Reviews for A Black Heart
reptoholic chapter 22 . 7/8
Loving this story so far, it has a lot of potential. I would suggest giving him some goals for the future, if he is going to actually survive he should not be just living in the moments. In most Evil character stories they have a objective they want to reach.

I would prefer for him and his zanpakuto to get along, even if she has to submit, it would be interesting to see them be evil together instead of fighting. you did say he was trying to make rukia like him, it would be interesting for his spirit and him to work together and act as partners if they want to survive. Aizen/Uruhara are extremely smart and plan out their objectives, if he is going to contend in the big leagues he is going to HAVE to be smarter about it or have some kind of hidden talent.
reptoholic chapter 21 . 7/8
hmm hope he doesn't get chained down
reptoholic chapter 20 . 7/8
AMazing job
reptoholic chapter 19 . 7/8
Too bad he didn't kill him, but great job on this chapter
reptoholic chapter 18 . 7/8
HEHE, can se him making a fool out of renji lol that would be good
reptoholic chapter 17 . 7/8
BAHAHAHAAA that is hilarious!
reptoholic chapter 16 . 7/8
Come onBoyo1!
reptoholic chapter 15 . 7/8
HEHE, keep it up! can't wait to see the fall out
reptoholic chapter 14 . 7/8
Damn, hope he starts getting some supernatural allies soon.
reptoholic chapter 13 . 7/8
reptoholic chapter 12 . 7/8
hehe, hope he learns more dangerous things from the man
reptoholic chapter 11 . 7/8
Better description next time, but over all very well done.
reptoholic chapter 10 . 7/8
LOVE his female side! great job
reptoholic chapter 9 . 7/8
DAmn can't wait!
reptoholic chapter 8 . 7/8
I hope he creates his own faction!
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