Reviews for Pro Patria Mori
Guest chapter 1 . 5/30
Beautiful, moving, harrowing, and brutal story. I was moved to tears. Excellent character development for such a short story. The poetry was amazing.

SatinBtweenLinez chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
Y'know... as I read this... I definitely believed this should be published.

As a book, frankly, for any age range.

This is a beautiful short story in and of that fact that it sheds a little light on what War is to those who experience it. This needs to be read. In fact, it might do the world a little good if more people were to read it. Though the original piece itself happens to be something already discovered, the way you revamped it is sensational.

Think: A boy, a boy not so different than a boy completing college and going into the army dead after, meets a girl. She's a beauty, a catch. Turns out she has a man, and he'll be in the draft with the young boy. So he goes off to war, writing a vague letter to mother, as to not worry her so. He dies over there, as does the girl's fiancee, leaving both mother and woman to mourn the loss. Mother reads the poem she never knew her boy had wrote and strives to get it published.

That's something every American kid should read. If anything all Americans should be reminded of the souls that suffered for every freedom; to be grateful for the establishment that is America and to be grateful for those who were strong enough to protect it. Every child signing up for such a duty should read this story and understand the decision they are making with their lives and cherish it. For someone was not afforded the option, rather drafted.

This story humbled me greatly. Accuracy be damned. This is artwork that must be shared.

geophf, this is your best work to date. This doesn't need to be here. This needs to be published.

Well done, lovett. Well done.
Condorgreen chapter 1 . 2/15/2013
War is a terrible thing.
I have not personally experienced war but my father has and he usually needs to drink before he can talk about it.
It's good to see more writing from you. Can't wait for the next release.