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Luise chapter 45 . 9/15
I really liked this séries!
SleepySiren chapter 45 . 8/19
Wow. Ok. Where do I start? I just spent the last few days reading all THREE of your stories when I probably should have been focused on other things that I've been neglecting here on my end, but no matter how many times I tried to put this down, I can't coming back to it. You've done such an amazing job capturing Tom Riddle, while still making him a likeable guy, despite all his faults. He would no way be a perfect father or be overly emotionally/affectionate but in these last two chapters, we can at least see that he cares about their well beings. He doesn't want to be like his own father but still, he is distant in a way that Clara makes up for with her mothering.

I'm normally not into stories where the characters get married or have children so I guess I understand where some of the past reviewers are coming from, but I still think you did a good job revolving around those topics and themes! Tom would never willingly get down on one knee to propose but if it's to make her happy enough to go along with him/benefit him then yeah he would have a civil marriage, especially considering the fact that most of this takes place in the 1940s where young marriages are quite common. The same goes for her pregnancy. He wouldn't be super caring of her afflictions and pains because she chose to keep the baby. Could this have gone in a different direction? Maybe. But, all in all, I think it's important that you stuck to the vision that you had for this story. Also, I'd like to make a note of saying that you have great descriptions! Like you always describe the settings perfectly and I love how Danielle/Clara looks like a normal person who has real issues that we can all relate to, such as being a little melodramatic at times. It suits her. We all know that Tom is gorgeous but he definitely takes things to the extremes and he needs to have someone who can combat him in a way that still shows their relationship. Well done. :)
JonSnow4King chapter 45 . 8/9
Wow I was tearing up at the end of that, sad to say goodbye to a trilogy that has grasped me for the past week! I think the most satisfying moment was when Tom told Eleanor that she is stronger than that, it was a great character build, as we've saw him grow into something eh never envisioned for himself. I can't believe you had so many people upset during the course of writing this trilogy, I think you did an amazing job, and it was fun to see how you writing techniques in themselves changed over time! I think you embodied Tom Riddle as well as anyone could, I really felt frustration over his character, but in a good way! He was just so TOM that it irked me sometimes, but thats what good writing is supposed to do! I love the way this finished and I am so glad you tuck through it and it turned out amazingly!
andletforsakendidodie chapter 20 . 7/20
This story was keeping my heart rate racing for months. I started with An Exquisite pain back in last August and with a little pause continued with Dancing With Time and by the end of this autumn jumped into The Fate’s Illusion. I figured i’m gonna expound both the strength and the (few) weaknesses of the fic briefly in 5 points.

What I loved:

1. I’ve never read such an accurate Tom Riddle, who actually was going through so much emotional development but also managed not to turn into a huge, ugly OOC. I loved every smirk of his, and his sudden disappearances, emotionless facade, humor and the ability of the writer to whilst avoiding writing exact sex scenes, still perpetuating his very own kind of dark erotic manners.

2. Constant time traveling, twisting and turning the timelines, and getting every piece of the puzzle at its exact place at the end. Seriously I freaked out of the mere fact that Danielle/Clara got the Time traveler’s curse because it seemed so logical, and I freaked out even more when the final twist of Narcissa Malfoy and the Vita Servo happened, I was overwhelmed.

3. I am also quite fond of the long-drawn-out progress of Clara’s and Tom’s relationship. I started rather disappointed, it seemed so cliché in the beginning, with Olive and all the girls fancying that heartless, Horcrux-planning bastard, and as they relationship progressed into something more mature (remember the scene, when Clara got back her consciousness after Skender barely killing her, and not knowing how much time passed, she couldn’t get past Tom’s wards, that was some serious agony written) it cleared out, and all the arguments, abuse, and fondness was real.

4. Really. complicated. plots. By the third volume, i had some experience, but I was amazed how the writer managed to fool me and get myself on my nerves by complicating the story into stellar heights. For example, the scene when Marigona was killed, and the Horcrux was done, and the hooded figure was …. (I'm not gonna spoiler hahaha). Mindblow.

5. The way the story reflected both canon and itself. Okay, when Danielle/Clara saw the actual Voldemort when looking for Tom in the battle in the Department of Mysteries…who didn’t get goosebumps? And there was that little spark of humor when Danielle was making fun of Tom being so possessive and answering him “Yes my Lord!” and Tom actually getting the sarcasm of it. It was marvelous!

