Reviews for One day at a time
Guest chapter 2 . 3/5/2013
Fantastic writing. Cannot wait for the next chapter.
MinervaDeannaBond chapter 2 . 3/4/2013
Aww, poor Cora; poor Robert, too. You've got both of them totally in character - Robert's heartbreak and worry that their family is "shrouded in death and grief," and Cora's steadfast American resolve and compassion, both of which I believe make her such a great countess. And Violet's smile as she takes her great-grandson in her arms... it's bittersweet, yet wonderful. Please update soon!
Hillevi chapter 2 . 3/3/2013
Yes, still so beautiful!
Hillevi chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
Absolutely totally beautiful! (and so sad)
Guest chapter 2 . 3/3/2013
Please update soon !
Anon chapter 2 . 3/3/2013
Good story but in your first paragraph shouldn't you have included Sybil? She would have been the greatest loss to Cora.
jmu chapter 2 . 3/3/2013
Very interesting to hear the different characters' thoughts. I hope you'll continue and we'll hear everyone's memories of Matthew. Thank you!
Abby chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
That was beautiful
downtonlove chapter 1 . 2/28/2013
This was lovely. I need a tissue but it was worth it. You write beautifully. Thank you for this.
MinervaDeannaBond chapter 1 . 2/26/2013
Bittersweet and beautiful, what more can I say? I was brokenhearted when Matthew died, and I've been wondering how Mary's family would help her get through this. Funny enough, I think it's going to happen very much the way you've written it here - that Violet is going to be the one who offers the best advice and the most unlikely source of comfort. But isn't that how it always goes? Just when you think Violet is a cold, sarcastic snob, she turns around and does something absolutely wonderful.
Nova Super chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
Beautifully and so accurately written. And still so very sad! Poor Mary... :'(
Eviedee chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
Very very sad - I have been waiting for this story and now it is here, can't say how very sad I am.. well written.
LyssLovesSnowing33 chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
Very good, loved it, really how I could see the funeral occuring! And question, where could we find this season 4 promo pic of Michelle?
Guest chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
Crying amazing story !
oiseaus chapter 1 . 2/9/2013
This was beautiful. Well done!