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Guest chapter 12 . 8/9
Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh! This has to be the best Link x Romani story I've ever read! WOW! This was beautiful! I love how innocent Link and Romani were and yet! And yet! Oh! It's all so funny! Anju and Kafei making too much noise when in bed together!? Uuuhhhh... Link, do NOT open that door!
MitchMyester chapter 3 . 5/13
I love how well written this is. The grammar is completely flawless, and I can see inside the characters' minds so easily. There's no word-vomit, and I love how you've captured the essence of each character.
My only real critique is that while I do love how you've made Link realistic in the way that he was raised, I think some of it is excessive. This is just being nitpicky, but Link wasn't entirely anti-social or neglected his entire life. You brought up his friend Saria, and there were many other Kokiri who Link had interacted with. I mean, I somewhat doubt that in all their time together, Saria never hugged him? Or even some of the experiences that he had with Malon, the villagers at Kakariko, etc. I believe you captured his personality perfectly, and I'm not going to lie, I had to cover the smile on my mouth when I read when he asked Anju if he could hug her. Only that it doesn't entirely connect with his past of the Kokiri. Doubtless he was neglected and didn't know how to act in social situations, but I feel like he could understand love at its core.
Otherwise, amazing.
AmoraLimeDragon chapter 12 . 1/29
I really thought that Cremia might just leave Link on the floor then at the end. Brill story though, Termina needs some better sexual education.
Pikatwig chapter 11 . 12/22/2015
This story was... amazing. I remember reading it once or twice when it was still being written, but I just never finished it. This story is, quite simply put, the best Legend of Zelda story and one of the best stories I've ever read in my entire life.

You captured the essence of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask Link perfectly and added depth to a character who doesn't even speak. Imagining all of the trauma a kid could have when he's doing all of that... poor guy needed a hug and Romani was there to give it to him.

The growth of the characters was really good, with Anju and Kafei assuming the role of parents that Link very much needed given everything he's been through. Cremia was allowed to move past what had recently happened and became stronger. And finally, there's dear, sweet, adorable Romani. She's easily a great companion for Link and she really helped the kid out.

This story was amazing and I will be re-reading it again someday soon. Great work.
AeonNyte chapter 12 . 9/11/2015
God i love this story. I have read it 19 times so far and it never gets old. If any way possible could you please write just one last chapter!
qwerty19 chapter 12 . 8/22/2015
What a way to end an amazing fic! I swear, I couldn't put this story down. I'm not even kidding; the one time that I needed to get up to eat, I was grieving that I couldn't finish this and wondered what was going to happen next.
I loved every part of this. There really aren't enough Link/Romani fics, but I think you covered up for the lack of them. This was well written, utilized proper spelling and grammar, and had a complex yet incredibly interesting plot. The imagery was vivid, yet not excessive enough to drag away from the fic. There was the perfect amount of comic relief while still maintaining the serious nature of this story. The characterization was full, and none of the main or secondary characters were two-dimensional. You captured the emotions of both children and adults quite well, you depicted depression and self loathing spot on, and you had just the right amount of bad***ery (I know, not a word, blah blah blah) to make us all happy.
Why must such amazingness end?
I'll admit, I was kinda hoping for more of Link's magical abilities and a bit more of an explanation of his magical abilities. Is Termina's magic rooted in the mindset of protection, while Hylian magic is rooted in attacking? Can he now use all the mask's abilities by 'calling' on it, and no longer has to use the masks to utilize the powers? Can he use the Ocarina songs' without the actual Ocarina? Can he use all his powers again? Can I stop asking incessant questions?
For some reason, the fact that Romani started using first person speech had a big effect on me. I don't know why, it just seemed to have a deeper meaning...I'm not acting all spiritual here, but it affected me, and I liked it. There's too many other things to say about this fic, but I can't list them all. Hopefully I'll stop ranting soon.
It seems that this story helped you with your inner demons, and I'd say that it helped me with plenty of mine, too. So, I must thank you, both for writing an amazing story and for helping me.
Sorry for the obnoxiously long review, but I feel you deserve it. You can count on me rereading this many times over. I look forward to reading your other stories!
fuzzy122672 chapter 12 . 8/2/2015
Oh. That was awfully forward.
Steveaaml chapter 12 . 7/2/2015
Aw! Really nice a glimpse of the future, but still leaves so much open and unsaid. Really great!
Sentinel07 chapter 12 . 6/22/2015
A great conclusion.
Guest chapter 12 . 6/19/2015
This is some good stuff. 10/10 fanfiction of the day. Read the entire thing and loved it.
GreatSnapper chapter 12 . 6/17/2015
Awww, and so ends one of my favorite Zelda stories. A bittersweet moment, but I can't say I'm disappointed with the conclusion. I didn't expect the like the time skip forward, since those sorts of endings usually bug me, but I would say you did a rather good job with it, so well done! I feel like I should go back and read the whole thing again now that it's complete. It's also a bit inspiring, since I have yet to finish a story of my own. I must keep going!