What could be improved:

1. Skipping longer periods made the reception slightly harder, and also had the reader feeling being left out of something. For example, the winter after William’s birth was just briefly portrayed, and thus we had a hard time adopting a concept of Danielle/Clara being a mother and later it was likely that we missed their bond. Mostly because Tom wasn’t there for any kind of non-sociopathic bond. (awkward laughter)

2. Names. I laughed so hard when in an author’s note it was considered that Alyssa and Dylan should get new names, since they seem odd in the 1940′s and mainly in a pureblood wizarding community. Although this particular problem got resolved with their name choices of Alyssa’s and Alphard’s twins, names like Skender, Kaltrina, and Chefflur were really weird and did not really fit in the story.

3. Sometimes the descriptions of more complex magical moments were hasty and the reader might have felt hurried. For example again, the Horcrux scene was amazing, and I shudder when even thinking about that bloody ritual, it included Tom’s whole twisted character, and reached out far from the plot, into getting the reader sink into the story.

4. The taciturnity of descriptions of clothing, housing, and physical environment kicked in sometimes, for example, I would have liked to know much more about all the hiding places, inn rooms, and manors in which they spent a longer time. On the other hand, we get so pretty close ups on Danielle’s/Clara’s habits, movement and Tom’s extraordinary facial expressions that probably those marginal background objects were meant to seem blurry.

5. Dumbledore’s positive trait’s got a rather monumental emphasis, and this way the Grindelwald-duel was understandable with a great difficulty. And I know that it wasn’t the story’s main focus, but with Danielle’s/Clara’s camouflage background, we should know more of that relationship.
Lisa Maloney chapter 45 . 6/18
Your story is truly and truly the most amazing story that I've read in a very long time... :)
...Please do continue writing and I'm sure you'll become a great author in the very near for Tom and Clara I've fallen in love with them over and over again...Your story has taken me on an adventure ride through time and space..
Thank you so much !
eyesalwaysseeking chapter 45 . 6/9
I don't know how you did it, but you did. This was such a strange experience. I don't even like Tom; I hate him, deeply. But you managed to? I don't know? I'm so confused right now? Well done, I suppose? I'm sorry, this is so weird. You're an excellent writer, which makes me feel slightly better about enjoying this story. It has been quite... unnerving to read the love story of the character you grew up to hate with such ferocity that he might as well have been a real-life person.

I'm sorry for such a weird review, but this was such an experience for me. You've managed to give the most evil character in literary history (according to my very limited sense of literary history, that is) a love story. A damn good one. I hope to come across your writing in the future - hopefully published. You are an excellent story-teller. You've changed my view of how and what a story can be.
Imaan chapter 2 . 5/4
Hi, I've read an exquisite pain, dancing with time and now the fate's illusion and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your books! Oh my goodness, I cannot describe how much I was fangirling when I realised you wrote another one! Thank you so so much for being such an amazing author with such a fantastic Tom riddle fanfiction :-)
Guest chapter 45 . 4/26
I've read way too many fabrics. But this is just something else, so beautiful. You should know that you are by far one of the most amazing authors I've read work of. I'm grateful that I stumbled across a fan made trailer of this book. It has been a great adventure, a real yet unreal one.
Flare Malfoy
Guest chapter 41 . 3/17
Why did you kill Dumbledore
Lilith Dina chapter 28 . 3/13
These stories are the best thing ever. I re-read them everytime. Please write more.
Eclypso chapter 45 . 2/20
This is the best story i have ever read. I love your writing. I litually cried when i came to the end of the third book. Thank you so much for writing this. I love it. And I don't know if you want to, but, could you please write another Tom Riddle story?
Guest chapter 5 . 1/15
Ok ok ok ok ok. First off this story is just as good as HP. You are an amazing writer! If the story was ALL EXCITMENT 24/7! Then it would feel rushed, too much, and eventually ridiculous. A good story needs the narative and setting placement to make it more real and give it life. I personally am loving these ( I guess you could call them slow but I find them informative) chapters. And excitment HAS happened! Someone is controlling the basilisk at hogwarts. Danielle is at the time room for Christ sakes and drank that truth potion as a test. I guess what I am trying to say is please don't change the way you plan or write a story! This is one of the best fanfictiobs I have ever read! You are amazing (Lunafisto)
gardenofecstasy chapter 45 . 1/11
This story messed me up so much, props to you, you're a great writer. :)
thegirlwholivcd chapter 41 . 12/6/2015
omg i can't believe that dumbledore dies... HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? *sobs* jks i love this!
thegirlwholivcd chapter 14 . 12/6/2015
That last author's note made me so happy... idk even why
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