nicely done
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
you know, i think i might just be satisfied with just this chapter, its so good. that doesnt mean i want you to stop though. ;)
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
i keep reading this chapter over and over! ok, so, i have readabout each turtles personality, now for shredder, april, the krang and foot clan, splinter, AAAAAANNNNDDDDD! OF COURSE! SPIKE! spike is awesome. SPIKE!
silverfire. AND YOU ROCK SO MUCH!
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
hey! i found info on raph, for this series and others, and fav. it, now i will look for donny, then leo, then mikey. BYE AND YOU ROCK!
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
hey, how much longer till the next chapter? i know its been only around two days, but still! its hard to wait when your the author! and i am sure that poor, poor dust particle, whom i had the great honor of naming dustie, short for: dustie, dustin, duster mc dustington, of dustinlot, the most dusty dust spec of them all, and the royal knight of queen dusteria, queen of dustinlot, and also one of the three dustkuters! whose death was not in vain! bless his dusty soul... poor, poor dustie... yeah, i know... i think i should just let mikey name everything. i just dont seem to be able to it... anyways, i am sure dustie would agree with me, if he had not died the noble death he did... yeah... i'm kinda in a sort of renasiance/medivial times sort of mood right now... well, have fun! YOU ROCK! AND THAT WILL ALWAYS STAY THE SAME! bye!
and raph! don't worry, ally does not own any needles. you likely did not know that, so i thought i would just inform you! no need to worry! bye! MY REVIEWS ARE REALLY GETTING LONG I THINK I SHOULD GO BASH MY HEAD ON THE WALL LIGHTLY OF COURSE THOUGH JUST A TAP! hey, that reminds me of the one song ally/me made... (hums...) hmm hmm hm hmm hm hmmm, hmm hm hmm hmm hm hmmmm... (- means parts you cant hear) ba- my he-d -n th- w-ll, -ust t- -nd it all... hey! you aint supposed to be listening! GET OUTA HERE! oh wait, I have to leave... NEVERMIND! BYE!
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
hey, today i realized, ' there is who, why, what, when, and where, but what about will?'. i guess its just the sixth un mentioned w... and there is how, but that doesnt count, because its h, unless you made it questions, not w questions... either way, will is not mentioned... shrug. well, meh... i just kinda wanted to say that. and remind everyone that... DAWNSWING IS SO AWESOME, THAT A DUST PARTICLE CAN EXPLODE FROM IT! not dustbunnies though! no, never, because... uh... well... dawnswing can find out if the animal jam thing works... so yeah... o fine i will tell you... because once me and my friend played this game, and i decided to be dustbunny with a weapon... cause i thought it was funny, because a normal bunny would not have a weapon, dust would not have a weapon, and a dust bunny would noot have a weapon, and would be cute to see one with one! sorry... weird... i know... yeah... well... uuuhhh... uuummmm... ehhh... i... need... to... uuuhhhh..., endthisreviewrightnowsogoodb yeDAWNSWINGrocksasdotheaweso meTURTLESbye!
(and i say peeps because of the nummy kind, you know, the candy peeps? which are awesome, so when i or my oc calls you peeps, it means your awesome, just like the candies are awesome and wow right now i seem to have a problem with making these sentences way too long so GOODBYE END OF DISCUSSION PERIOD! AND THATS FINAL!)
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
oh yeah, and leo and koda are so cute together! you have perfect ideas, you know that? and mikey and riley are adorable! and, as always, april and donnie. GASP! another thing about ally: is sneaky, likes , no scratch that, LOVES the monkey bars, and, though she never, EEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRRR! lies to her friends, not for the whole world and more, she can lie to someone pretty easy, i guess it just comes with being good at acting i guess though. oh yeah, and did i mention? DAWNSWING. IS. SO. AWESOME. AND. IS. THE. GREATEST.,. AWESOMEST.,. BEST.,. MOST MAGNIFICENT.,. ASTOUNDING.,. OUTSTANDING.,. MOST AMAZING.,. MOST SPECTACULAR.,. WONDERFUL.,. WONDEROUS.,. FLABBERGASTINGLY.,. (which means un understandble kinda... sort of like wow.) GENUINLY.,. ABSOLUTELY.,. COOLEST.,. AND MOST FABULOUS AUTHOR KNOWN TO ALL THE WORLD, ALL ANYTHING-KIND, IN ALL THE UNIVERSE, IN ALL THE-... uhh... ummm... uuuuhhhhh... whats bigger than a universe? oh yeah! IN ALL DIMENSIONS!
※*'. hmm... something just blew up because of how awesome you are... hmm... i think i saw a dust particle just explode too! cooooolllll... imagine it... a spec of dust, seen in the sunlight shining in through the window next to you, just exploding in a slow motion sort of boom, with yellow-white in the center, and then orange, red, and then grey smoke stuuf, with a miniture BWWOOOMMM! sound coming from it... all from how awesome you are. the poor dust particle justcould not take it any more, even though must have known a whole lotand had a lot of brain power, considering the fact that it had existed for quite some time, it being a practicly in'dust'ructable dust particle and all... well, that just shows how great you are. well, i must be off to read some more of your amazing stories now! TATA ALL YOU PEEPS! does peace sign with fingers and does a derpy (got that word from a friend) sort of smile.

