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Vickstik chapter 68 . 10/14
Insecure Aubrey is breaking my heart, but at the same time it's so adorable how Mrs Beale is treating her. I can't wait to see how they're going to get away from this ding-a-ling and I am absolutely buzzing about how it's like Aubrey, Beca, and Chloe against the world and they're all just looking out for each other, not even caring about themselves.
elocin1977 chapter 57 . 10/14
I could read Aubrey and momma B interactions all day kong. Awkward Aubrey is just so adorable. I love it.

Thanks for the update. Had to post on this chapter cause I already "reviewed" 68.
Pixie1913 chapter 22 . 10/13
Hmm wouldn't let me review chapter 68 because I left a review on the other post. Anyways, Ahhhhhh someone kill that SOB. How dare he point a gun at Chloe! He's now on the top of my hope they die next list. I'm so excited you updated. I'm like obsessed w Chloe's parents. They make me so happy!
Blondie chapter 68 . 10/13
Those flashbacks are killing me. I really want to know what happened! Great update! Thanks
callmeVeek chapter 68 . 10/13
Is like with every chapter I get deeper into a labyrinth. Wtf? I really hope they find Sophia alive and I'm loving this flashbacks into TT's past. I hope some fluff will come to soothe my soul.
You Do You chapter 68 . 10/13
Dear Rabidnar, this is your fanfiction. The whole draw to fanfiction, is to take already established characters and get to take them on whatever adventures you can think of. I have read several fanfics that take these very same characters and put them way out of character than they were in the movies. Hell one of my favorite fanfics have Jesse as a rapist - Jesse, sweet, understanding, movie dork turned into a rapists. If that's not out of character, I don't know what is. You tell your story in whatever voice you like. I would hate to see you stop over some internet trolls who don't like how you do you. I have already read and reread this fic multiple times and I can't wait to see where you take the PP Crew next.
Head up, Chin up, let's go!
Silent reader chapter 68 . 10/13
I read a lot of fanfictions but I rarely comment until a story is finished, but I read your note and though I should review. I wanted to let you know that the reason I've been reading this story since 2014 is in fact because of how you write. What makes this story different from others and makes it really interesting for me is how you describe things in Aubrey's perspective. Sure the plot is good, but the details and the rigorous way you portray your characters (especially Aubrey) and their relationships is why I keep coming back chapter after chapter.

I don't care how Aubrey is portrayed in the movies, if I wanted that, I'd go and rewatch them. You took a character and developped it extremely well, and that's why I enjoy this story so much. As far as I'm concerned, I never felt like there was an abusive relationship in Arrhythmia. Thanks for all the time you put into this story, and know that you have a lot of silent readers like me who enjoy your work and your talent.
LoveHermione chapter 68 . 10/13
I have been reading this story since chapter one. And I have loved every suspenseful word. The twists and turns and … CR! Why?! But seriously, I actually get cosy with a snack and cup of tea when I see a new chapter waiting for me to read. I truely hope that this isn't your last story as this is awesome, so well written. I have read lots of stories, but few ever make me want to interact with the characters, you know, slap them for being silly or stupid, or kiss them for finally letting go or understanding something important. And your story makes me want to do that. Details and descriptions, you draw my mind in and it isn't released until he final word on the screen. You have an amazing talent. Reviews can be a kick in the teeth ( one I got that made me rethink writing was "I'd rather rub tobacco sauce in my eyes than read any more of your stories") But I know that I am not even a blip on the writing radar compared to you. Please, please keep writing, even if it is just for yourself. Though I hope you do share that talent with the rest of us. Thank you, for letting us see the world you have created.
SuperCooper101 chapter 68 . 10/13
Very well said. I absolutely love how you write Aubrey in this. You’ve kept up a realistic and constant characterisation for a very complex character and have done so in a way that makes it fascinating to read. You should be very proud of what you’ve done and I’m looking forward to reading the rest.
elocin1977 chapter 68 . 10/13
I've tried to think about a storyline for bechloe just for shits and giggles and I can't do it. So I really admire people who can create something amazing just from turning on their brain and thinking about it (and then having the guts to post it). And it's such a GD joy when it's well written as well. I literally see a notification for you story and it puts an instant smile on my face.

So yeah, I totally get your frustration and I hope all these positive messages will help you forget the negative ones (easier said than done, I know). Would be a shame if you stopped.
Guest chapter 68 . 10/12
If I might offer any insight or encouragement it would be this- I understand how one negative review affects our reception of a story. But you are shining a light on the complexity of character and emotional depth that Aubrey Posen, Beca Mitchell, and Chloe Beale deserve. Please keep posting your story. For every one negative review you get, just know there more than 50 (whether we post every chapter or not) who are moved by your writing, and I stand as but one small facet of this. I need to know the way you envision this story and will read it to it’s end when the three of them live in Jamaica estates, embracing the complexities of their natures, past the horror that aubrey’s Father has inflicted on all of them (still calling him as big bad #1) and with Beca and Aubrey finally sharing that dramatic kiss that had me so hooked that they would almost share when they got in a fight over pool (almost three years ago for me) I eagerly anticipate the next chapter. I love Aubrey. She is all of us who were never accepted and all of us who were never understood. Please finish her story...If for no one else but her. Xx
Guest chapter 68 . 10/12
I LOVE the way to write Aubrey, you bring so much understanding to her character. I hope you're not discouraged enough to stop because I am absolutely obsessed with this story. I don't know what I'd do if I never figure out what happens D: truly, your characterization of the three girls is amazing and I hope nobody makes you think otherwise :)
callmeVeek chapter 68 . 10/12
Is saying "I support this" enough? Like everything, there'll be good and bad reviews.. I really hope you hold onto the good ones and those that encourage you to keep writing (I silently hope this isn't your last story). Idk if you care about my thoughts, but I'll say it anyways. I personally really like this bitchy Aubrey. like you said, Aubrey's development was one of the best (if not the only one) since she went through bitchy asshole to cutie pie (no, I'm not happy with her ending -nor most of the Bellasin pp3) and I'm really glad I get to see her written in this villain way, if I can say? Bc honestly, it really suits the dark elements in this story and it really reflects Aubrey's character in pp1. Idk if I'm making sense tbh, but I'm supporting you oh great soulless goddess.
AntiqueSoul83 chapter 68 . 10/12
Oh hell no! This is YOUR story, and you write it the way you see fit. If someone doesn't like it, then there are about a million more they can go read, or write one of their own! You are doing a GREAT job! Keep doing what you do!
Pixie1913 chapter 68 . 10/12
Dude, fuck the haters. You shouldn't have to explain your characterizations to anyone. Your portrail of Aubrey makes so much sense. It adds layers and depth to a character that clearly had struggles coping. It doesn't come off as abusive to anyone w half a brain. You're such a gifted writer. Ughhhh people suck. I'm sorry that anyone makes you doubt how brilliant your writing is. The past you built here with Chloe and her addoptive parents ... I mean come on so genius. I can't and don't want to think of any universe where Mrs. Beale isn't exactly how you've written her here.
Please don't stop sharing your work. I look forward to every email I get saying you've updated. You have so many fans. I could seriously keep going on about everything I love about your writing. I can write them all out if that's what it'll take to show you just how highly I respect what you do here. Also, Im available to write 3 gushing reviews to any 1 dumb review!
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