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jallison099 chapter 1 . 5/5
I can't wait for the next chapter coming up I love it
Guest chapter 3 . 3/10/2016
Ahhh i love the support! So heart warming!
Jynxed and Hexed chapter 3 . 8/10/2015
please do continue we're really enjoying this one
S10Luxoka chapter 2 . 6/27/2013
I forgot to say that I loved, Loved, LoVeD, LOVED this chapter great work.
S10Luxoka chapter 3 . 6/27/2013
I can't wait to hear more.
S10Luxoka chapter 3 . 6/27/2013
I really love the story.
impoeia chapter 3 . 3/9/2013
This is a wonderful insight into what it means to be responsible for the lives of others in a time when there are no guarantees. Your analysis of what it takes to be a good commanding officer, the humanity that is both a burden and the only thing that separates you from your enemy, is spot on and perfectly suits both Ahsoka and Rex. Of course, it is that kind of leadership that also leaves the deepest scars and I can understand why Ahsoka would feel as if she needs to indulge in at least a few days of pity and sorrow after such a failed mission. Like you wrote, she thought she had become better that she was on Ryloth and Felucia. That is one of the hardest lessons to learn about growing up. Just because you gained experience, doesn't mean you won't repeat some of the mistakes of your childhood. That sometimes, a certain combination of circumstance and character will just lead you down the exact same road you once swore you would never take again. But I am glad that Rex was the one to talk to her and not Anakin. As you indicated in that short message for Rex, Anakin would not have the sensitivity or the patience to deal with Ahsoka at this point in the war.

The ending was, by contrast, rather sweet, but still a little sad. Their friendship and bond is so strong that it is heartening, but the fact that they are so caught up in their respective roles and Codes that they cannot put a label to it, nor really say what they mean, is rather depressing. But I guess that too, is a price of command.
Jade-Max chapter 3 . 3/8/2013
Ah pride... the downfall of many, you know?

This really strikes a true chord with me because, for all Rex talks about experience being key, there are just some instances where experience can't overcome the situation and circumstance. All you can do is make the best of it.

Ahsoka being desolate after such a major loss makes sense; and the guilt she must feel having lost so many men and left so many injured - including Rex - has got to be overwhelming. You portray that very well, showcasing how she's pretty much withdrawn, her confidence shaken and rattled, on shaky ground because of circumstances beyond her control.

Rex's talk with her *laughs* "I'm still not finished" - "When'd you get so talkative anyway?" is a great touch of levity to the situation even as Rex imparts some very important information. The "Burden of Command" is something I would have figured she'd learned by now, but it makes sense she'd really understand it here.

Their fears about it 'getting easier' are, obviously, well founded, but I'm glad to see them voiced and acknowledged and then, at the end, to see that they both struggle to vocalize what it is their feeling all the while knowing what the other wants to say. So sweet; they're such awesome comrades in arms and there's a slight hint of Rex not wanting to reveal too much, even though he seems to get the fact she understands what he's trying to say.

The ending makes me smile; an affirmation of just how much they really mean to one another and that open invitation that makes their relationship just work. Fantastic!

One more, eh? I look forward to it!
Jade-Max chapter 1 . 3/8/2013
This is such a showcase for just how awesoeme Rex actually is.

It has everything in it that makes him who he is. That self-sacrficing midset; the loyalty to his men; the mind that makes him such a great Commaning officer; his ability to look at a situation and determine what needs to be done, even at great coat to himself...

I could go on, but I won't *grin* what I like best about this piece is the hopeless feeling it has that's laced with very real determination. Rex doesn't shirk from what needs to be done, taking it upon himself to protect his men.

I really like how you showcase Rex determined to get into place, but smart enough to know he probably can't make it back. And, while he obviously doesn't want to die, he kind of accepts it - until Ahsoka foils his little death wish plan ans ensures he gets out.

That smile moment is awesome, especially when coupled with the fact they don't share any dialogue.

It does leave me to question how and where Ahsoka came from at the end though; dis one of the men tip her off to the Captain's suiscide plan ;)

That last line is a kicker; great imagry - could totally fit into the series :D
Jade-Max chapter 2 . 3/8/2013
You've a real knack for suspense, you know that?

Reading this at the start, I initially thought it was another Rex/Ahsoka vig to contrast the last one and was pleasantly surprised to find it about Barriss.

Reading, i found myself caught up in her struggle, feeling that despair and then the hope en Cody speaks. I really like how it's not his encouragement but his belief in her that eventually pushes her onwards enough to reach him and eventually collapse at his feet. A very realistic touch.

Funny isn't it, how when we're at our worst, down and out, the people who care about us most show up at the oddest times?

For all this was a bit of a nail biter, it was also very sweet.
impoeia chapter 2 . 3/5/2013
This chapter is a great juxtaposition to the previous one and wonderfully demonstrates the differences between Rex/Ahsoka and Barriss/Cody. Rex and Ahsoka are the type of people to go charging into the fray and stand their grounds, but Barriss is sensible enough to recognize when to run away, rather than to make a last heroic stand. It's one of the things I like and admire about her, heroism is admirable, but to admit defeat and try to survive for another day takes a different kind of courage that is not always easy to gather. It says a lot about her character and I really liked how you framed her actions; making them the result of bad luck (which is almost unavoidable in battle) and a determination to survive.

Similarly, Cody's moves reflect a similar type of sensibility. He doesn't charge into the fray either, but executes a well-planned maneuver in order to save the Commander. Rex, I imagine, would gather a small group that could move quickly and back-up Ahsoka while hoping the rest of the troops can catch up in time. It works for him, but it's not Cody's style. This approach relies much more on strategic thinking, as well as a confidence in Barriss' ability to keep going (even with a little encouragement).

I really think you managed to capture the different approaches these pairings have to a mission gone awry and the fact that they are one after the other really highlights the differences these characters have in approaching a situation, while still operating under the same sentiment: the need to protect and save someone they care for.
impoeia chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
This battle sequence was really quite intense. The strategy and tactics, the way everything seems to break down once the firing begins, that, in all its essence, is warfare and you really managed to capture that.

Rex's improvised battle plan was great, not just because it is a very Rex thing to do, but also because it perfectly plays to the enemies weakness, while being utterly selfless. I particularly like how you introduced the droid element in the narrative, with sentences like "keeping a course long enough for the droids' targeting algorithms to catch on." That just shows just how well the clones know the droids by this time, but also how easily fooled they are by clever humans. And the reader is given an interesting insight into how a droid approaches the battle. Not something we often get to read about, so these little glimpses are, for me, very interesting.

And Ahsoka to the rescue. I think that is very much a typical ending to a typical day for Rex. There is just so much action going on here on so many fronts, I can't wait to read more.
laloga chapter 3 . 2/18/2013
Very nice! It's always lovely to see the camaraderie between these two; they make an excellent team, and I'm glad that they have one another to offer support and encouragement (or the painful truth :P) when it's needed. Everyone needs someone like that in their life. :)

I loved how Rex didn't sugar-coat the reality of "the burden of command" for her, though he wasn't really telling her anything she didn't know. Rather, he was telling her what she *needed* to hear. It was also adorable how she kept interrupting him, though, in her defense, (as she said), Rex isn't normally so chatty. :P

Anakin's words about forcing "some sense into her" felt harsh, but as was pointed out, he's also disappointed about the outcome of the mission. It also serves as a reminder that Anakin has - on a few occasions, it seems - turned over the "handling" of his Padawan to Rex, thus making the friendship/bond between Rex and Ahsoka even stronger.

Great piece! :)
TheLightIsMine chapter 3 . 2/17/2013
I really love this. The pairings are nicely done, not overly romantic or mushy, more like two people who feel something under the surface but are as close friends. Which I'm sure is what you were going for. I really like it; the balance of friendship and feelings. The characterisation is perfect; I really felt for Barriss, too, when she was running. Ouch. :P I loved the description of how Cody carried her away. And your Rex/Ahsoka has always been some of the best. The tension in the third one is great, and also the awkwardness they feel. But at the same time, it's natural. I like how it's more of being there for each other; the song is great and I love the 'soldier to soldier' thing. Really enjoying this, can't wait to read the last one. :)
Kelana-ti chapter 3 . 2/15/2013
*sigh* I love Rex/Ahsoka heart to hearts. They don't have to be romantic, just fuzzy.
Honestly, I really think Ahsoka is the type of person to be best buds with not only Rex, but some other clones as well. I wish they showed stuff like this in the show... One reason why I like Karen Traviss' No Prisoners book. There is a really good conversation between Rex and Ahsoka in that one.
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