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mic476 chapter 71 . 5/24
He can go either way with sex. So long as Edward doesn't make a full on appearance they should be fine. Of course telling the family and letting them know what is going on so they can take turns keeping her company while he's working.

Post more soon.
Twinder chapter 71 . 5/21
Great chapter. I can't wait for the next update
Sophiedog22 chapter 71 . 5/18
Great chapter keep them coming
ashley.mercer.16 chapter 71 . 5/18
Welcome back. It's a good solution. And I'm sure Christian will think of something. Lol. ;)
sarabo chapter 71 . 5/18
So glad that you're back! I've missed your story. Ana's pregnancy sounds like mine, except my doctors weren't as supportive as Dr. Greene. A six month dry spell for Christian! Hope he can last.
Tmacone chapter 71 . 5/18
Great, funny update! Christian talking about their sex life is always so funny. I'm looking forward to the crazy ways he will come up with to deal with the restrictions!
joan.goldman.9 chapter 71 . 5/18
LOL Christian with a sex restriction is funny. I'm sure they will be very creative.
robertsmom chapter 71 . 5/18
Love it. I think CG and AG will handle the restrictions well. Have a feelint AG will want to carry her around. He will also have his security on higher alert.
sweetsub75 chapter 71 . 5/18
great sure Grey will figure it out...or be very creative
pharmbelle chapter 71 . 5/18
Thanks for the update. I love your story.
ptminor chapter 71 . 5/18
Glad you are back too. GREAT CHAPTER but I have a feeling that reality is going to smack both of them in the face that restrictions are going to be so fun! I don't know who has it worst, Christian with no sex or control or Ana and her increasing waist line and lack of comfort level. Good luck with the next chapters and your book!
Trish M.
smills chapter 71 . 5/18
Good chapter
truefeather77 chapter 71 . 5/17
I don't know why so many fanfic authors think it's "dramatic" to have pregnancy turned into a major medical merry-go-round. People all over the world give birth every minute, without college degrees or daily ultrasounds. And these mothers often crouch in the fields to give birth, and get right back up afterwards and finish planting. Ultrasounds have been shown to be dangerous to the fetus. In this case, they're killing their embryos with kindness.

I think I'll check back in after the twins are born. This is not what I signed on for. Pregnancy not a scientific endeavor, and I don't think it's either interesting or dramatic to have someone making such a huge fuss over a simple biological process.

If it follows the usual FSoG canon, we'll have more of Christian obsessing, alienating Ana with his insulting control-freak hostile takeover of her pregnancy, and finally she'll cry to get his attention and he'll pretend to listen for 5 minutes, because she cried.

Just once, I'd like one of these stories to feature a happy, normal pregnancy, in which both parents-to-be are excited and silly, and fending off the family a little bit in order to have a little private joy, all to themselves, growing as a couple and enjoying the whole process.
angelofheaven001 chapter 71 . 5/17
Can't wait for more.
mumzie24 chapter 71 . 5/17
Welcome back! Have missed you :) and you writing.
Oooo CG will be soooo creative! Can't wait to read more about their "adventures"before the twins arrive. U take care!
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