Reviews for The Seduction of Snape
Timelady92 chapter 14 . 9/4
Thank you for this story. I enjoyed it quite a lot. x
Guest chapter 14 . 7/17
Possible THE greatest and well written Severus/Hermione stories I've ever read. Loved the equipment comment and the point deductions. Perfect mix of humour and awesomeness!
koshina chapter 14 . 11/24/2015
Loved the story, just right amount of interesting, romantic, sexy hot and cute. A definite read again and again for me. I guess equipment comment is referred to his beautiful seraphim scene in movie Dogma. Loved the points docking and awarding. How much will gryffindor loose during her pregnancy and how much will Sev award after that. Thank you for such a captivating story.
AiymaSnikies chapter 14 . 9/30/2015
i loved chapter, it was so good. and im not ashamed to admit reading this chapter with the sex scene made me so hot.
AiymaSnikies chapter 14 . 9/30/2015
This was soon hot
Chryslovesand chapter 14 . 2/27/2015
what a cute story!
jensteed chapter 14 . 7/27/2014
This story was really fun, all the points awarded and deducted were gas.
jensteed chapter 2 . 7/27/2014
"Harry Potter is far more interested in the equipment that's in your trousers than in mine" haha XD
I'd love to see Snape's face when she said that!
thatperfectsomeone chapter 14 . 11/11/2013
omg love this story wish it hadnt ended
thatperfectsomeone chapter 12 . 11/11/2013
so this is the first time im review since i starting reading about 15 or so minutes ago but i want to say sorry for you loss... and i love this story although i want them to hurry up and shag the sexual tension is insane great job
Selenehekate chapter 1 . 10/30/2013
Love this!
tainted-tash chapter 14 . 10/7/2013
Woooo! Excellent delivery of their first time together!
tainted-tash chapter 13 . 10/7/2013
Humph! Such a waste!
tainted-tash chapter 12 . 10/7/2013
Stupid man! She could look past anything that once happened.
tainted-tash chapter 11 . 10/7/2013
It is a lovely song.
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