Reviews for Asleep
TheMagicPyro chapter 65 . 5/2
All I am -anxiously- patiently waiting for is the chapter when Cameron is bawling at Robin and Lucina's wedding.

Glad to see you're back into things. Can't wait for more.
Shy-Guyome chapter 65 . 5/2
Funny how I finally reached this chapter that you just posted yesterday. Now I'll have to do like everyone else amd wait...
Keep up the good work, but please rest plenty. :)
Shy-Guyome chapter 62 . 5/2
Oh gosh! Star Wars!? You're gonna kill her with confusion! XD
Should have brought Two Towers. :P
godofmadness43 chapter 65 . 5/2
man, i am loving the story right now, keep going
MaskedGamer chapter 65 . 5/2
This was good chapter. Damn that bastard Zytle.
Shy-Guyome chapter 53 . 5/2
Congratulations. You got me hooked even in the chapters about the OCs.
And you made me think about what class I'd ask Tom to be. XD
(Note: Assassin, two pet crows (one black, one white), and no more type 1 diabetese...)
Resisting the Borg chapter 65 . 5/2
So everyone meets up again, and Mal and Cameron make nice-ish. I'm not gonna lie and say that things don't still look a little awkward between them. But really, good chapter. I enjoyed it.
bldude chapter 65 . 5/2
Well, at least this chapter ended on a somewhat happier note...
DarkKitsuneFluffy chapter 65 . 5/1
Well done, and SCREW FINALS!
Krulla Chief chapter 65 . 5/1
Now that I know what JoJo is, I am gonna be reading it because why not. Also, Viewtiful Joe/JoJo crossover. I want one.
GraveBreaker chapter 65 . 5/1
Well, that was fun. Good chapter. Minor nitpick, though: second paragraph, you narrowed your eyes as you narrowed your eyes. Don't really know what you were trying to do there, but you might want to take a look at that.
llat-2 chapter 65 . 5/1
Thanks for the update. Chrom smacks Cameron around again. Will Cameron ever be able to take on Chrom?
MangamanZX chapter 65 . 5/1
Oh man Cam, you can not get a break can you?

So I'm just wondering how Mal will react to his step mother being the sama age as him :)
Shy-Guyome chapter 30 . 5/1
Damn. I went through 30 chapters in less than 24 hours... It's THAT good.
Shy-Guyome chapter 15 . 5/1
Ch. 15
Otakuthon? So you ARE from Qu├ębec!
I figured the possibility after the "Lucien l'Allier" and "Maribelle/Mirabel"... couldn't be a coincidende. :P
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