Reviews for Regrets and Reflection
ilovedana53 chapter 6 . 9/15/2013
loving it and can't wait for more
LuckyShmucky chapter 2 . 8/10/2002
*Sniffle* Now I'm gonna have to go and rewatch that scene from Thursday for the 32nd time. This is NOT good for my eyes, not to mention my heart!

But, other tan that, this was excellent! I hope you update it soon!
Niki chapter 1 . 8/9/2002
Its ironic because i think that jason thinks these things just as you wrote him. I think some part of him wants to be who he was before the accident an then there is the part, the stronger part that wants to be dangerous and still have Elizabeth no matter what! This was well written, lets hope they get together !
Guest chapter 1 . 8/9/2002
I think this was just beautiful ... i think that this is not so far from the truth about how Jason truly feels... He is so scared about her getting hurt and since they are not "together" yet, he just sees it's easier to push her away now. If they were together i do not think he could or would ever let her go... *sniff* just lovely.
khala chapter 1 . 8/9/2002
Oh wow!

Great, great job. :) Really impressive. And you got into Jase's head, I'm sure.

starbright chapter 1 . 8/9/2002
this was an excellent fic. I know you said is what just a one chapter, but this was an excellent story.

Keep up the great work!
MaryDidYouKnow chapter 1 . 8/9/2002
This is very good. I like how you showed that Jason isn't stupid. He is starting to get a guilt list like Sonny has. I also like how the Jason, just like Sonny and Roy, had to spend part of that funeral going thank goodness it is Kristina and not Carly/Felica/Elizabeth.
destiny2161 chapter 1 . 8/9/2002
Funny thing is Jason, her heart won't let go either. You say you want her to live her life the way it was intended but maybe her life was INTENDED to be lived with YOU.

You can't change fate or your soulmate because no matter how hard you try your hearts will always find their way back to each other.
convolvulus chapter 1 . 8/9/2002
This is well written! Are you going to continue, or is this all you're going to write? Because I know you said that this was going to be a short one-parter, but I would like to see it continued!