Reviews for A Very Kanako's Valentine
Ciruno chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
I am not a pervert! I'm only true to my desires!

Anyway, I enjoyed this read very well. All the pairings round the corner (Go AyaSatori and SakuRemi!) along with Kanako and Suwako's valentines was lovely to me. And that short sad moment suddenly swerved up to 'you were only sleeping?' made me enjoy this.

Also, the moment I read the beginning, I immediately thought of Kanako being covered by liquid chocolate and getting attacked by Suwako as a valentines gift.

Job well done Now please let enjoy S.A.D. . Single Awareness Day
Masterflood - Tom chapter 1 . 2/13/2013
Uhhmmm My most favourite part was when Suwako appeared behind the crying Kanako. IT WAS SO TOUCHING SOMEHOW...

I liked Mamiko and her behaviour very much and... well... "Waffu-waffu" ... made me "rofl-rofl" :D !

There is just one thing.. what is a beddy-hump ? Ehh... I really don't know. And Remilia seems addicted towards "that"... arggh.. WHAT IS IT ?
Captain Vulcan chapter 1 . 2/12/2013
Welcome to the rated M-section. Please enjoy your stay. But it sucks for Kanako, making Suwako mad and all. She shouldn't have said that about Kero-Chan. It would have saved them a lot of grief.

Mami is cute, irritatingly so to Kanako and Remilia. But I am wondering about that evil persona of hers. If it is indeed the black apron of hers then it'll make things a thousands time funnier. Imagine if that apron gets on someone like, Yukari... or Satori? Yea- Satori de Vil!

And I can't wait to know more about the incident between Minako and this Lucia chick. Who is worthy of ravashing Akyuu's adult body?

Plus, I have a feeling that Mami resents Kosuzu. I feel it.

Ail! You pinhead! PLEASE tell us more about Sanae and the wooden horse! You're definitely enjoying a Happy Valentine's... rubbing Sanae's shoulders.


Aww! Aya and Satori are dating now? That's really cute. Hope Satori is aware that Aya's a huge pervert. If the little whirlwind just to expose Satori's skivvies is any indication... Then again, Aya is a true friend. She was really defending Satori's honor while confronting those hateful tengu. She was willing to fight for her mind-reading girlfriend.

And finally, looks like Momiji is having a lot of excitement. I'm jealous. Not everyday that hotties like Nitori, Hatate, and Dark Hina chases people. Hina appears to be wise on the subject of love-making. Teach her well, Miss Yakujin!

Well, I'm glad that Kana and Suwa was able to make amends. But let's face it... they'll be at each others' throats again soon.

[See Aya and Satori playing in the river] Ohh. Gotta go. Hopefully Hatate will come around and take pictures...