Reviews for Brother, My Brother
Lord'o'Llamas chapter 20 . 9/1
Write more plz
Reithandina chapter 13 . 7/14
You are seriously messing up the Timelines. You can't send out Froakie and not have Fairy Pokemon at the same time.
Reithandina chapter 8 . 7/14
You have a lot of spelling mistakes that is Fandom based. I heavily suggest that you RESEARCH before you start writing. Pokemon names, Hogwarts Spells and so on. The mark of a Sucessful writer is Researching the subjects you are writing about. If you don't, it doesn't just shame you as a Writer, but the Subjects as well.
ChimaTigon chapter 20 . 6/28
What about a rewrite?
FANactic Writer chapter 20 . 6/27
Mu it suck but understandable. I wish thee a good life and it was an honor reading your fic! Thank you for sharing with us what you made! :)
sailormewmewinuluver chapter 20 . 6/25
im sad to hear that but ill adopt nit if no one else has
Dodles chapter 20 . 6/25
Nooooooo... O well its your story but it still stings a little when authors cancells stories, feels like they give up on the readers of them a little, but hey you are the writer, you chose what you do its your life.
FlawedMortal chapter 20 . 6/24
Thanks for everything you've written.
I hope wherever you go from here goes well.
You deserve it for the little bit of joy you've given us with this.
Thank you.
TheBlueMenance chapter 8 . 6/24
there are some nice mysteries here, and it looks like you are building something interesting, but I'm really worried about how you are portraying your OC.

Telling me a character is super awesome does not make me think they are (also is the name Augusta or August?). I don't care if they have won a bunch of stuff- show me them doing something that is inspiring instead. Don't have you main characters gushing about them- have the character actually earn that respect.

Seriously, I was fine with just ignoring the character for being a clear SI, but if you keep pushing them in the readers face they might just become annoying enough that it isn't worth reading any more.
TheBlueMenance chapter 4 . 6/24
I think you should mark this as having an OC character for August/Augusta.
Taranodongirl1 chapter 20 . 6/24
I wish you wouldn't cancel, but I respect you putting it up for adoption. Promise me you won't delete the fanfics though?
Aoi Usa chapter 20 . 6/24
Aww... that's sucks, but I understand can you post whoever is adopt the story so I can read that version
ChatterChot chapter 19 . 6/6
I keep getting this picture in my head of Ash visiting Hogwarts and one of the lurking legies he's met in his movie adventures coming up and saying " 'sup".
Aoi Usa chapter 19 . 5/7
I saw a lot of grammar mistakes, but all in all, I like the story. I want to see when some people from the wizarding world (I.e. The Potter family and Harry's friends) figuring out that is Harry Potter. I hope you update soon
ShadowPhoenix121 chapter 19 . 4/11
This is great. Are you going to do any more? I love how Draco interacts with Harry and everything. When is Harry going to find out he's a Potter?
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