Reviews for 50 Shades and an Earthquake
Munkeyfump20 chapter 90 . 8/16
Wow thanks for the very good read I will look forward to the next instalment and link. I don't think you will carry on this story but its a shame leaving on a cliffy as they spoil very good reads. If you have done this into a book please tell me what the name is because leaving it here is cruel. Thanks again for the read.
vickiel2r chapter 81 . 6/19
Was this a chance for you to bash Dakota? Everything you wrote about her was so negative, and Ana would never be catty about her. Her ballroom Valentino dress was not the best, but you didn't have to write all those things. It was the designer who did not dress her well. She was not drunk either. All of it was not necessary.
So Elliott is now ready to be taken seriously. Kate should make him sweat a little. He needs a lesson.
vickiel2r chapter 80 . 6/19
Show off the billionaire and his wife. Well Is BLake is gay you can't change them getting serious.
vickiel2r chapter 79 . 6/19
Fun pairs like I wanted them to be and yes the Ana and Christian should go. Can't have a gossip start sending a bodyguard with her.
vickiel2r chapter 78 . 6/19
Nate likes one night stands with hookers? A gay guy should be fun to go around with Kate and hope a funny one. Make them look happy.
vickiel2r chapter 77 . 6/19
Kate said she is not going to be over Elliott, so why rush in a relationship with Nathan. How about hanging out as friends first. A good friend can be better partner in life too not just for sex.
vickiel2r chapter 76 . 6/19
Reality of trying to read a long story from the beginning is taking me too long to finish. Elliott was not committed to Kate, he was a player and felt suffocated with her so he will continue his ways until he suffers and get tied down for good. Maybe he will get someone pregnant.
vickiel2r chapter 75 . 6/19
The twin news received with much enthusiasm from the future grandparents. Jasmine for Elliott is up to them but seems to have hooked up fast and him leaving his eco-friendly business for not sure what is going to be?
vickiel2r chapter 74 . 6/19
His skills are being replaced by a vibrator as long as there is satisfaction it seems to works for them.
vickiel2r chapter 73 . 5/30
Overly hormonal pregnant Ana can be bitchy and Christian deserve a medal.
vickiel2r chapter 72 . 5/30
They are in sync creating their exquisite orgasmic releases without overdoing it for the very pregnant Ana which might induce premature labor. Having twins she may not even reach full term anyway.
Had a long break in reading the story. and hope I will get there before it is completed.
Emmilya chapter 14 . 5/21
Never saw this coming. Nice twist! chapter 76 . 5/19
Great for so much more.
Jojo31055 chapter 90 . 5/14
What a compelling story. I really want to know how it ends, does she carry to full term, what happened to the coven? Is Kate pregnant? So many story lines left dangling. Please o please write some more. Thanks
vickiel2r chapter 71 . 2/25
I agree with Christian, why so many restrictons, making twin pregnancy like a disease. Ana is not even a large person and watches her food intake, I don't understand the obsession with high blood pressure with her. Not only here but most of the Fifty stories being written about her pregnancy. Anyway have to see how Christian will cope with all the no contact sex restrictions. Poor man.
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