Reviews for Those Who Walk in Shadows
timano chapter 1 . 3/8/2014
As a fan first of the Classic show, I thoroughly enjoyed this look into the time bridging the gap between Old and New Who. Yes, I know the story is a year old, but I'm just that far behind in reading... I'll get to the sequel in due course of Time (and am looking forward to it!)-10 out of 10 stars.
the tiniest pyre chapter 1 . 5/19/2013
I'm just gonna point out here that me reviewing this is nigh-on pointless. How many times have I rambled at you about background characters, Avia? Jo, how many times have I used emotional blackmail to prompt her into writing Thing?

/How many times have I sobbed at the both of you over this fucking story?/

And yet.

/Here I am/.



Firstly, I fucking adore every single one of your characters. (This mostly means Sexual Revelation and Avigayiluminita and Lok.)

Secondly, kfihvdjfbjkerh Gallifreyan slice-of-life fic I am still not over the fact that this exists.

Thirdly, /fuck you in Hell by Satan and his brother/.

It /hurts/.

Fourthly, I love you both a lot, had I mentioned?

Fifthly, I'm still very not over the fact that you wrote this entire thing in, what, a week? And no fucking errors either, god/damn/.

Sixthly, every time I reread this I simultaneously want to snog the shit out of the both of you and set you on fire.

That is it that is a summary of my thoughts on TWWIS.

Have fun with your sadomasochism, loves.
Caesar'sParallelLife chapter 1 . 3/9/2013
YOU BASTARDS! YOU MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS! I THOUGHT THAT I WAS GOING TO GO "D'aaaaaw" IN THE END BUT INSTEAD ALL I GOT WAS BITTER, BITTER, BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT. You bastards! For God's sake, you've forgotten your audience has emotions too, and now they're all horribly wrong! Stop making me cry!

For those of you who want an actual review, it's a fantastic story. It's a sort of college journey where two girls (one gifted with intelligence, but locked away in her room or the library because really, that's the only option college dickheads have left her with, and the other gifted with the ability to go a Gallifreyan college, but struggling to survive) meet, fall in love, and become an incredibly cute couple.

I give the authors a round of applause, and then a smack in the face to each for wrenching my heart in half.
Proud to be Plug chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
(Note: This review is addressed to /both/ Cendi and Shrrg.)

Let's see. I shall start at the ending. Or… no I'll begin at the beginning.

This is a very good fic. The astonishing thing about it is that it's like 95% character interaction, and even more astonishing is that almost all of that is between two OCs. Such large amounts of character interaction tend to be the reserve of drabbles and small fics about canonical characters, so it's unusual and good to see this kind of thing.

The OCs are well-written and seem balanced. Lotivver and Culsu complement each other very well, and the secondary characters contribute well to the setting and overall atmosphere. I was not remotely surprised that the daughter ended up being called Loki. XD

The linguistics part is, to me at least, interesting, and it provides an important depth to the fic. The many details and references work very well to build up the world of the fic. Interesting take on the Doctor's name. Also the joke about the jelly babies was very good. XD

Talking of jokes, I liked the humour in the fic. Though it's a little disorientating to see so much humour in a fic published on /Cendi's/ account, it was a welcome and effective aspect to the story.

The one issue I have with this is that the story rests entirely on the two OCs, and at times things feel protracted. The plot is, on the whole, quite minimal, and at times that has a negative impact and makes the fic feel too long. Character interaction can sustain many a story, and mostly it does so here, but there are times when things feel a bit dragged-out.

I was rather impressed, however, by how I could not see a single spelling or grammatical error in all 22,000 words (or so) of this. It must have been a nightmare to proofread. XD

And then the ending. That was /cruel/. Tens of thousands of words with minimal plot and then /that/ in like three hundred words. No me gusta. XD

Overall, pacing issues aside, this works very well and is certainly a success. I can see how it would be rather difficult to break this up into chapters, though the trouble with being a continuous work is that it scares off many of those who would review it. XD

So, great work, and well done!
-Proud to be Plug