Reviews for 50 Shades and an Earthquake
ashley.mercer.16 chapter 38 . 6h
Yep, I'm happy. Lol. As for Kaitlyn. Who knows. Besides you that is. :)
truefeather77 chapter 38 . 6h
Well, that turned out better than I expected - actually lovely, and despite the Greys, still small and intimate: Private. P.T. Barnum nowhere in sight!

I loved the coded messages in Ana's vows - that's got to be very reassuring and affirming for Christian.

Can't wait to hear what's coming next!
ashley.crowley.10 chapter 38 . 7h
That she's coo coo
smills chapter 38 . 7h
Very good chapter
Tmacone chapter 38 . 7h
So glad the families made it to the wedding! They are just missing Jason & Gail. Can't wait to see what Kaitlyn starts saying!
Jeangb chapter 38 . 7h
So happy for them, sniff. It was great that Christian managed to get all the family there in time for the wedding. I'm hoping the Welch will be able to find out if Elena is pulling Kaitlyn's strings.
sarabo chapter 38 . 8h
I think it was wonderful that Christian brought the rest of the family to the wedding. I'm so glad that they caught Kaitlin. Now I'm sure Taylor will get to the bottom of all of this. Thanks for the update.
smills chapter 37 . 8h
Good chapter, looking forward to the wedding
Malugzz chapter 38 . 8h
Love this chapter. Update real soon please.
angelofheaven001 chapter 38 . 8h
Wow.a beach wedding. 't wait for more.
intuitive1 chapter 38 . 9h
Yay! Christian and Ana are married!
Pks9704 chapter 37 . 7/4
kristylg23 chapter 37 . 7/4
yes i am i just hope that elena and kaitlyn leave thr a lone for good
mumzie24 chapter 37 . 7/4
Woo hooo! I loved it. U go girl, am so glad Ana stepped up her game and showed her commitment to CG. Agreed "take that" Elena & Kaitlyn. Happy Holidays my dear.
Take care till your next update.
brvndongrey chapter 37 . 7/4
I just love knowing that the bad people are getting the justice they deserve. THANK YOU!

Nice hot chapter! You're very descriptive when you paint a picture of a new location, I could see a vivid image and that was so cool.

Can't wait for the new update! You know that already!
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