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Guest chapter 14 . 9/12
After a few months, I finally got around to reading the last two chapters.

I got a bit more emotional than usual during this chapter : (
So many sad things happening, but all necessary for development. This was quite long, but the most heart-wrenching part was when Toka and Tobirama realised the blade went through Izuna - they might have fought as enemies for years, but I could still tell they felt for each other. In a way I liked them as a trio, I think they would have made a good team and friends.
Pikas chapter 15 . 9/12
Oh my God! That ending! Scared me to be honest. I wonder if Madara would have stayed if he knew?
Well, anyways, from here on, it's the adventures of the Great Three. Let the search for the big monsters begin! I'm excited to see how this will all turn out.
amr56 chapter 15 . 8/5
Great story. I haven't given much thought to these characters, but you really brought them to life here. It's all very exciting and I'm glad they signed the treaty, but I'm also glad that the three of them are going on their own for a while. I like how Madara and Hashirama interact without all the politics. Thanks for sharing!
Akimu Uzumameim chapter 1 . 7/17
The HashiMitoMada thing threw me off so much…but great story!
…Just, dat pairing doe _
superfluousdelights chapter 15 . 7/11
Hi Renaery! I honestly didn't think I would read this story. MadaMito didn't seem possible and I try to avoid love triangles like a plague. But alas, after being deprived of any good naruto fanfiction, I'm here 15 chapters later (read in one sitting) absolutely hooked.

Wow, since I didn't get to review every chapter, I have a lot to cover on what I absolutely loved:
- HashiMitoMada. Holy shit, I LOVE IT. Their friendship and teamwork absolutely slays me. I'm so excited to see their adventures in capturing the bijuu. But what really struck me is their shared goal of striving for peace and their clashing methods of acquiring it. Hashi extreme idealism. Madara's pessimism and violence. And Mito being stuck in the middle trying to politically make this happen. I'm really glad that their relationships with each other, rather than the love triangle, comes first.
- HashiMada friendship. I don't know what hit me more, the angst in HashiMada or the angst in MitoMada. Everytime Hashirama calls Madara his best friend it killed me (in a good way). I think my favorite moment was when you revealed that they still contacted each other via Madara's favorite falcom Dawnclaw (I think that was his name..) Also whenever you include Madara reflecting on his promise to Hashirama. Like dear god, it hurts so much knowing what eventually happens to them.
- MadaMito. The ship I didn't think could happen, but dear god it's so good. When Madara counted the exact days and months Mito was gone..."But who's counting right?" *cue fangirl scream*. Or the stay with me line *cue more screaming*. I'm really glad Mito doesn't deal with his bullshit though. Her standing up to him over the senseless bee murdering (Madara obviously doesn't understand the importance of saving the honeybees) was great, but heartbreaking.
- Hashirama. I love how well you portray him. His adorable personality practically oozes out every time he talks. I also appreciate his serious moments as well. Also, his A handling of the MadaMito relationship. It's hard for him, but he's a good friend who isn't trying to intervene.
- Haruka. Her character arc is tragic and brutal, and I love it even though it pains me so much. Ripping out your own eyes is one thing, but then having her become depressed AND lose her child?! And it hurts even more knowing how she could of been a kick ass FEMALE leader of the uchiha clan with Madara.

The only thing that sort of confused me while I was reading was Madara's loyalty to Tajima. I didn't really feel a connection between the two, because I interpreted Madara as simply using him. For me, the disconnect stemmed from the fact that Madara was incredibly aware of his lower status compared to the likes of Tajima. But perhaps Madara felt so attached to Tajima due to Tajima filling in the missing father figure in his life?

Anyway, TL;DR: Another beautiful story! Looking forward to the next update :)
ulquiorrathefourth chapter 15 . 7/10
Renaerys, I wanna thank you a lot both for your great job and wonderful vision of the characters in the story that has been set by Kishimoto and strongly refreshed by you, yet you've managed to keep it not far away from the original manga's line.
I was greatly delighted by and completely fell in love with your version of Madara, Mito and Hashirama. In my imagination their relationship's just the same, you show it here - somewhat twisty but balanced and creative.
I'll be edgily waiting for next chapters May the Muse of Creation be persistent with you)
fiesa chapter 12 . 6/21

This chapter was beautiful. The first part was amazing: the forest, the slugs, the poisonous but magical atmosphere... Reading it I could see it, and I loved these rich details you added. It was like walking through it. Simply beautiful.

You skip some time, and the way you did it was masterful. It feels like no time has passed since Hashirama and Mito joined forces and left Uzushiogakure but actually, three have passed. I suspected Mito was training all by herself, this suspicion turned out to be right, but I really, really loved the way you described her and her encounter with Hashirama. Mito feels more centered, matured, calm and still lethal, somewhat like the ocean Hashirama later compares her to in his mind. I like the comparison a lot. Hashirama seems older, too, and more experienced especially when it comes to leading his people and striving towards the peaceful times he always wished for. But he's still an air head, he's clumsy, somewhat silly and very lovable. One of these people that constantly have to have someone around them to take care of them - Tobirama, Mito, even Madara - and yet, he's capable all by himself. This might be something his friends and brothers often forget. Sometimes I think a part of his clumsiness is mostly acting, sometimes I think he's really that way, in the end it does not matter: he's Hashirama.

