Reviews for a disease called confidence
fitz's aria chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
you've captured spencer's character so perfectly here! amazingggg! :)
aptitude to fly chapter 1 . 7/15/2013
How you manage to completely capture characters and then add to them seamlessly is beyond me, this is perfect.
prettylittlefanfic chapter 1 . 3/6/2013
love it! please continue!
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
hiiii okay so i have been meaning to review this for a while and i'm sorry it's late but i figured that 11:30 pm on a school night right after writing a 5-page essay is probably the best time to sit down and get some reviewing done, yes/no?

ANYWAY so basically this was utterly beautiful, as all your writing is! like honestly i know i say it every time and that's just because i mean it every time and honestly i have such a huge thing for description-only pieces so this was just beyond gorgeous. the way you use words always amazes me tbh like i honestly don't think anyone else can come up with sentences like yours that are so wistfully pretty but also sharp and to-the-point like i don't understand how that even works but it does and you make it work so brilliantly just adsklfjdsfkgds

and you got spencer so so so well; she was beyond perfect with her quest for perfection because yes yes yes that is spencer down to a t like this fic is literally the entirety of spencer hastings unraveled and painted on my computer screen through your words i'm not even joking. this is completely spencer and COMPLETELY spencer post-toby, it just captures all her conflicting emotions, the hurt and the anger translated into numbness, the unquenchable thirst to prove herself because she's breaking apart and she knows it and she wants to stop but she knows she can't and just adsjkfds god i hate this show but i love her and i love your writing jesus christ it's beautiful and i love you!
squeakyswings chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
Stop it stop it stop it you've shattered my heart. This has been sitting in my email inbox since you posted it and I have been afraid to read it because I knew you'd get Spencer out perfectly in 500ish words and that it would kill me and surprise I'm still typing but I'm basically dead because this is GORGEOUS. This is everything that Spencer is, her character to a T. It hurts because it's honest and real and very very beautifully genuine and I just want someone to bake Spencer some cookies and bring her some dark and strong coffee and hug her (except Emily basically tried that and she was playing strip trivia with The Snarky Babe, but shhhh) but even that wouldn't really help because Spencer is all of this, what you've written here, and those feelings cannot be made better with coffee and cookies (which sounds a bit like sacrilege). That last line, Hope, it cuts deep. (I mean, all of this does, but Jesus, that last line.)

I love you immensely and to pieces, and I love your writing likewise, and this right here is all of the reasons why. You get to the heart of things, and you do it in this raw and gorgeous way.