Link and Romani's relationship remains adorable. It's interesting, in the OoT/MM canon, Malon always seemed to me like the character with the most actual potential to be a romantic interest for Link. Everyone else comes with a host of issues that would make it impractical (Zelda's a Princess, Saria's forever young, Ruto's a fish, and they're all sages anyway). Romani is perhaps even better suited, as she has the kind of personality that Link might need to actually come out of his shell.

That is in essence why I feel like you succeeded so well in this story, at least as far as my own opinions are concerned. You portrayed their relationship the way I imagine it would have actually progressed in canon, and you certainly didn't leave the others out. Cremia was probably my favorite of your characters here, as she seemed the most complex. You managed to make her feel like a real person with feelings and motivations that were more nuanced than I would have expected.

All in all, a great conclusion to an excellent story! I guess I'll have to go read Heart of Courage now, since that updated too. Best. Day. Ever.
Kitty Lue chapter 12 . 6/17/2015
LOL Romani quoting that drunk guy was hilarious, and the uncomfortable reaction to it as well. xD

...The end was a bit uncomfortable for me to read, since I don't look for that sort of thing in fanfictions (or anything, for that matter), but the chapter as a whole was pretty good.
Rielence chapter 12 . 6/17/2015
It's back! Nicely done yet again! I have a burning passion for this story, and as the years go by, I think I finally understand why. It's so real. Anyone can write a story that takes place after a Zelda game. It's easy! Where it gets hard is trying to make it seem like a legitimate continuation. It's difficult to make it seem like these events can actually take place in the Zelda universe. But your story transcends beyond this roadblock and delivers an incredible tale that if Nintendo published, I'd believe it was actually cannon. It's been over a year since I finished reading Firefly, and I'm sad to see it finally come to a complete close. But at the same time I'm happy because of how satisfying the ride was! I'll stop sucking your dick now, but I felt this needed to be said. (By the way, this is Rielence! Fanfiction is really struggling with my name and most of my reviews are now published with a random sequence of numbers instead of my actual Pen Name)
Norkix chapter 12 . 6/17/2015
Great job as always! I'd almost forgotten about this story but now I want to read through it again. You are so great at fluff 'n' stuff it's not even funny. It's unbearably cute is what it is! One thing I always admired about this story was how well you balance everything from the fluff to the angst to the action and everything in between. It's wonderfully written and it's one of the reasons why I still think it's the definitive RomLink story.

I see you've also put a new story up, so I'll be checking that out sometime today too, but this was lovely to read over breakfast, even if I only half-remember the plot. I remember there were feels, and lots of them. I do enjoy a good feel.


That sounded better in my head...
mysteriousguy898 chapter 12 . 6/16/2015
This is amazing! The feels! Romani is drunk! All the plots are wrapped up! Jim gets a girlfriend? (I did not see this coming. Thinking of a pen-pal thing between Jim and Pamela... weird! But in a good way.)

And before I forget, welcome back to the cesspool of idiocy and dearth of originality that is Fanfiction dot net! I was worried you would never return, after I saw your profile message. Thanks for not forgetting about us readers! I'm off to check and review the new chapter to Heart of Courage!
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