Reviews for A Sweet Lullaby
PrisonofAnswers712 chapter 2 . 9/14/2013
And so arrives Pen: Reviewing for your all your literary critical needs! That’s right, no more kindly sir angsty! PoA is going to crash into this fic like highway-driving teenage delinquent into a median!

Moving right along, I have news for the foolish Mortimer: This lovely rhetoric of romantic hogwash is all well and good, with one prime exception: You are not a ‘man’. No indeed, I have much higher opinion of you than most critics...and I think you’re a slimy, contemptible, SEWER RAT (no copyright infringement intended)! Erm…rather...a mouse perhaps, but the analogy is the same. At least the lady’s got enough sense to see the outcome of her acting yes, as well as her future life with that snouted sod, of course XD (pardon my German). Now you highness, kindly fry his backside with a little light show trickery, if you please (if only this was KH continuity...*sniff*).

I’ll withhold judgment regarding her confusion and say that this nonsense was all just an emotional slip up; worse things have happened, really. Still…I say the bigger ‘M’ should trounce that arse Morty, or simply ask his clumsy dog friend to fix something of that rat’s (both would be painful payback, most assuredly XP). At least Mick is clearly behind that mad scheme of Daisy’s. How do I know? Come on now, pleasant endings are a commonality in this world of theirs. Then again…I’m trusting you, Serenity, to not pull something sneaky on the lot of us. You’re not that cruel, are you? Surely you don’t take after me and my cliff-hanging style…? *Gulp* Payback’s a ‘stitch’ indeed…

Aw…no, it’s just a sentimental reunion :). Heh, go figure that her absentminded hero almost wouldn’t shut his mouth long enough for them to reconcile. I guess it's just that way for us guys, when we feel ashamed and contrite I mean. XD God, I know I should be focusing on the main scene of romance, but I can’t help but feel for Donald here. He’s always the fall guy for everyone’s amusement!

:) Very sweet and romantic, in a platonic, almost childish, way. You’ve got a gift for writing fics with just enough emotion to get the point across, while retaining the innocent charm of their genre. This is one of those pieces that go to show you: Romance doesn’t have to be raw and vulgarly passionate to be deep and loving. This series contrasts greatly with my Systemic, in that both are the polar opposites of how one might express affection. Your approach is so much more classy and refined.

Excellent work, Serenity.
Chlstarr chapter 2 . 4/2/2013
It's a GEM! I found a MickeyxMinnie story that's a GEM! such a rare find these Mickey and Minnie stories are I tell ya! Lovely work, I LOVED the whole thing!
PrisonofAnswers712 chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
Darn it! You BEAT ME! I wanted to review this sooner than your Rise review…but I slacked getting homework done so…yeah I accept my defeat gracefully *Aims paint-ball gun at own foot*

Let’s be on to the chapter now, yes? Well…I suppose I can see how Minnie might think that marriage and all its subtleties would be joy, sunshine and lined with lovely rainbows. Contrarily, TRUE love and relationships suffer discord and pain. Funny to think too, considering today is my brother and his wife’s seventh Anniversary (I’m babysitting their kids even as I write this XD). Side notes aside, I mean to say that it looks like the sweet mouse queen is about to get a bitter dose of reality (though I rather hope not…). If nothing else, at least she can torture Figaro with her romantic reverie XD

Uh-oh…I’m getting Runaway Brain flashbacks here. Better hope Mick doesn’t make any rash promises to cover up his forgetfulness :P. Oh crud! I totally mentioned paint-ball earlier XDD I wasn’t involved your majesty! I swear! *Executed by enchanted brooms*

Whoa…hell hath no fury indeed. Mickey always did have tendency to annoy others with his absentmindedness. Yeah, it gave the man, or mouse rather, humorous character to work with, but now I think he’s finally pushed his luck. It’s touching how you capture Minnie’s jealous, but clean-spoken offense on the matter. She can’t help being a bit more ‘real’ around Mickey than her seemingly picture-perfect life normally allows.

No….noooo…! We just HAD to bring Mortimer into the picture, didn’t we? XD I can see why she’d need to seek a fool’s company when she has such better friends on hand (sounds odd, but where’s Oswald when you need him?). I wouldn’t say she HAD to go visit him, but rather was under the emotional compulsion to do so (in other words, is letting her hurt feelings do the thinking for her). To be honest, I was almost hoping that silly yellow mutt would find her, instead of pursuing those overly-competent chipmunks. Ah, but every story needs a healthy supply of distressing drama I suppose.

Hmm…yes. Guard Captain? Yes, it’s me….indeed. Would you sir so kindly call the King down to his namesake street? There’s an infestation I believe he ought to clean up right away. Hmm? Equipment? Well…a Kingdom Key D should be snappy enough. If not, I have a friend who’d like to show our local vermin the “Way to Dawn”. Eh? Wrong continuity you say? CUUUUURSE YOU, MULTIVERSE! CURSE YOU ALL-ooh! Pie for my silence, you say? Hmmmmmm…you drive a hard bargain…

Well that’s that. I must say, I’ve seen many a fic like this. However, I trust you to make the conclusion most tasteful and dramatic (in equal amounts, of course). Never be afraid to add the spice of strife to your work’s ending. You wouldn’t want us readers to guess the outcome, or the events leading up to, too easily, would you? Truthfully, I’ve got that itch of anticipation already.

Still, take your time and impress us, as you always have :)

Until next time!
i-like-writing-stories chapter 1 . 2/13/2013
Ahhh! D: This is intense! Keep going I want to kind out what happens next
Night-Waker chapter 1 . 2/12/2013
D: Nooo! Where the heck is Mickey when you need him?

Update soon!
Taryn chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
I agree take Mortimer out
KaylaMicael chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
Oh God... please tell me she doesn't go with Mortimer! D: