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Carlisa1974 chapter 35 . 10/6
I honestly was on the fence for a minute with John, like maybe he was kinda having a piss contest with Ana over Christian...not in a bad way but in the " I've been working with him for years so back off" type of way, but then when you add grace to the mix and she asked him to find out about where Christian and Ana where mentally and in a way personal way for Ana I get the way he went about it. Grace was worried that she wasn't bias in her like for Ana. She loved the fact her son finally brought someone home but also the fact she new of a well respected family that doughted on Ana so she was just making sure she wast completely basing her likes based on the likes of others...don't want a repeat of Ms. Lincoln again being to trusting.
Chanty chapter 67 . 8/30
Well, even if she was indeed scaring, I want to say:"You did well, Ana!". I do hope the bitch understood who she is dealing with because I don't want Ana to kill her, even if she would deserve it.
And the conversation between Al and Ana at the end of the chapter is just priceless!
susanbrett123 chapter 66 . 8/31
d best story I have read soooo far on it...fab...I never want dis story to end...thanks thanks thanks
ina chapter 67 . 8/28
I love.. love the knife-throwing Ana part. Such a badass..
ina chapter 20 . 8/25
Chp 20 hilarious.. i cant stop smiling reading this chp. i love this Ana feisty funny sensitive adorable intelligent .. tq for this beautiful version of Ana
ina chapter 17 . 8/25
Wow.. wow..
Despite what some reviewer said that ur A/N was lengthy.. i dont mind.. i love it..
It gave a bit of summary what's happening and what's ur story plot..
Again luv ur story lines .. such a great author.. pms continue writing other stories
ina chapter 9 . 8/25
Oh my gosh.. oh my gosh.. such a tragedy..
I can't imagine things that happened to Ana..such a cruel thing.. live ur story.. can't stop reading it
Chanty chapter 24 . 8/15
Wow, it's like a fairy tale! Ana is so lucky to have a loving man in her life!
But what we learnt about Carla and Morton is just creepy. I hope they will pay for what they did to Ana.
Chanty chapter 22 . 8/15
Ah yes, I forget something: I do love your author's notes!

I knew I loved my husban just few days after meeting him. We are now 15 years together, 7 years married, so I agree with you: it happens in real life too.

I am glad Ana has very good friends like Al and now she has Christian. For reading "Becomiong Dr Grey", I know a little bit what will happen but I won't spoil the surprise for the other readers. Also I don't know everything and I really have to hurryp up to read -;)
BTW, your french is very good. Where did you learn it?
Chanty chapter 21 . 8/15
I began, by "the end", "Becoming Dr Grey", somewhere else... Of course I had some problems of understanding as I didn't know what happened before.
So, her I am, hooked to your sotry, reading as often as I can. 21 chapters in about 10 days, that's not so bad!
But stop talking about me, but talk about story. As I told you yet for "Becoming Dr Grey", it's not the usual Christian and Ana story but it's very well written and so interesting. The first meeting between the both of them was so funny! Then, Ana at the gym... wow! She is small, fragile and very strong together. When she is at Market Place with Edward, I was all "go Ana, show him what a shit he is!"! LOL! The chapter when Ana and Christian each tell each other their "story" made me cry. Yes, these two are really made for each other. The lemons chapters are perfect. But I think what I enjoyed the most was Ana kicking "She thing" 'ass! That's priceless! I hope ther will be more of it! Well, off ot read more of your excellent story. And as i use to say to the "guests" or else who leave nasty reviews: "if you don't like, don't read".
lcdairisvizcarrondo chapter 24 . 8/11
i love how you write!
lcdairisvizcarrondo chapter 17 . 8/9
MelissaSavio chapter 25 . 8/8
You are the real deal and your writing is amazing! I can't put your story down. Your author notes are just as entertaining as your story. You are a genius with words and your lemon scenes are hot as hell.
Dani chapter 21 . 8/7
And now reading 20 fully... LMFAO
Dani chapter 20 . 8/7
Ch.19 made me cry to no end. After I finish this story ill definitely be adding you to my list of fav authors! This fanfic so far is all around one of, if not the best fanfics iv read on this site. And I'm only on ch.20! My advice to you is to never stop writing.
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