Reviews for Arrhythmia
LaraAelric chapter 48 . 16h
Leave it to the Bellas to make a mess of what could have been a perfectly nice date night. I'm sure ( read: hoping) something good comes of this but not sold considering the atmosphere of the flashbacks...

But cute that becca brought the guitar! Really ties that scene in
LaraAelric chapter 47 . 17h
Gotta love how the bellas strive to shove Aubrey's boundaries until she's ready to break, but Chloe understands and is there to help when it gets too far 3
LaraAelric chapter 46 . 21h
It's indecent how engrossed I got in this chapter while at work.

I think this is my favorite chapter so far. I adored every single thing about it aside from the idea that the Bellas assumed Aubrey wouldn't go through with the date on her own :p

Ugh those flashback scenes. My heart.
Surreal chapter 61 . 7/16
Such suspenseeee! Ungh! LOVE IT
Pinni chapter 61 . 7/16
Author is too obsessed with threesome, in most of his or her stories
ikrebs990 chapter 61 . 7/16
i think there is a deeper reason why Beca is staying with Jesse other than the fact she loves him but isn't in love with him. Is this going to end triple treble? just because it is going back and forth so much. great job on the plot though
Guest chapter 61 . 7/16
Ahh yay. Thanks for the quick update. You're killing me with these short chapters. Cant wait for the next update
Selene Elven chapter 61 . 7/15
The trick is to really embody being your own actual OTP. Then when you're happy with you, someone else will be, too.

I wonder if Mills is actually behind this, and it's one of those twists where it turns out to be the most obvious person but you don't think it is because it's so obvious. Boy I'll tell you hwat.
Pixie1913 chapter 61 . 7/15
Ahhhhhhh. So much fucking tension! I've never been so mad at Cynthia Rose! Don't Split Up! Dangit! And if I haven't said it before let me say it now, I am going crazy w worry about Sophia. Donald is meh, but not the baby!
This had me thinking about which Bella I'd want to be paired w in this kind of scenerio and I have to say they mostly all bring something to the table. Tough choice. My lead's Aubrey, followed by Lilly, Fat Amy CR tied, Beca.
New Story? What! I'm off to read that now while I work on printing up my Save Sophia Posters and tees!
Rober428 chapter 60 . 7/15
Whoa. Loved this chapter. My OTP is always Chaubrey but I do love Mitchsen and TT.
callmeVeek chapter 60 . 7/14
"The truth" ah shit dude, why you do this to me? You're soulless.
ClarissaAdeleFray chapter 60 . 7/14
You want to talk about adding “Part 1” to all your chapter titles?
Guest chapter 60 . 7/14
Ahhhh nooo. The chapter finished too soon. Please update soon. Your writing is brilliant
Pixie1913 chapter 60 . 7/13
I am enjoying how all three of them seem to be evolving in the face of this extreme circumstance. I can't wait for all the little details youve put out there along the way come together in this. But seriously, BECA! Out w the truth! My OTP for this fandom is hands down Chaubrey, then Triple Treble, and somewhere after that I have a soft spot for a good mitcheson. I just have a hard time w any scenerio where Chloe/Aubrey aren't together. I do think Beca and Aubrey uniquely challenge one another and are capable of understanding each other on a special level but I think it takes a Chloe to force both of them together in a way its possible for the union. Before Because eneded it the first time here, had Aubrey let herself acknowledge any sort of affection toward Beca or was it all under the guise of making Chloe happy?
Selene Elven chapter 60 . 7/13
Thank you for validating my whaling equipment thoughts. It fits perfectly with Scooby Doo.

Aubrey, Beca, and Chloe all work together very well, so as a non-traditional OT(not-a-pairing), it's them. There is so much baiting in the movies, lol. Triad. Considering just the first movie - minus the obvious tension between Beca and Chloe - Beca and Jesse make sense. Chloe and Aubrey are also very close. Falling back to triad. Because I'm an indecisive sod.

All of that aside, you're my OTP, you multi-dimensional magical being.

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