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Jill Benone chapter 68 . 7/26
Meant to comment on water therapy before; good touch.

PLEASE don't demonize John Flynn. Why not couple sessions? They would talk to each other in a controlled situation, instead of relating what they each interpreted.
Jill Benone chapter 61 . 7/25
These last two chapters, in addition to being overwhelmingly sexy, were fulfilling in an almost spiritual way - Ana and Christian connected and slew a variety of dragons - not that all the angst is over, but the biggest hurdles have been surmounted. Christian Grey has moved to a different plateau and discovered his employees (whom he always valued) could be friends without causing him to lose any respect or control. He was so young when his empire began and the formality was the only way he felt he was not taken advantage of. Equally, when Ana freed his demons by opening that closet, he will free hers. Truly insightful writing.
Jill Benone chapter 56 . 7/25
So glad you pointed out all the stress Ana has been handling, and for the most part, internalizing. Everyone has a breaking point. God knows Christian continues to internalize his demons. The best scenario has these two extremely intelligent people talk to each other openly and consistently.

A really good cleansing chapter.
Jill Benone chapter 51 . 7/25
Two things have been bothering me - not necessarily in this chapter - but twice, women have made overt advances to Christian that i felt were out of place. First the nurse - too unprofessional and wouldn't happen that way; second - the girl on the beach would have been cattier and less obvious.
Beach girl may be a spoiled rich brat, but that wouldn't necessarily make her stupid. Been bugging me!

That said, love this vacation.
Jill Benone chapter 50 . 7/25
Interesting that another fanfic story describes the same orgasmic/closeness as this. The necklace and promise ring are priceless!

Smal note: I miss FSOG's Luke Sawyer.
Jill Benone chapter 47 . 7/25
I'm more sure than ever you should re-write and publish. Can't wait to read the rest!
Jill Benone chapter 40 . 7/25
One question: would CG threaten so publicly, or would he destroy quietly and reveal himself after? Interesting how may fanfic writers have developed the Carla/Morton theme - yours is the only one where Morton comes off as human - well, sub-human.
Jill Benone chapter 39 . 7/25
Enjoy unravelling the mystery - fascinating story - have you ever considered creating new names for the characters, rewriting, and publishing as entirely new, without the FSOG connection? This story is so fascinating and so strong, I do believe you could do this.

Personal note: LOVE your "black" vs "African-American" comment. I have a friend who feels strongly the same way- he was asked once in what part of Africa his tribe lived, and he snapped, "Detroit." Still mumbles about this. Of all the things not to get in an uproar about these days, the two that lead the list are religion - don't believe God cares what name your call him (or her) - and color - black, white, yellow, pink, purple, or polka-dotted. And if you find someone who's green, congratulations, you've probably met Yoda.
Jill Benone chapter 37 . 7/24
Hot -sexy - disturbing - not sure I like Christian as a submissive.
Jill Benone chapter 36 . 7/24
As I said, I came to this late - not sure if my comments mean anything at this point - but I purely loved this chapter. One question: shouldn't Christian tell Ann what's happening - isn't that what the previous unhappiness was about: not talking to each other? I understand his concern about distressing her futher, but . . .
Jill Benone chapter 35 . 7/24
Please don't demonize Flynn - in FSOG, Christian had seen many counselors, doctors, and shrinks, none of whom were able to help him until John Flynn. I can understand why Flynn might be tentative about Ana; after all, he had dealt with Christian's involvement with subs for years. He had tried to make Christian see Elena for what she was with very little success. I really think all this had more influence on Christian's psyche than he realized - he is, after all, a very intelligent man - and that he was unknowingly ready to move on when FSOG: Ana fell into his office or PDS: Ana was his facilitator. I have always thought this an unwritten sub-text in FSOG. (I have a theatrical background. As a director/dramaturg, this is the suggestion I would have explored with an actor.

That said, I am thoroughly enjoying "Paging Dr Steele". I am not very computer literate, cannot access your reviews, and realize I have come late to this story.
Jill Benone chapter 30 . 7/24
You write the love scenes - I won't say "sex scenes" because they're more - so well!
Jill Benone chapter 29 . 7/24
Love "Meelo" and "Cwis". Fun scene - how therapeutic to get it out physically. I do question if it would happen, however, or if Grace's reaction would be quieter and more deadly.
Jill Benone chapter 27 . 7/24
Poor Kate! Have never understood why everybody dislikes her so much - in FSOF,all she knew about Christian was what she saw (and read in the e-mail). Her instinctive reaction was to protect Ana. Her attraction to Eliot was immediate - I've often wondered if there was a double standard involved here; bad girls do and good girls don't?
Jill Benone chapter 26 . 7/24
I lost a dear young friend, a former student (I taught college theatre) to non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He, too, was diagnosed too late for help. Devastating, especially in one so young.

P.S. - I LOVE Greystone.
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