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Ghost reader 6 chapter 8 . 11/5
Awesome work! And I completely understand the fact that Tsuna not going to accept female pronouns off the bat. Or maybe ever. If I was placed in a male body I may never refer to myself mentally as he. I might marry have a few kids find that my body/libido is now attracted to the opposite sex but still say she, I don’t know since it hasn’t happened but it would take time introspection and more time then having to practice to build the habit of he and him and I will still fall back to she sometimes. It takes me a year to finally get used to my “new “ age a new gender and sex. Welp who knows. Thank you for writing
arynwy chapter 8 . 10/28
I've always found it interesting that most gender swap/de-aged stories authors just have the character freak out and pretty much accept things within a few chapters, moving onto the story they want to tell while ignoring the turmoil that would exist if this really could occur. I'm glad to see you addressing it and having Tsuna deal with it. The original Tsuna was given a boy's name for crying out loud. You can't tell me that didn't have some affect - look at all of that pink,lol!

I've enjoyed Tsuna's internal struggles and rationalizations. Holding onto his male self identity as he attempts to interact with the reality he's been thrust into. I don't find the use of He confusing. Nor do I find the use of She by characters that know Tsuna's birth gender out of place. I'm having fun watching the rest flounder in ambiguity.

What I'm really looking forward to is the shopping trip. Even more so than Tsuna's expaination to Reborn. I hope you find the time to come back to this.
Raechellecreme chapter 8 . 10/21
Hey, am i reading the dialouge right? 'Cause it sounded like tsuna and hayato were talking about two different things?
Namely, the "Besides, I chose YOU, didn't I?" Line.
Kinda sounds a bit cheesy (not that I'm complaining), don't you think? It's sweet, even. Perhaps it's this thought that made hayato flustered?
DelorestheDoll chapter 8 . 10/21
I just love? How you've written this?
Like the plot is really interesting! i like how you didn't write Tsuna as the lovely/likable/doll face/cinnamonbun who is totally like a girl and therefore a bishounen magnet. No. He is very... 'himself' here which is always a good thing...(but not that im saying he's not a cinnamonbun...he's just that he's not an... 'Uke' cliche? If that's a thing? Yeah...especially now that he's actually female)
Tsuna is well versed with everything now, meaning he's a very mature guy (girl). And since you've successfully written his 20-something-year-old-consciousness in the story, it clicks to me that he acts the way he does and speaks the way he does now compared to his younger, naive self... (though i wish u could write more into his Tsuna-like mannerisms like...i dunno? Being awkward and jumpy?...but yeah...)
Another note, I LOVE what you did for Gokudera's appearance. Srsly. Every scene he has with Tsuna just brought me closer to this fic. I inhaled those scenes like air (im shameless)
Ok, ok...I just love it in the sense of how differently you played their meeting from canon. Gokudera is still wary/distrustful of Tsuna and it's like their roles are switched since Tsuna is the one actively going/rooting for Hayato here. It just pains me how Tsuna would remember his own dimension and how easy it was for Gokudera to trust him (LOVE him) and believe in him and be willing enough to be his Right Hand Man (Forever Partner) just like that. And now *sniffs, being female, he has to start all over again. And it's playing out so , so differently that he's scared he might loose someone special to him.
Yeah...i'm crying from overanalyzing here...
; _ ;
I just really ship it, you know?
I'll go away now.
But actually, not yet (lol)
Cuz Tsuna's difficulty with accepting his new gender is TOTALLY fine btw. Totally understandable. I just don't get why people are reasoning out that it's not. They aren't even giving relevant points/examples. They're just comparing the situation with their personal issues that clearly has nothing to do with afterlife mixups resulting in unwanted identity crisis.
...that's all i have to say, I guess (*insert subliminal 5927 propaganda here*)
& Thanks for taking the time to write this btw. That makes u really cool.
Dreamwalker44 chapter 8 . 10/21
You don't know how much this story means to me. ; _ ;
KittenWithClaws chapter 8 . 9/5
So Ive been an avid reader of this fanfiction since it had about five chapters. Ive reread it about ten times and I have plans to read it again because its just that good. I love your portrayal of Tsuna and how he struggles with his new life. I like that you make his acceptance of his gender an ongoing fight with himself and show how he actively avoids to think about it. It really feels like there is this whole volcano gathering fire and heat inside him and with every problem and struggle thats added on top of it, it gets harder to surpress back down under the surface.
You made Takahiro such an interesting character that I can picture in my head everytime I read your story, and I am cheering for Hayato to finally accept that Tsuna wont be going away anytime soon. Takeshi is another one that I was curious about how you would handle him and I think you definitely aced his character and how the almost-suicide-scene ended up happening. I love how Kyoko and Hana practically adopted Tsuna and I cant wait for the fated shopping trip. Poor Tsuna!
Anyway, Im really excited to see how the discussion between Reborn and Tsuna is going to go!

