Reviews for Asleep
Guest chapter 67 . 7/5
I miss Anna. Poor Deathstroke :(
He has such a hard life
godofmadness43 chapter 67 . 6/28
well this is gonna get insane very fast
leep23029 chapter 67 . 6/27
Awesome happy to have you back. This chapter while short tells us that all hell will break loose soon.
Lord rage quit chapter 67 . 6/27
Well shit nah
llat-2 chapter 67 . 6/27
Thanks for the update.
MaskedGamer chapter 67 . 6/27
This chapter was really interesting. It also made me realize how awkward it would be to actually meet Nah in person.
MangamanZX chapter 67 . 6/27
Oh hey Nah has a super mode thatta girl. :)

Honestly Julien hasn't realized how badass female units until now? Wow

So are you excited for Fire emblem Fates?
DarkKitsuneFluffy chapter 67 . 6/27
Well done. The emmeryn chapter was much appreciated.
Guest chapter 35 . 6/23
Nice DBZ abridged reference man! Top notch quality
RandomAdventures chapter 66 . 6/10
Alright... I think that Chrom and Robin messing with Cam so much seriously is starting to take away from story progression. Yeah, they're all laughing, but it feels like you're trying to distract us, I feel. As well as all the others making fun of Cam... this story needs to get a bit more serious in the tone overall. It may be drama and humour, but I honestly have never laughed at what happens in all of these chapters (I'm such a bad person, shoot me).
Really good, though! When will all the other future children come up anyway? (Nah, I swear, you'd better be in this one after being neglected in Time Matters Not...)
So, yeah! Solid chapter, bonding, all that good stuff. But I think that we have to cut the humour a bit and at least TRY moving the plot forward.
I'm sorry if I seem really criticizing, but I really think that the humour has to die down...
(Also, get Lucina in there with Robin! Everyone wants to see Robin messed up by Chrom...)
BladeKing7777 chapter 29 . 6/9
As much as I thought that Time Matters Not was amazing, I'm afraid I can't follow this story any longer past chapter 29. Unlike some of the reviewers I saw mentioning their respect for your ability to kill off characters that had been developed and the reader could easily form emotional attachments to, I find that killing off characters in such a way without a purpose behind it or at the very least a heroic sacrifice just causes me to lose any ability to care about the story/novel/movie/game/etc. In troper's terms, your fic suffers heavily from Darkness-induced Reader Apathy. Then again aside from Fire Emblem itself most of the works you referenced suffer from the same issue, such as Game of Thrones.
cmitts93 chapter 29 . 6/1
Damn...I figured there'd be some party-kills since there's no reset button on, "real life," but I did not think you'd go that far.

I kinda hate you right now for doing it and I probably should have seen it coming but everything's been mostly positive so far so I was not expecting such a drastic turn. At the same time, I've got a ton of respect for an author who's willing to kill off integral characters that they've spent so much time developing so kudos to you. I've read the first thirty chapters in about a day and a half so now I've, "only," got another thirty or so before I'm all caught up XD
Etokaiten chapter 66 . 5/22
Lord rage quit chapter 66 . 5/22
After three weeks finally reached the latest point feels kinda good. Things were pretty depressing there for a few chapters but meh
pissedoffdude chapter 11 . 5/14
Chap ten is when i stopped reading, the reason? Shitty alternative ALSO NOT CAPPING IT FAGGET
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