Reviews for Paging Dr Steele
Blueboot55 chapter 62 . 11/26
I'm only half way through this chapter and had to stop and thank you for getting "another think coming" right. Not a big thing but it sure makes the flow as it should be. Also I love,love, love your notes.
ImAOLicitySuperFan chapter 71 . 11/19
What an awesome story. I loved every minute of it. I enjoyed all the characters and cant wait to read the sequel. Keep writing your an amazing and talented writer.
carla.rbaptista chapter 71 . 11/18
Parabéns história muito boa. Gostei muito.
Bellaswangrey chapter 71 . 11/14
I just read your story and all I have to say is where have you been all my life damn girl you are a wonderful writer your story blew me away. I'm sad that your leaving fanfiction but I understand why. people can be very cruel but they're just jealous that they can't write the way you do so they lash out. But don't let that stop you from doing what you love. People are going to hate so shake does haters off and keep living your life. I hope you can come back to fanfiction but if you don't I understand.
bmckenzie chapter 70 . 11/15
I truly enjoyed your FSOG story. I hope to follow you.
Guest chapter 29 . 11/4
I am new to the fanfiction world I have read quite a few of the FSG stories, always much later than originally written, & there are quite a few that are pretty good. However, in reading yours...I have NEVER laughed so hard throughout the story. I am to the point where I am going to read EVERYTHING you write especially if they are ANYTHING like this. As for those who don't agree to what you write, too bad, so sad...they will get over themselves. Eventually. If not, sounds like it's their personal problem. Just keep doing what you are doing.
hardee chapter 67 . 10/10
Rambo Ana! I really hope Elena gets it now. Thanks for the reminder of Jane Eyre, I was a wee baby when I read that one so it was sort of fuzzy. Good chapter.
hardee chapter 66 . 10/10
A fantastic chapter. Until I read your explanation of the law as Carrick was telling Christian, I don't think we as readers actually appreciate the research you writers put in in developing your story. I appreciate that. Christian was spot on, I felt his pain and rage in your writing. Good job. I know I'm late to the story but did you publish? If so, what is the name of the book?
hardee chapter 64 . 10/9
I mean the whole chapter, top to bottom was absolutely fantastic. Ana kicked ass at the press conference. Christian was amazing in dealing with the spy and getting young Stampwell to recognize he was abused. Well done!
hardee chapter 57 . 10/9
Congrats to The Taylor's and to you for making that so special for them. That Lincoln lady is so crazy! Someone needs to tear into her ass and not just with zingers. Good chapter. I just love the trivia you bring.
hardee chapter 56 . 10/9
Poor Ana, she's had so much to deal with in just a short time. Dr. Flynn was right in making Christian feel like crap. Everything is not about him. One thing is for sure, he is a complicated man. I love both those songs. Thanks for sharing your talent.
hardee chapter 55 . 10/9
Wow! Christian is really out of control huh? Paging Dr. Flynn. It's a good thing that Ana is a doctor and a good thing that they are both able to analyze the situation when they calm down. Are you in the mental health field? Good chapter.
hardee chapter 54 . 10/9
I think I like your author's note as much as the story. I like how you explain things and I especially like the trivia you give on things in the story line. Good job
hardee chapter 53 . 10/9
"Betty-Boo-Bucketheads", and James Brown groveling, those images are hilarious! Christian really put his foot in it BIG time. Your insight into his thinking and what he would feel is spot on for a person that is experiencing a lot of firsts. Good chapter. Thank you for sharing your talent.
hardee chapter 34 . 10/5
Must Ana confront everyone at every interaction? So sick of her telling everyone off! What "restraint, class and sophistication?" Nothing wrong with being a strong woman but she borders on combative. With that said I'm enjoying the story and I appreciate your talent, so don't tell me stop reading because I won't :)
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