silverfire, over and out!
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
sadly, no. sorry, though... i know of a more fun way! just search 'Animal Jam login' and make a user. its an online game where you are animal and meet friends, play games, and have fun! i can tell you everything you need to know about it, and when you have made your animal and have started playing, just type inthe skinny white line at the bottom of your playing screen 'how do i search for a username so i can buddy someone?', and click enter, and someone will tell you how. when you do that, write in the blank that they give you, this username: ynnub2. Thats my user name. then, when a picture of either a bunny or a wolf pops up in the top right hand corner, just click the icon where two animals have their arms around each others shoulders and are waveing, with a plus sign, and in the middle of the screen a sign saying: would you like to buddy ynnub2?, will pop up, with an ok button under it, then, click the ok button. if i am online, i will accept, if i am not, then i will get mail sent to me asking if i will buddy you, and i will accept, and meet you the next time you are online while i am, and we can talk privately then. you should tell me your username in the next chapter or in a review, so i will know if its you. you should probably, if you can, do this around 4:00 through 6:00, i am usually on animal jam then. i will also get you some cool animal jam things too. i hope you can do this, if not, then i dont know how else we can do this. shrugs.
thats all i can think of, sorry.
hopefully it will work though. well, byebye for now! hopefully we can talk on animal jam!

Dawnswing chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
silverfire... i was wondering if you have an email or another way i could ask you the questions in private..ya know. just so there won't be any spoilers.. if so please let me know. plus every review you give me help with ideas for upcoming chapters.
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
sorry i keep reviewing, but how come i cant see my reviews? shrug. meh. by the way, my oc sometimes sings songs she make when she is sure no one can here her, and... would you like to see the lyrics of one? i will take your unpreveentable silence, as a yes, besides, she thinks no one can hear her... p.s. its sad ish... so, if you don't like sad songs, then scroll til you see a row of this※. ok. here goes. (opens door)

