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Milady vixen chapter 4 . 3/2/2019
Well what an utter lying hypocrite potter is right now
Pretending to be saddened at her parents murders by
His death eater friends when he's probably doing
Handstands at least her genuine friends will see
Her through these terrible times but to imply
Lily's a quitter is downright despicable I tried to
Use another word except it's so appropriate for
This ugly lowlife snakelike repulsive idiot called
Potter he truly doesn't deserve lily she's a treasure
Yet to say think about it over Christmas her sister
Hates her ,her parents were murdered she's all
Alone potters going to be very pleased about that
The unfeeling beast spoilt rotten bad mannered
Foul mouthed brat may he burn in hell im viscous
On her behalf the rat everybody loved lily plus
The professors preferred I'm still reading
This tremendously powerful moving unique love
Story though I don't like potter or black but I
Just love and admire lily Evans she's one of
The smartest strongest magically gifted witches
Plus she was a true natural beauty though I'm
Hoping she stays at hog warts yet acts unlike
Herself So why not put the fear of God into
The useless marauders they need this major
Scare something really earth shattering I'm
Totally hooked on this. Vividly intriguing
Rather intoxicating delightfully intense thought
Provoking sensitive empathetic wArm special
Strange love story yet it's utterly bewitching at
The same time without being to fluffy not that
It doesn't need some but it would have to be
Genuine on his part lily deserves that much
I think his parents would be revolted by how
He's been treating lily I don't trust him yet
It's an uphill battle for him though thank you
For giving lily such dynamic tough story lines
She's incredible in them but then she's brilliant
I'm biased naturally still I might be surprised
By potter over the following spell binding
Hopefully exceptionally considerate tender
Feisty humorous fun filled lovely great times
Ahead for our brave heroine struggling against
The odds becoming stronger each glorious
Chapter written with such thoughtfulness
And strength compassionate beyond belief
Yet it's also conflicting at the same time
In a truly remarkable outstanding positive
Unforgettably incomparable wicked mischievous
Weasley twins way you go girl you will rule this
Wonderful magical school before to soon I'm
Certain so once more thank you so very much
Kalimera to an amazing Elizabeth
Milady vixen chapter 3 . 3/2/2019
So now every potter head knows how filthy minded
Cheap and vulgar prongs and pad foot really were
Reviling lily in the most contemptible foulest viscous
Way they're secret death eaters apparently lily has
An amazing sense of humour unlike their cowardly
Small tiny minded pitifully weak cruel I'd love to see
Lily shrink their most valued assets to being very
Tiny but with extremely gigantic heads she knows
Non verbal magic it's revenge time for my favourite
Red haired furious witch so could you pleAse write
This scenario into one of your totally outstanding
Inventive chapters as its time these cruel marauders
We're humiliated right now for taking things way
To far plus she does have red hair trust me this
Scenario isn't that bad I'd kill them both but
That's me I preferred Fred and George weasley
True gentlemen even a great creative writer
Such as yourself would hopefully agree that
They crossed the line in every vilely horrorific
Way extreme torture is called for plus Remus
Has lost my respect until he grows a true
Backbone not that he ever did the coward
He wasn't a true friend to lily she doesn't
Deserve this type of treatment so please
Write some great girl power revenge for
This exquisite fiery classy beautiful
Muggle born witch lily but I'm really
Loving this story though there's no love
In it yet redheads stick together come
On lily it's payback time you go girl
Thank you so. Very much for this
Elizabeth skinner.
Milady vixen chapter 2 . 3/2/2019
Wow when my favourite professor loses her temper
She's absolutely frightening to two people she thinks
The world of but they deserved it though James won't
Take any responsibility for it he's a coward and a
Brainless bully yet I suppose he could fall in love
With our gorgeous fierce lily yet black the gruesome
Idiot will blame her I'm hoping none of the marauders
Do anything morally thoughtless cruel vindictive oh
Wait of course they will it explains why they died very
Young they never has to grow up and
Have his foul mouth scrubbed clean before he apologises
To lily before the entire school except he hasn't got
Any class unlike his son if I can recall neither Gideon
Or Fabian prewett Molly's twin brothers respected
Potter or black yet they loved lily just some idle
Information though Remus needs to grow a
Backbone right now and take a stand against
These so called friends he was so very gullible
Dumb plus easily fooled yet your story keeps
On pulling me in though I've always been on
Lily's side she's far superior to the marauders
Even mad eye moody thought so apparently
Harry got her brains,style, courage looks,
How can one gorgeous brainy sizzling classy
Witch fall for a bully and a thug it doesn't
Make any sense with other better looking
Wizards around he's not going to change
But this is completely beautifully well
Written amid so much crazy angst and
Turmoil of being teenagers though I'm
Hoping for some genuine laughter
Coming soon just not directed at
Lily or Severus but something
Utterly intriguingly amusing
I'm positive that you could
Write the most marvellous
Unforgettably brilliant soul
Searching storyline as
Good as jk Rowling so
Thank you very much
For everything obrigada.
Love Elizabeth skinner..
Milady vixen chapter 1 . 3/1/2019
Really James is being an absolutely ignorant arrogant
Toe rag whom is feeling overly guilty that lily was hurt
By their stupid card trick but I'm loving that she left
Him speechless you go lily and please do cause him
So much pain while having lots of fun along the way
Just remember he deserves to be with bellatrix .surely
He should've taken some of the blame after all his
House is supposed to be brave chivalrous and have
Lots of nerve which he wasn't blessed with plus she's
A fiery redhead so him and his bestie better start
Saying their prayers we don't forgive cruelty but I'll
Give potter one more chance to grow up as lily
Really does deserve to be treated like a queen.
Yet you've written a magnificent mesmerising
Very aMusing confrontational hopefully caring
Warm hearted special zany magical full of fun
But no cruel remarks to lily from those wizards
They weren't perfect but whom is though this
Is a completely wonderfully creative unpredictable
Spunky courageous colourful kind adventurous
Love story which warms your reviewers hearts so
Thank you very much for this unforgettable
Love story Elizabeth skinner.
Archeth chapter 15 . 1/20/2019
I know it's been a while since you published that story, but I really had to say that I enjoyed reading it very much. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Cheers :)
amarauder'swife chapter 15 . 1/16/2019
amarauder'swife chapter 14 . 1/16/2019
i cri
i fookin cri
amarauder'swife chapter 13 . 1/16/2019
amarauder'swife chapter 7 . 1/16/2019
(Your story is brilliant, by the way.)
teddyvictoire'slovechild chapter 14 . 12/12/2018
I never thought someone would have me in tears in an epilogue. Loved the slow build and the character development. Beautiful.
Lily Fifi LaFolle chapter 14 . 12/6/2018