Thanks for writing this! You are definitely awesome!
Guest chapter 8 . 9/1
Please update this story~
okay2304 chapter 8 . 8/23
It was an awesome story and especially the very last scene of Reborn revealing that he indeed noticed the strange things made me shudder 0.0 It was just so awesome! The whole tension in this one scene, the way Reborn acted, your descriptions - everything fit so well :D

It's been a while but I sincerely hope that you will someday pick up this story again :)
Well. Romance chapter 4 . 7/20
Actually in some countries or even in some communities, romance or rather relationships are considered at a young age. In Vietnam and thailand and stuff, some people actually get married at 16 or 17 because of how different the culture is. Romance is entrely based on the person. Some people are fine with getting married in their late teens while others would rather wait until their late 30's. Either way, I do understand why those two specifically wouldn't get hitched or anything like that but still... it would be adorable... in a psychotic slightly murderous way...
Hyakuma chapter 6 . 7/19
Thank you so much for writing Tsuna as a he even when his body is female.

Realizing that people do not immediately refer to themselves as the opposite gender they’re in when they found out.

Geezus, thanks.

What happened to Tsunas promise of changing or destroying the mafia?
bruh1616 chapter 8 . 6/19
As much as I enjoy this story, and believe me I do, Tsuna's struggles with gender identity aren't realistic. I'm not faulting you at all, not many people fully understand what this experience is like. I, rather unfortunately, do. I was born biologically female, but for my entire life have lived as a very masculine person, with interests and abilities similar to that of any normal boy, and after seeking medical help and support from my family, I have started my biological and legal transition from female to male. But, if this story is supposed to be medically correct, than having Tsuna just 'deal' with living as a girl wouldn't be the outcome. When people who's mind and body do not match, in regards to gender, are forced to live as the biological sex, it causes a lot of problems mentally. Gender dysphoria is a very serious and terrible thing to have to live with, and I do. Gender dysphoria is a mental condition that trans people experience when their minds develop differently then their bodies. Research is still being done as to why this disconnect occurs in the first place, but it has been proven through autopsies and MRI scans that, for example, a trans man's brain and the slight chemical differences will be similar to that of a biological male rather than a females, vice versa for trans females, which means there is a distinct difference between males and females, biological or not. It is simply unrealistic for Tsuna to just accept being a girl, even if it takes awhile. People who have lived as the opposite gender have been found to have multiple troubles later in live, and many turn towards suicide as the only escape. I'm not saying that Tsuna should suddenly get tons of surgeries, but as you binded his chest earlier in the story, wearing a binder would probably be the most realistic solution to his problem with his chest. You can see what a binder is by going to and looking around the website btw. If you want him to transition later in the story, that is your choice, but if you decide to have him live as a girl, I don't really care. This is fiction, and it doesn't really matter in the end, it doesn't have to be completely correct. Also, I'm not trying to tell you how to write your own story, and I don't know if you have already decided to include this in later chapters before my writing this, but I'd just thought that I'd share my personal knowledge and experiences, in hopes that you could take from it and help write your story more accurately if you wish to do so. Anyways, I really enjoyed reading so far, and I'm looking forward to the next update.
Anisthasia Zewi Cortexz chapter 8 . 6/18
This chapter, like all others before it, was amazing and as ever I want to thank you for writing this and making my day!
bellejennichi chapter 1 . 6/6
This is amazing.
Looking forward to the next chapters.
Kitty in a Pouch chapter 8 . 5/27
Thanks you so much for the amazing story!
I totally love the interactions between the characters and Tusna is just so cool. I look forward to seeing more regarding Tsuna's mental struggles concerning his/her gender (I really can't wait to see the upcoming girls day out). And can I just say that you are absolutely evil for ending this chapter at exactly this point :P I just know that I'll die waiting for the conversation between Tsuna and Reborn. _
Just a little question before I end my way-too-long review. If I remember correctly, Tsuna had been calling Takahiro 'Taka-chan' in earlier chapters, so is the change to 'Hiro' in these last two chapters deliberate?
Guest chapter 8 . 5/21
This is amazing!3
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