Reviews for Arrhythmia
Soonerorlater chapter 47 . 3/20
Omg so good I spent the last two days reading this, please update soon
LittleMissBlitz chapter 47 . 2/25
So excited for the next chapter!
jes chapter 47 . 2/24
thanks for updating again. love the story 3
LaraAelric chapter 16 . 2/16
Dear Aubrey Posen
stop being in freaking denial!

Anonymous chapter 47 . 2/14
Thanks for updating I loved the chapter! Can we please get more Aubrey and beca :))
Thomassss chapter 47 . 2/12
I love this story so much ! I need more
FreeSpiritWandering chapter 47 . 2/9
YAY! *Does the happy dance*.

I read your story ages ago and fell in love with it! I’ve been re-reading the entire thing over the last few days, because I had seen you’ve come back to it, and I’ve just now caught up to your latest update. Thank you! As it has allowed me to fall in love with your story all over again.

It reads as though it is a tv series. I view it as an extreme slow burn fic. It’s suspenseful, and scary, yet super fluffy and adorable with the right amount of smut.

I must say that I read quite a bit of Pitch Perfect fanfiction, I’ve likely read over a 1000 works in my five years of fangirling over the franchise, and you’re in my top 5 list of favorite authors.

Your writing has me pulled into their world. I feel like I’m a part of their story. I can SEE the way they move, HEAR the inflection with which they speak, and FEEL the pain/joy/hurt/love that they feel. Your writing does that. It makes it a tremendous joy to read.

So thank you, and keep up the good work if, and when you feel like it. I, for one, will continue to lurk in the shadows and elatedly consume each update you post.
Guest chapter 47 . 2/9
I want more !
ClarissaAdeleFray chapter 47 . 2/7
Hey Rabidnar, sorry I didn’t review faster. I live in Puerto Rico and after Maria signal hasn’t been at all reliable. Anyways, good chapter. Always love me some Beca. It was a bit fillery, not that that is a bad thing, but they are necessary to get from point A to B. Well, good night!
Esuedros chapter 47 . 2/6
Love the back and forth between aurbrey and beca. Theres quemistry there, if i were a betting woman... hahhaaha
Neil Henne chapter 1 . 2/5
I love how this really follows the dialogue I'm used to from the characters. It really does feel like I can see them interacting!
makemesmile98 chapter 47 . 2/4
Oh my gosh! I totally love the double entendres with the instruments! I can definitely tell that was hashed out with kdntjb - D and Modulation have been favourites of mine for a long while! Too freaking funny! I'll be honest that I am a Mitchsen girl at heart, but Chloe is too lovely to really leave out of the equation on either side. She's a good balance for them.

Speaking of... It's so beautiful how you have written Aubrey and Chloe's relationship. They know and read each other so, so well. That was awesome in the flashback last chapter, too, despite Aubrey not being able to appreciate relinquishing control to Chloe.

I also love Aubrey's jabs at Beca... the line about the Bellas not having brain damage except Beca had me rolling!

Thanks for the updates, and, as always, I am looking forward to the next installment!
OhWhatPun chapter 47 . 2/4
Aubrey and Beca banter is my favorite, but banter with extra tension thrown in is just... gaaahhhh! And Chloe singing to Aubrey is just so sickly sweet it makes my teeth hurt :’)
lustigs-maerchenland chapter 47 . 2/4
Hi :D
sorry it took me an eternity to finally get up and write you your so damn well deserved comment -.- it does not help reading new chapters in passing... but now I have a little more time 3
First: Oh my god the bee jokes. They are buzzing with inspiration!
Second: KUDOs for the instrumental talk xD Goddammit I nearly choked on my laughter xD Poor them :D
"You look nice" damn I aaawwwed at that line :O
...they have too much money. Aaaand Stacie is a bitch :O
Darn xD poor Aubrey and social embarrassment :D (Aubrey Beale tho 3)
Oh no :/ seriously I really pity Aubrey in this situation :/ she's so out of her depth :/
(It's kinda cute that the Bellas want to organise their date 3)
(What song is this? :O)

Wow :3 I'm really looking forward to the next chapter .
Will they be caught? Will they have a lovely date? What's with Beca and her quitar? is she going to woo Chaubrey with it? :3 so many questions :O

Thanks for picking up the story again :-)
Cheers, lustig
turntechbasshead chapter 47 . 2/3
You're really going to crush me with this story, aren't you? I am so excited, and yet so terrified for what you have planned.
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