Reviews for With This Ring
Guest chapter 1 . 9/16/2013
You know you love someone when you can't look them in the eyes...because when you do you never want to look away. You see why you love them when your eyes meet. It just happens. And when you speak to each other you feel like in that time you are together you're the most alive. When they leave you wish they hadn't left because that little moment you shared with them was the highlight, the best moment of your day.

When you really love someone you don't ever see yourself being with anyone else. You can't picture it.

You feel in your soul. Your spirit. It's meant to be.

I've loved the same guy for 11 years. I know what love is.

I love Seddie and the realness that you bring out into the characters...

Sam has loved Freddie for a very long time...and it took her years to finally tell him.

Sam maybe a fictional character but I relate to her so much...
irshgirl chapter 3 . 5/11/2013
Its me , i'm way late on reading and reviewing but this was amazing as always .
I swear after reading this makes me want to hurry up and write my own wedding story except with Cabbie with appearances by Sam and Freddie .
Alrighty down to business lol Sam in worrying Mom miode was so good , love her being overprotective mom.
OMG Marissa bursting in on Sam and Freddie about to have sex was a HOOT! I died of laughter !
A weasel
No, i was thinking more like a rat
You're both right. He looks like the dude from Harry Potter . Peter pettigrew a rat who acted like a weasel
That was s eriously AWESOME ! I reread it 3 times ! You know Im a Potter head plus i was watching HALF BLOOD Prince as i was reading this - couldnt have been any more brilliant !
Then just to make me feel the gamut of emotions the scene in which Sam is looking at her wedding dress was so rich and beautiful i found myself crying just reading it as she readied herself to be Freddie's wife.
The bachlorette party and the batchlor party was hilarious ! Drunk Marissa was simply a hoot ! Love her , i swear !
Only Spencer and Gibby would give Freddie the wackiest sickest eevent you could imagine - OMg thw Bobo thing was sooo great !
Then you just killed me with the sweet fire escape moment with the happy couple ...wonderful.
Simply wonderful chapter and i am kicking myself for not reading it sooner . Brilliant
mimalovesseddie chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
amazing story,i joined fanfiction because of authors like inspire me!
irshgirl chapter 2 . 2/17/2013
this was crazy, fun chapter with so much heart (: Sam hiding from crazy and polly prissy pants made me laugh so hard !
bridal torture with Marissa and carly was the most funny thing ever ! about croaked when Sam concocted the Freddie being sick thing to get her off the hook from running out on them in the dress shop.
Poor Freddie lol
The book is hilarious Oddly enough my friend had such a book for his wedding which made me laugh even more .
The Nile is a river in Utah . Love this line .
The crazy redneck Rv was brilliant and i just loved the crazy reunion of Sam's whole family . You can just feel the family and the love among the crazy.
Wonderful fun and i loved it
Waffles Of Doom chapter 4 . 2/15/2013
What an absolutely crazy wedding day - and perfectly Sam and Freddie, I adored every second of it! I say this in every review, but I adore this 'verse and all the fic you've written within it. I love love love love it. Beyond love it, even!
beautifulmystery93 chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
' She didn't know how to make him see.' :') I love this it speaks to me in a lot of different ways. This whole scene I can really picture myself in Sam's shoes. I think I'd be in that same way if it were me. Basically what is it is Sam has trust issues...

'They hadn't quite gotten to the 'bare your soul' portion of the mother/daughter thing yet'

I feel awkward just even now thinking even having a 'bare your soul' moment with my mom. Lol not happening.

'"This is you and dad." The fact that Pam says "dad" and not "your father" probably says she didn't hate him.

Freddie is sweet with his story of what happened in like a fairy tale :)
I'm not sure if that exists...other than a chic flick movie tho lol

My favorite parts of this chapter were when Sam and Carly talked and when Sam and Pam talked. But as a whole I'm glad Sam put aside her fear...
irshgirl chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
OMG this was so fun, sexy, romantic and wonderful all rolled up in one and am glad i decided to read this on Valentines Day (:
Really enjoyed the girltalk with Carly and Sam -think i sqee'd when Carly was at the door ! lol
I loved their conversation and nice to see that Carly put on some curves in college ( girl was too thin ) and still same old Carly . I rolled with laughter when Sam announced she wanted to get married but was afraid Freddie wouldnt ask her again after she turned him down last fw times .
The flashback of Freddie/Sam was very heavy and filled with emotion and though i understand hSam's hesitation, i could feel poor Freddie's hurt and frusturation seeping from the scene .
Wow, sometimes Pam puckett just surprises you!
I never know with sam's mom what she is going to say next but it was really nice and encouraging the advice that she gave to Sam about marrying Freddie . the talk about her and Brian's love and their wedding, their marriage had me near tears .Really loved it .
No one rambles like Carly -love when she gets involved in her friends lives and giggled at her Carly lecture mode.
It had better be freakin Santa himself or someons gonna get hurt .
The fiarytale book was the most wonderfully romantic propsal i have ever read- so creative and beautiful and gah! i did cry when he asked his princess to marry him!
Yay! beautifully perfect and loved every second of it .
mebeellie chapter 4 . 2/12/2013
Love your story so sweet i really loved the speech sams grandmother that was so sweet i cried you are an amazing writer please write more don't stop :)