(is humming... now starts to sing)
Broken hearts, and crushed dreams, are what this world is made of, or so it seems.
There is nothing more, that i wish for, because i now know, that,
wishes and dreams were made, to be crushed, or at least, so it seems.
Promises broken, and wishes that arent reality, are what we, were made for... or at least, so it seems... (songs stops abruptly) (ally hears something, turns around, sees them there, screams, then runs away screaming, "YOU DID NOT SEE THAT!" "IT NEVER HAPPENED!"
me: oh yes it did! i'm glad i brought my tape recorder! (ally hears that because, did i mention, she has pretty good hearing, even though she was pretty far away, and then she runs back, and steals tape recorder, and runs away again) shes a pretty fast runner too, nothing to be pround of though.
me: yeah ya do, (snaps fingers and ally is there) now, hand it over.
ally: cant.
me:why not?
ally: cause i broke it.
me: WHAT!?
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
oh yeah, and poor raph... next time i get a shot, (which is day before my birthday, not fair!) i will remember it is so much worse for you... and your pain inflicted brothers, who suffered greatly and probably now tending their horrible bleeding wounds, who suffered to help you. i kindawanna say rip to them, but thats not the word... hmm... lets see... what was that word?...uhh, nope, that ain't it... aha! here it is! my greatest appologies to you all, for suffering just for me. bows. and hands mikey pizza, donny a chemical set and stuff like that, i honestly don't know what i could give to leo so tell me what you want later, and, also to raph, this... thing, not sure what its called, my mind is being silly today... GRRRRR WHAT IS THE DANG THING CALLED? sigh. maybe f you name off things you like, maybe it will hit me, because it is something you like... grr.., darn brain.

oh yeah, and ally is a pretty good actor, and likes accents and the renassiance times kind of things. AND DRAGONS TOO! UNLESS THEY ARE PURPLE! they bring disgrace to the name of dragons everywhere... scowls and poofs a purple dragonup and glares at him, saying: YOU COWARDLY SNAKE! then grabs a dagger from belt, and throws at his head, purposely missing by a centimeter. NOW BEGON! fireholder comes in, saying: WELL, YOU HEARD HER! -shooing motions with hands, BEGONE! -zaps fire at his backside as he yelps and runs away-. me: that was not right, attacking an unarmed person, even is he was a coward. its just as bad as stabbing him while his back is turned, which is cowardice. oc:yeah! never do it unless nesscasary. me: what she said. fireholder: fine, but i was just trying to help him along. i don't think his smalll stupid brain understood all our big wirds, so i thought telling him with actions might help. everyone: HAHAHAHAHA! well, byebye! DAWNSWING ROCKS!
from, again, silverfire.
silverfire chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY Y TTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA NNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOU UUUUUUUUU SSSSSSOOOOOO- stops to breathe...- MMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHH HHHHHH! YIPPEEE! and, ask me all the questions you want,plus, that was awesome! & bye the way, raphs eyes ARE kinda... hmm... whats the right word? entrancing? mezmerizing? i know i spelled that wrong, but hey, i dont use that word that often when writting. but you get my point. so, if you need to ask questions, then do so, ok? ok, & great title & everything! & yah, you got my oc perfectly! she ( how many people would?) not easily believe that. so yeah... though she doesnt faint much, unless caused from emotions. or unless a turtle rockets from the window, especially a ninja turtle. so yup. & also, she is interested, fasinated, & entranced by: black holes, storms, tsunami's, hurriccanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, & fire. not earthquakes though. & LOVES rocks. has a collection of many types, that weigh more than... well, enough to make three grown men sweat their butts off to pick them up. oh yeah, & did i mention? YOU ROCK & ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH HAVE TO DEAL WITH... cackling comes from nowhere, poof of black smoke apears, & fades, reaveling... BQWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAHHHAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! black cloaked girl apears, &, looking excactly like my oc with a cape on, says, or should i say " screams" this, with hands up in the air as lightning & thunder comes from nowhere : MMMMMEEEEE! THE FIRE HOLDER! WHO TORTURES ALL WHO DARE TO DESERVE IT, WHO AGONIZES THOSE WHO HURT THE DAWNSWING, THE FOUL ONES WHO BRING PAIN TO THE BEST AUTHOR IN THE WORLD! dawnswing apears & looks like a perfect angel with a bright light shining above, & then the camera turns back to the fire holder. SO BEWARE, YOU WILL SUFFER SHOULD YOU BE CRUEL TO -angelic voicesstart singing- THE DAWNSWING!

from your devoted reader, reviewer, & fan,
silverfire. DAWNSING ROCKS!