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XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 4 . 4/8
I hope you eventually come back to these stories, you have such a talent for writing!
amihani chapter 1 . 4/3
I can't believe I only stumbled upon your work just now, via this fic. Putting this one in an FF folder that says "Well and very much looking forward to the next parts of the story!
Sasnatsa chapter 2 . 3/29
Oh, I love there's healing involved. Whenever I get to see Sakura kicking ass and being the great medic she is, even if it's just for pain management, it just makes my day better.

Kisame being Naruto's teacher is what I live for. Please make that a regular thing!

Sakura and Itachi interacting is the sweetest thing. I love these two babies. I feel like they would be really easy to fall in love with, I just don't know if they would allow themselves to feel that way.

I'm eager to see this relationship change and grow. I'm sure it's going to be beautiful!
Sasnatsa chapter 1 . 3/29
I think I've read this story at least five times and I love it so so much! Ever since I read House Calls I wondered what your take on Itachi would be like and I must say I'm really happy about this. Itachi, Kisame, Sakura and Naruto are probably my favorite characters to read about (along with Deidara and Kakashi. And Sai.) so this fic is like a dream come true.

I like this chapter a lot. The realtionship between Kisame and Itachi will never cease to amaze me and you do such a great job writing that. I think my favorite part, though, is everytime Sakura and Kisame interact. I can totally see them going out for a drink and getting really drunk together!

Also, Naruto is so young and he's been trough so much and I just wanna hug him and make sure nobody ever hurts him again. I feel very conected to the characters when I read your stories and it blows me away how unique and genuine they sound. Your narrative is extremely fun to read and it calms me down, because it just flows so well.

I'm trying hard not to fangirl right now lol

Anyways, I hope this makes sense. I realised today I'd never reviewed this (or House Calls, for that matter) and decided to give it a try. English is not my first language so I'm sorry if this sounds crazy.

I'll keep reading now ;)
UntiedHeartbeat chapter 1 . 3/27
Finally a story where Itachi just randomly manages to survive somehow and is allowed back into Konoha. A very simple explanation, but a great plot nonetheless. I already loved your previous stories and I know I will like this one :D
V4llerie chapter 5 . 3/27
I really like this story! Also can I just say thank you for making Sakura strong but still have feelings like seriously just because she can kick ass doesn't mean she has to be an emotionless killing machine so tHANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Nemo122 chapter 5 . 1/29
Really like this fic and I love how you portray itasaku XD and I really enjoy Sakura's 'screw the elders' mentality. I kinda want after a while kakashi showing itachi all of Sakura's reports and they are all kinda like that last oneCan't wait for more
Jademy chapter 5 . 1/20
Jajajaja you didn't sound too excited on you AN, what got you so tired at the time?
I really like your stories, action and figths are not necessary. The way you describe things is entertaining enough. And the lack of unnecessary drama makes it all the more pleasant to read,
Seriously, after a long shift it's what i was looking for.
Your Itachi feels like a real person, I can understand him and I want to know how he will evolve.
Sakura is very relatable, in fact, I just love the way you portrayed them all. Tomoe is cute and baba loveable. And there's no Sasuke bashing. If we really made the effort we could comprehend almost everyone and even if we don't agree with them we'd learn not to be too judgmental and rude.
Thank you for sharing your stories and some of your thoughts.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/4/2017
You are an exceptional story teller. Please continue with it
Green Alba chapter 5 . 11/11/2017
I love when this happen; stumbling upon an author with good writing, several stories under his/her belt, going through with it, good balance between action, dialog and more serious themes (here being ptsd for Sakura and loss of identity for Itachi). The characters’ portrayal is multi layered and avoid fanfic clichés, and the angst is kept at a realistic level. As much as I want to read some deep connections happening between the two main protagonists, I agree with the realistic pace you choose; the wait will be worth it.
All of the above is as much a reflection of “Down the Road” than “House Calls” which I am half way through (it’s a long story!).

Specifically in relation to “Down the road”, I liked the teaser arc you did on Sasuke, who has his own battles to fight in the North Pole (!), the interactions between Sakura and Itachi/Kisame, and also the secondary interactions with Naruto, Kakashi and the orphans (the fish rod scene hahaha) that add some depth to the story (after all, they can’t be rehabilitated if they only ever interact with Sakura).
Since you seem to develop Kisame as his own character rather than making him a spotlight only to Itachi (which is much more interesting), I really would like to read Kisame in scenes with Anko. I don’t know, just picturing them together I can see already the flammable conversations between them...
Yeah I know I don’t really have the right to ask on my first review but the temptation is too strong...
H chapter 5 . 10/22/2017
I adore this characterization! Please continue with this story, but take your time!
Tsubahime chapter 5 . 10/15/2017
I was so happy to find this fic,it's well written and beautifully thoughtful without descending into angst. I love the portrayal of Sakura, a strong woman with flaws who has been affected by war, and Itachi, a once gentle soul struggling with guilt. I hope you continue this story.
Paiwan chapter 5 . 9/24/2017
Hi :)
Thank you so much for the update! I can't wait for Itachi to get to know Sakura and wonder why he can't stop thinking about her .

Although I can't picture Sasuke with anyone other then Sakura, I still love her in other pairings (mostly Kakashi and Itachi), mainly because she deserves all the love and because I cannot fathom how she still ends up with Sasuke after all the shit he put her through (despite having an undying love for that couple for years).

I absolutly love your stories. House Calls is hands down my favourite, and it's probably in the top three best fanfics I've read, EVER! (and I've read quite a few...) Your version of Sakura and Kakashi is my relationship goal like you wouldn't believe. I'm so glad you've finished House Call, and although it feels like wishing upon a star I still keep an eye out for Blithe Spirits .

I love how you take your time, and how it makes everything so more touching and real and sexy (in House Calls, that closed eyed-face exploration scene, and the almost-kiss at the end of chapter 26... my GWAD!). I love how you manage the difficult situation in a realistically akward and bittersweet way as opposed to downright angsty and depressing. I adore Sakura and I think she's a badass who sadly doesn't get all the credit she deserves, but I always feel like it ruins the original character when she's turned 360 into a cold and cynical robot riddled with angst. In your fics, she comes out as an actual adult, who had to grow up fast and the hard way, but who still retains her intrinsic personality.
And your Kakashi is just... delicious and sweet and three dimensional, he makes my heart ache and yearn for that kind of man! (I'll stop there because I'm getting creepy).

Anyways, thank you SO MUCH for updating (I know I'm reviewing a bit late), and I'll be patiently waiting for more!
I wish you all the best
Ikabi chapter 5 . 8/14/2017
Oh, that ending was fantastic! I am really enjoying the story so far. I also appreciate how you are balancing bits of humor with the sad/serious topics. Kudos to you, and best of wishes for future chapters!
Ikabi chapter 4 . 8/14/2017
Loved that bit about Itachi finding one thing he was bad at. Made me giggle for a while until I got disapproving stares from other people.
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