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MangamanZX chapter 64 . 4/1/2015
And Noel finally meets her mother, Mal meets the in-laws, and will most likely be mad when he realizes that his dad is dating Cynthia... Dear gods this will be funny
coolpool2 chapter 64 . 4/1/2015
That was some nice filler. When are the other child units going to be introduced into the story?
llat-2 chapter 64 . 4/1/2015
This fic is always a good pick-me-up. Thanks for the update.
Resisting the Borg chapter 64 . 4/1/2015
Well, that was all very fun. The Future Kids join forces with the Shepards!

... So what's Emmeryn up to?
OedonWrithe chapter 58 . 3/30/2015
Oh my god you're heroic-rider? What a small world! I'm lunarxbrace!
Zoanzon chapter 63 . 3/27/2015
Robin took one look at my sister and I, then at my father, then slowly raised his middle finger towards the sky.

Called it! :D

...Well, crap. It's 3:48 in the morning where I am, and here I am without a next chapter after bulldozing the story.


Here's to you updating soon, and for everyone's head to be effed with more.

...Ok, I'm REALLY curious about the "Noire still wasn't sure how she was meant to react to that information, the poor girl" scene. Is Tharja or Kellam with someone else?

Oh, and me think-ith that Tharja knows of Henry's Shaminism. :D
Zoanzon chapter 61 . 3/27/2015
"Maybe they're just as CAW-razy as the rest of you!"

Something on the top of the carriage behind us creaked, and we froze. "Chrom, do you recognize that voice?" Robin asked quietly. Chrom shook his head. Together – along with most of the rest of the army – we turned to face our unwelcome surprise guest. A white-haired man in dark mage robes sat on the roof of the supply caravan, grinning.

"Hey! Have you seen a psycho with hair like mine but longer?" He said happily. "I've been looking for him for the last few years!"

"Well, that's it. This day has gotten too weird." Robin said finally after another brief awkward silence, throwing his hands up in the air. "I've seen my evil twin, some guys we met at a wedding are following us, and he sure as hell wasn't there a few minutes ago. I swear to Naga, all we need is for time travel to enter the equation and we'll hit the holy quartet of random horseshit."

With that, the second most logical mind in the army abandoned this situation and left. Probably to try and filch a drink off of…oh, someone. It used to always be Gregor or Vaike, and Julian isn't here right now. Gods, is Lon'qu the closest thing to an alcoholic we have right now?

Praise be to Naga.
"And thus, the holy quartet of random bullshit was convened, and Robin disposed of his sobriety forevermore. Amen."

*Cackles more insanely than Henry*
Zoanzon chapter 60 . 3/27/2015
What? It was coffee. I mean, yeah, it was an Irish Coffee – okay, fine if you want to get into specifics it's a Feroxian Coffee, but it's the same damn mix – but I'm not going to get drunk off of one distilled drink.

I'm Scottish. We're tougher than that. Hah, what was I thinking back when I refused to drink? I mean, I get it, but it's not like I use it as a coping mechanism or anything, so it's perfectly healthy. I've not even gotten drunk drunk yet, thankfully.
I just jumped down here from this segment immediately; if they don't get drunk and have drunken sex that's mocked by the others in the morning, I'll have lost all faith in you...or just be sad at losing such a comedic chance.

At the end: Awwww...understandable, but awwww. I like the Dresden Files part though.

...You said earlier that it's like Norrin was basing himself off Dresden; is Norrin from the future too...?
Zoanzon chapter 58 . 3/27/2015
...Did you just give Cameron Arrow's opening monologue? :P

*Cackles madly*

Oh, and on the Cameron/Cynthia thing, let me just say I CALLED IT. :D

Keep up the good writing my friend.
Zoanzon chapter 53 . 3/26/2015
"My turn." I snarled, wrenching the claymore out. You see, the inside of its metal sheath was coated with long-lasting lamp oil. The contraption I had put at the top of the sheath was a simple rotary flint and steel.

The end result was, instead of a six-foot Scottish man drawing a sword almost as big as he is, there was a six-foot Scottish man drawing a sword almost as big as he is that was now on fire.
*Cackles insanely*

That was fun, and I'm getting a Thoros of Myr!Cameron thing from him now.

...I've been wondering this for the past few chapters; is this going Cam/Cynthia? Cause THAT will be hilarious.
Zoanzon chapter 52 . 3/26/2015
"First things first, we should find a lead on Norrin." Matthew said, after he finished hiding the boat between some rocks with a tarpaulin. Or what passes for a tarpaulin, anyway. "Maugan, he's your contact. Any ideas?"

He just grunted. "Find some robbers, and wait for their hideout to be on fire."

Well, this guy sounds more and more like Harry Dresden with every passing story.
"Yes." He nodded. "We are merely Sages of Urboros – the circle of life. Shamans have a connection to particular elements of nature. Una was born with an affinity for birds of prey – it is a great honor to be an anointed Shaman, and greater still to have such a strong affinity. Why, there are only ever three or four Shamans alive at any point in time. The Seekers of Urboros go to find them – I heard rumors that there was a Shaman in Plegia, without any training or awareness of his heritage, who chased off the Seeker. A shame, really. According to the tales, he had reached the pinnacle of his powers as a young boy. A true prodigy…what was he called again? Harold? Harry?"

Oh there is no fucking way. "…Henry?"

"Yes, that's it. You met him, then?"

"Uh, I've heard of him in passing." Oh dear lord Henry is a religious figure. That won't end well.

Henry is a religious figure with superpowers. Sweet mother of GOD.
Oh, I'm going to LOVE that section. Also, since Henry's currently trying to annihilate a certain Alternate, I can guess that he and Cameron will be meeting soon.

This group is turning into a beautiful mess. I love it.

Bonus points for teamwork via games, and Lucina's new top mission...and reaction of course. :D
Zoanzon chapter 51 . 3/26/2015
"The one problem with Norrin – other than the whole 'angsty heroes are cool' thing he insists on – is that you can always tell where he's been." Chas grumbled.

"How's that a bad thing?" I asked curiously.

"Because wherever he's been, it's always going to be, have been, or about to be on fire."
I had suspected it before this, but if you say that there was NO connection from Norrin to Harry Dresden I'm calling you a liar.

And, for some reason, Chas and Liv reminded me of the Carpenters, only who liked him and who tolerated him was flipped gender-wise.
Zoanzon chapter 50 . 3/26/2015
"To cap it all off, a helmet painted half-orange and half-black was fastened to his shoulder."

No joke, my first thought was "Deathstroke!Cameron!?"
Zoanzon chapter 44 . 3/26/2015
You forgot Urza from MTG. Oh, and to your earlier EDH game, my favorite is Lazav, but my first was Savra. :D
Zoanzon chapter 41 . 3/26/2015
I know this chapter was posted a while ago, and you're probably a lot better in life than when this was posted (crappy wording, but the best I've got), but you've got people looking out for you.

Hell, I'm pretty sure Lamby would have Discworld Death bring you back just too kill you herself for doing something like that.

There's a saying I really like. "If today's the worst day of your life, than be glad. From here on, it'll only get better."

Story-wise, keep up the good work.
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