Reviews for That Way
Netchka chapter 6 . 7/28/2013
But they aren't at Oxnard yet? :-) ;-)
MewJollyRancher12 chapter 2 . 8/13/2011
I love plot bunnies...
dogbertcarroll chapter 6 . 12/12/2004

Great first chapter. Very WAFF.


Nice work. Very Oz like.


Good chapter.


I have Willow rights now. LOL!




Good ending.
gengen07 chapter 6 . 9/26/2004
I really like this story! :o)

This is sweet and cute! So beautiful...
Delemehr Meyer chapter 6 . 12/25/2002
that was nice. i think it's interesting how you just focused on this same idea from every possible angle, rather than a larger-scaled story. i almost have the impression that, tho' they came last, the Xander and Willow POVs were what the original kernal was...
Miss Late Bloomer chapter 6 . 12/20/2002
Cute, very cute. I liked the range of feelings. I felt really sorry for Oz, you stayed really true to his character. Although I liked him, I never thought him and Willow made a great couple. Thanks for writing this.
Wolf31 chapter 4 . 12/12/2002
Nice. Those two do go good together. Buffy sounds like she is losing her hold on sanity but other then that it was a nice read.
Jane McCartney chapter 4 . 12/12/2002
It'd be_very_nice if you decided to write Willow's and Xander's POV :)
Jane McCartney chapter 1 . 12/8/2002
That seems good! You've an interesting way of writing. Keep it up!
Casper-0379 chapter 2 . 8/9/2002
:-) nice one. i look forward to more shipper-y goodnes of the x/w variety if you would be so inclined.i know you can only write when the muse strikes, but like i looking forward to it!again, you keep writin em and ill keep readin em!
Casper-0379 chapter 1 . 8/9/2002
wow, a quick one but i liked course im so pro xander/willow that it isnt even funny so i might be biased...but id looooove to see where you take it from here!you keep writin em and ill keep readin em!

blessed be