Reviews for The Coffee Shop
Satan Abraham chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
Oh, cute
yellow 14 chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
Very cute. I like the redemption theme running here. Keep writing
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
This just made my day so, so much better. You just don't even know, darling. The whole atmosphere was absolutely amazing. It was light-hearted with a touch of angst, but definitely not enough to even attempt to break my heart.

It was just Draco. This whole thing screamed Draco. The evasdropping, the facade, the air of "I'm better than you". And Charlie. He was absolutely fantastic. Merlin, I love Charlie.

I really adored your shop girl, Adela. She was really lovely and she worked so well with Charlie. She obviously cares about Charlie. (Though in my headcanon, Charlie goes to his favorite coffee shop /a lot/, so I can a friendship forming between the coffee shop person and Charlie).

I would've loved to know what was being said between Adela and Charlie, but I have to commend you for sticking to Draco's POV here. And as much as I would love to know what they said, I think it works out better that we don't know. Because it leaves it open for the readers to interpret what is being said. I still think that Adela was telling Charlie about Draco and how he was hiding the fact that he was evasdropping. Then she probably threatened to set him up on blind dates to get Charlie to ask Draco out. But that's just me.

Nineteen hours, Charlie? Holy moley. Don't kill yourself. Though, I have to admit that it was a little strange seeing that since I have a headcanon for the working hours.

And now I'm wondering what Charlie is having dreams about. I'd say that he was having nightmares about Fred, since that's the only thing he would really be scare of, in a way. I doubt it is dragons. If he was having nightmares about dragons, he probably wouldn't be working with them. So the final battle and Fred's death is the only logical thing for him to be "having dreams" about.

["Looks at deep blue eyes and sees a man used to patching wounded things back together, sees a man that doesn't give a damn about where anyone's been, only where he is and where he's going. Sees possibility"] - DON'T YOU SEE, DRACO? You need someone like Charlie. Because Charlie won't ever judge you. You can be yourself with him! But seriously. LOVE this line. It's so perfect.

["He'd conjured a map, closed his eyes, and stabbed his wand into the dark. /He'd wound up in a dingy coffee shop just outside a Dragon Reserve in Romania"] - So I really love how Draco decides on where to go. It's really an inventive way to do, where Draco doesn't know where he's going until he opens his eyes. Now, my only criticism is that when you said "He'd", my mind automatically jumped to "he would" instead of "he had". I had to read it twice to figure that out. (Am I the only one that's brain did that? Wouldn't be the last time).

["Appropriate, he figured, given his name"] - I'd say. It was fate, really. He had to meet Charlie. Cause they're perfect together - the Dragon Tamer and his dragon. Just saying.

["He may have been gay, but his taste was /obviously/ better than that."] - Completely Draco here. Him thinking that is absolutely him, because he does think that he is better than Harry.

Now the ending was perfect. The fact that Draco is wondering what caused him to agree to help Charlie by going out on a date is pretty funny. And Adela smiling just makes it all that much better.

So yeah. I loved this. A lot. And this was amazing.
CatchingCraziness chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
I would love to read more of this! And maybe something in Charlie's POV to explain things (eg: dreams?). :)