Madara, too, has not changed and still has changed. He sounds calmer than before, but also tense. His marriage with Haruka, contrarily to all the other people, came as a surprise to me but it feels just right to me. I am so sorry for Haruka. What happened to her is terrible, as was her final fate. I would have wished for her happiness but I can understand how she feels. Blaming oneself is the most terrible thing, there is nowhere to go and she took the only way out she saw. You wrote her part very, very well, too, it was heart-wrenching.

The dilemma the Three of them are caught in, I think, is displayed very well in Mito's visits to Madara. She loves him, but she loves Hashirama, too, she knows Madara can't just change the history of his clan but she wishes for peace. Maybe it's a somewhat selfish wish of hers, this dream of a peaceful future for the three of them (because she loves Hashirama, too, maybe slightly different but still deeply) (while Hashirama loves her, I'm pretty sure, like Madara loves her). I was a bit scared she might be found out, but it seems most Uchiha know about her visits to Madara's tent and either accept it or at least keep quiet. It would have had the potential of a quite common plot device to have her discovered and hunted and I'm glad this didn't happen here.

I'm off to the next chapter. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
fiesa chapter 11 . 6/21
It has been a long time since you posted this chapter and it feels like forever that I've wanted to read it, but something would constantly get in my way. I'm contenting myself with the fact that my tardiness means I have several chapters to read right now :) But I apologize for making you wait.

I really enjoyed reading the fighting scenes, both the ones between Saizo and Sasuke and the one between the Three and the kyuubi. I'm very glad they managed to chase him away, and still somewhat floored by how much they have grown and developed since the first chapter you wrote. You manage to describe their mental and physical development very, very well and absolutely credible.
Especially, I liked the small moments of peace Hashirama, Madara and Mito were able to experience in the second half of this chapter. They belong together, and you write them together beautifully. Also, I enjoyed the details a lot: Madara's almost unheard confession and the way Mito is able to read him. Hashirama's boasting and his truly exhausting, funny mood-swings, the way he seems like an absolute air-head and yet (in the third part) conducts himself like a mature, responsible man whose people follow him because they believe in him, not because they are bound to follow him due to his blood. One of my favorite moments - besides Madara's and Mito's time together before Hashirama found them, and when Mito realizes that Hashirama's smile is faked - was the scene in which Hashirama describes his proposal for a treaty to Ensui, and Mito sees all the consequences it will have. The way it leads to the situation we know has to occur - Uzumaki and Senju allied, and Uchiha a bit apart - seemed very logical and reasonable to me. The Uchiha always relied most on their own and on themselves. It would seem illogical if they would agree to a treaty at this point of the story.
In the same way, Mito deals with the fact that it will separate herself from Madara as expected from the girl she has become: she isn't a spoiled princess anymore, sheltered and tucked away safely from the world, but a warrior. In this capacity of hers, she asks her father to let her go, and he does so. I enjoyed reading their dialogue, and grieve with them for Satto.

This chapter was well-written, fast-paced and very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing it!
Guest chapter 15 . 5/11
(Loudly screeches) oh my godddddd I hope Madara finds out, maybe by messenger hawk? But jeez, all of this drama! I love it 3
NightlyRowenTree chapter 15 . 5/11
Loved loved the update thanks for it
JeanyDeiXzz chapter 14 . 4/1
I cried with this chapter... at some point, I related to Madara and what he felt all along the chapter.
drusilla95 chapter 14 . 3/31
Amazing story. Amazing characterization. Never thought I would find such a well written founder's era based story. I can't wait to see how you'll write the formation of the alliance and building of leaf village.
NightlyRowenTree chapter 14 . 3/30
Yes u updated i'm so happy thank you so much poor mito she is stuck in a tight spot what wil she do and thank you so much for the new update ()/
LordMordor chapter 14 . 3/30
Awesome chapter, and now finally we can get to see the alliance really form and the founding of the ninja system take place. Should be interesting to see it form from something like this when we know it grows to be quite corrupt later, but then again, we also know that despite the alliances the old hatreds always lingered.

I must say though I just don't really get Tobirama's and Toka's reactions over Izuna. I mean I get them to an extent from the story persepective, as twisted as it was Izuna was in a way their friend in much the same way Hashi was Madaras...but the Uchiha attacked unprovoked, targeting civilians, and Izuna was trying to kill them. I get not expecting it to be so sudden, and I get there being shock over that person who has always been their dying...but I just don't get them apologizing for it or claiming it to be an accident. That was kinda pushing my suspense of disbelief there.

Other than that, everything was spot on as usual. Love how your using Mito politically in all of this. The driving force behind everything is still VERY much Hashirama, but its her that really has the ability to articulate what is mostly just raw emotions and feelings for him into more formal things. I have a feeling it was probably her that wrote the treaty while he just paced back and forth rambling about vague aspects of it.

If those were indeed spoilers we saw in Chimera I imagine the hunt for the tailed beasts will be starting soon. Cant wait to see it. Now with the alliance finally forming there wont be as much jumping back and forth since we now have all the major characters in one place. Looking forward to everything to come.
SapphyreMyst chapter 13 . 3/22
Ouch. The chapter title reminded me of the song "What Have You Done" by Within Temptation, where "there's a curse between us" is part of the lyrics, and I was listening to it while reading. And. Just. Ouch. So appropriate it's not even funny.

Wonderful writing as always. Keep going!
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