Reviews for Broken
LouiseUchiha chapter 6 . 3/25/2015
imaginenarusasu chapter 6 . 3/26/2013
Uwaaannhhh! So happy!
chi-lin chapter 6 . 3/26/2013
Awwawawawawaaaah! What is this sweetness!
This is cuteness overload dammit, just love it!
Awwww now im glad kise's leg is okay...
Sad its already end :(
But i hope you write something about aokise again soon :D
Because your aokise story just made me fluffyyy
imaginenarusasu chapter 5 . 3/17/2013
Ahem! -clears throat- Gomene for the loud fangirling, but it had to be done. -walks away calmly to the bend around the wall and breaks out into a run the moment I'm out of sight-
imaginenarusasu chapter 4 . 3/6/2013
Kyaaaaaa! Kise shouldn't get so angry all of a sudden, who am I chiding?! I should look at myself first XD
Poor, sweet Ahominecfhi! I feel bad for him...
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FangXavier chapter 4 . 3/6/2013
Eaaaah! Cliffhanger! *sob* ;_;
imaginenarusasu chapter 3 . 2/23/2013
Woa..Poor Kise!... But really, he's being a baka: pushing Aominecchi away and wanting him there at the same time... I don't blame him though... Good luck with your exams!.. And the pweaase update ASAP!
imaginenarusasu chapter 2 . 2/18/2013
Aww! *sniff* So cute and sweet! I love the way you've portrayed the feelings, coz they're actually what real life reactions and feelings would be!
imaginenarusasu chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
O. My. God... KISEEEEEEE! *sob* thos was so beautiful and sad and Ahominecchi and Kasamatsucchi are so sweet too...
xbluerainbowx chapter 2 . 2/18/2013
Aww, Kise can't play basketball anymore.
Aomine treats Kise very well. Love the last part where Aomine also admits he is a bad cook.
Looking forward to the next update! :)
majmu chapter 2 . 2/17/2013
This story seems interesting!

I love how casually adorable these two are :D

Eagerly waiting for more here :3
chi-lin chapter 2 . 2/17/2013
OMG IM SUCH A BASTARD. Sorry omg i forgot i read this as an anon!
Gosh forgive me for not giving you the like sooner ;A;
I love the idea from the very start ;D
Poor kise bby, i hope he find a way to play a bit basketball that he loves hehe
And i rly love how aomine so caring to kise...

Im not good with grammar so i think its perfect xD
xbluerainbowx chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
A nice prologue for the first chapter :) Hopefully Kise won't be too devastated with his loss to Seirin and his leg.
Looking forward to the next update! :D