I can't even type very well right now because of the tears. I simply devoured this story! I couldn't stop reading it. I even skipped lunch in order to keep reading it.

So utterly amazing!

Thank you for writing and sharing with us.
Guest chapter 15 . 11/20/2018
holy. Cow. I literally read this in like 6 hours and stayed up all night. I love this!
sambayar chapter 14 . 8/3/2018
It was a wonderful roller-coaster ride.. great writing..I Loved it
Jenifuru chapter 15 . 7/8/2018
At the risk of possibly sounding a bit corny, I must say this has honestly been one of the best fanfics I've read. I've been reading fanfics on and off over a decade. I stopped reading them during a period of time where I finished university and started my career. Nostalgia brought me back and now I just feel so incredibly lucky to have stumbled across your work.

I read this last Wednesday and immediately reread it several more times the following days. In fact, I'm still rereading now lol. I have fallen in love with this fanfic and I feel like i'm still in a daze. I don't know where to begin. I loved the plot. I love all the character developments. Lily's thought process was just so realistic and I felt her grief so strongly. I have so much respect and attachment for both of the main characters.

I have to tell you- as I was reading this, one thought kept recurring in mind: there's just no way that you aren't a professional writer or author of some sort! Everything was just so clearly written and perfectly expressed. Please let me know if you have any other written works outside of writing fanfics because I am eager and ready to support! If you don't do any outside writing, I just want you to know I think you're tremendously gifted and should pursue it if it's your desire.

I was wanting to know if you were planning on writing a version of this story through James' perspective? I think a lot of fans would thoroughly enjoy that. I understand that it would probably take a lot of time and would be a huge endeavor to write it. Just so you know, I will stop nothing short of starting a GoFundMe page just for the possibility of that happening. I do realize I probably sound a little insane but I promise I'm a normal, sane, and responsible human being lol. Your work has just brought me a lot of happiness. I am, however, now struggling to find another fanfic that could begin to compare to the complexity and beautiful wholeness that is Crossroads! Hah! Anyhow, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing this with us.
Sockmonkey406 chapter 7 . 4/30/2018
Sorry, I’m only part of the way through this, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Anne of Green Gables joke! Anyway, so far it’s a lovely, well-written story :)
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