Reviews for Secret Strength
msmelody chapter 20 . 8/10
This is a really good story, and I hope it continues.
cztelnik chapter 1 . 7/12
Great story, like how this is edgy aggressive, smart angst and Harry learns and makes new choices based on experiences. Also nice to see the same of Draco. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
IceLe chapter 23 . 6/30
I love it! It's second time, when I re-readin this story)) Thank you! Maybe next chapter?:))
bubblecloudz chapter 23 . 5/26
Dumbledore you ejit. Honestly.

Well I for one am certainly glad they're getting what's coming for them (Sybil and Moody) 'cos it's about damn time!

Cannot wait for more!
rigger42 chapter 23 . 5/22
Wtf is with Alastor? Dementia? Was he in love with Sirius? What is this insane grudge?
CraftyWizard86 chapter 23 . 5/5
Guest chapter 23 . 5/2
More more more! Please more!
EmeraldEyed chapter 23 . 4/7
Huzzah for updates!
ryencoke chapter 18 . 4/5
Dumbledore has failed Harry so many times, I am surprised Magic itself hasn't killed the old bastard off.
ryencoke chapter 16 . 4/5
Seriously, someone needs to hold Moody under crucio til he loses his mind and someone just needs to AK Dumbledore. If I was Harry I would have done both myself then set the school on fire, preferably using Hermione as kindling.
ryencoke chapter 7 . 4/5
Fuck that, I would have just "accidentally" killed Moody. Probably Dumbledore too when he came to see what was going on.
xOphiuchusx chapter 23 . 4/3
I LOVE THIS HISTORI! Please continue, i need moreee!
Guest chapter 23 . 3/31
Nicely done more d/h next chapter ?
BiffyClyro chapter 23 . 3/31
I love this story! I want Harry to take Draco back down to the chamber of secrets, and them to work on their runes project. Their so cute and dorky together! I can't wait for the next chapter :)
Lupinesence chapter 23 . 3/31
God, I'm worried for Harry now with Moody and Dumbledore is so deluded he'll never understand why. Argh!
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