Reviews for 50 Shades and an Earthquake
Kim chapter 89 . 12/10
Will you update
Kim chapter 88 . 10/19
I want an end i lové that story
Guest chapter 72 . 8/28
sandragayle14 chapter 89 . 5/31
Good read just wondering if Ana delivery was good what was the sex of the babies
Twinder chapter 89 . 5/1
sarabo chapter 89 . 4/29
Sorry it took me so long to review, but I was away and believe it or not, I forgot to take both my computer and kindle. I was going through withdrawals without my computer.
So happy that Ana got away from the murderous bunch. I do kind of feel bad about Nathan. He was under some kind of control and when he realized what was going on, he did the right thing. Perhaps he could stay with Grey Enterprises but in a different capacity.
smills chapter 89 . 4/23
Good chapter
Dseiladmnd chapter 89 . 4/21
Great chapter. She'll not like it but will see the upside especially if or when he gets his chip. Can't wait. Thank you.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 89 . 4/22
That goodness for that tracker in her tushie because that totally saved her arse! Hopefully they all go down for good and that Mariah doesn't hypnotize anyone into giving her any leniency!
mic476 chapter 89 . 4/22
What did they mean by Ana getting chipped? As for Nathen, maybe letting him go but not with a bad reputation to hurt his career. Besides, I don't think Ana will want him there. She might have some psychological breaks every time she sees him. I hope the twins r healthy happy and more importantly normal.

Post more soon.
RavenLight Dragon chapter 89 . 4/21
he probably did it while she was passed out or something. as for how to handle that. he better be getting a chip in his own ass. to me that was going a bit above board. I'm sure had he asked her and explained it all she would have cooperated. I think it calls for some quid pro quo. it could have gotten infected and been a danger to her health after all. though Mr control freak would have ensured an expert did it. as for Nathan. an ultimatum, stop with the girls, especially from sleezy places. he has no major responsibility either. has to work with another team member and be supervised. only if he proves himself trustworthy again can he get back to the top job of protecting ana or christian. I mean, what I'd it had been Taylor who mariah had gotten to instead? would christian gave fired him, or chalked it up to a mistake and told him to be more careful?
Guest chapter 89 . 4/20
Amazing chapter love reading this story. Always gets me smiling when there is an update.
Tmacone chapter 89 . 4/20
Well...I'm glad you ended the chapter with the question I am dying to know...HOW & WHEN did Ana get chipped? I'm glad he did, & I often wonder if we will all be chipped sometime in the future? As ruthless as it seems, it does work! I kinda feel bad for Nathan...maybe he was drugged/hypnotized? He did help to defend 2nd chances for him?
gsrfan34 chapter 89 . 4/20
Great story!

Cant wait fort he next chapter!
sophiedog22 chapter 89 . 4/20
Great chapter keep them coming, I hope they throw the book at those coven people
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