Reviews for The Final Generation(Oc's Needed)
I Love Books chapter 1 . 5/2/2015
Rianne Miracle
archer. Obsession with bass pro shops
Short black hair cut to her chin. Dark Purple eyes. Short. Darker-skinned. Always wears a headband. Commonly wears camo jackets. Sneakers
BookRush39 chapter 1 . 5/2/2015
Name: Fiona Drake
Race: Roman
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Godly parent:Mercury
Info: Shaky family background with her mother. Very Optimistic. Sarcastic, and loves music and annoying
Birthday: 6/2
Place: Rome
Looks: Tan, short, curly dirty blonde hair, tall, skinny. Dark blue eyes. Dresses athletically. Example: leggings, hoodie, sneakers.
Guest chapter 3 . 10/4/2013
Beatlefan22 chapter 1 . 6/24/2013
Name: Christine Henry
Race: Magician
Gender: Female
Age: 14
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): Demeter
Info: she is shy and likes to stay alone, once gotten to know her, she is crazy and weird.
Birthday: June 17, 1999
place: Greece
Looks: dresses for the weather and situation. short curly auburn hair, dark brown eyes
IxHearxVoices531 chapter 3 . 6/10/2013
You can answer this in a PM my account just won't log in. Are all the ocs submitted on here going to be on the story on your other account.
Ouence-Spirit Kone-Baka chapter 1 . 6/1/2013
Guys, the story is posted on this account because I cannot sign in with my Facebook...So if you want to read the story, it is here
Lunknownl chapter 1 . 5/11/2013
My real account is lunknownl, but fanfiction isn't letting me log in.

(First & Last) Name: Aurora Gates
Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [X ] Greek
Gender: [ X] Female [ ] Male [ ] Undeicded
Age (cannot be lower than 5 and higher than 15):14
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): Apollo /Descanant of: Athena, blessed by Artemis.
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: (Egyptian God)
Info: (i.e: Personailtes, etc.) is a daughter of Apollo, but behaves like his sister, to Apollo's dismay. Aurora has a cold exterior, and is a perfect spy, and battle-hardened warrior. Aurora has perfect aim with anything, wether throwing a knife, or playing a carnival ring-toss. She can hit a fly with an arrow, and can find every possibility when strategizing.
Birthday(Matters!): / / 9/8
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [ X] Good
Place: [X ] Camp-Survival [ ] Big House([ ]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?)
Looks: Unusual white hair, unnatural blue eyes with a tint of yellow, lithe body, graceful, usually wears a white denim jacket with hidden throwing knives in them. Has a sun and moon tattoo that can turn into a bow and arrow.
LOONEYTON chapter 1 . 5/11/2013
(First & Last) Name: Fayei Moty
Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [x ] Greek:
Gender: [x ] Female [ ] Male [ ] Undeicded:
Age (cannot be lower than 5 and higher than 15):14
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): /Descanant of: Hecate normal dad, and Mnesomye
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: (Egyptian God)
Info: (i.e: Personailtes, etc.) She is extremely happy and loves to flirt. She is usually thought of as an Aphrodite child but she does have a darker side. Her father was murdered in a fight with a hellhound.
Birthday(Matters!):5 /31 /98
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [x ] Good
Place: [ ] Big House([ x]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?)
Looks: Long blonde hair with pale blue grey eyes that look like its raining.
(Important Info): Cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT be a Big Three or a Maiden Goddess(expect Athena) child! She is the daughter of hecate and Arn Moty and is extremely tempermental. She often is thought to be sweet and kind but has a bit of a grudge holding flaw.
SweetAmethyst chapter 1 . 4/14/2013
(First & Last) Name: Lyla Greene
Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [x ] Greek
Gender: [x ] Female [ ] Male [ ] Undeicded
Age (cannot be lower than 5 and higher than 15): 12
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): /Descanant of: Apollo
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: (Egyptian God)
Info: (i.e: Personailtes, etc.) she is very stubborn and insists on joining in on things like battles. She is friends with David and other Greek big house inhabitants. She is kind of clumsy, but is good at fighting. She is very loyal to her friends. She likes to draw and sing, as her parent is Apollo, but she also likes to keep up with her athletic-ness. She even knows some martial arts. She however, is not very fast and she has a tendency to annoy people with her cheery-ness. (To prove that she isn't a Mary Sue xP)
Birthday(Matters!): 1/11
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [x ] Good
Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [x ] Big House([x ]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?)
Looks: she has strawberry blonde hair that goes down mid- back and gold eyes. She is about 5'1 and she weights around 100 pounds.
(Important Info): Cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT be a Big Three or a Maiden Goddess(expect Athena) child!
Baka-Hentai-Nina chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
Name: Judy Shadows
Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [x] Greek
Gender: [x] Female [ ] Male [ ] Undecided
Age: 14
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): /Descendant of: Zwen
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: (Egyptian God)
Info: Taken from father, who is a mortal, when she was 2 and her mother. Well, she never met her. All she knows is that her mother is powerful and she's the last child of her, or that's what she thinks. She also knows that her mother accidentally fell for father when she met him and she was born a few months after. She knows that the child of Zwen are forbidden since Zwen swore to never have children to any mortal but her husband, who is half-mortal.
Birthday(Matters!): 12/21/2029
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [x] Secretly Evil [ ] Good
Place: [x] Camp-Survival [ ] Big House([ ]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?)

A/N: HI SIS! XD Had to make her. My mind is mean to Zwen's husband -w-
chipmunkrockstar84 chapter 1 . 3/26/2013
If it's not 2 late I would like to submit an oc.
Name: Ava Mitchell
Race: Greek
Godly Parent: Apollo
Gender: Female,
Age: 15
Birthday: 5/17/29
Info: Confident, smart, she has a great way of hiding her feelings, her mom died so she was adopted, she is strong and brave, she is a tomboy
Place: Camp-Survival
Looks: Dark brown hair, red streaks, light blue eyes, birthmark shaped like a dragon on her shoulder, her hair is usually curly.
Awesome reader chapter 2 . 3/2/2013
Dude good job with this. you should thank who ever you chatted with for convincing you to post this up because this is good so far. i am invested in this story now.
We're-Sorry-But-We're-Leaving chapter 1 . 2/26/2013
Name: Edan (Jordanus) Sonnen *(Jordanus is his middle name)
Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [ x ] Greek
Gender: [ ] Female [ x ] Male [ ] Undecided
Age: Fifteen
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): /Descendant of: Son of Apollo, Descendant/Legacy of Hecate - Goddess of Magic
Info: Powers/Abilities (PLEASE READ, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT): Telekinesis - The ability to move/manipulate any (solid) objects or people. Edan was blessed with this gift by Hecate, the Goddess of Magic. She had blessed him with this ability as she somehow felt that he was "something special" and "had a part to play in the future". Edan takes Telekinesis to it's full extend. Children of Hecate can simply levitate objects, while Edan shows full display of the ability. He is seen to have made objects swirl around him, literally creating a hurricane of objects. Photokinesis (Ability to manipulate/CREATE light)
More info on Photokinesis (IMPORTANT, READ): Edan inherited this ability by his Godly Parent, Apollo - God of the Sun, Light, Music etc. Because Apollo is the God of Light, Edan was given the ability to manipulate/create light (Photokinesis). Examples of his ability: Being able to create light from his palms. Now, because he can create and manipulate light, this means that he can form lasers, since lasers are just very intense light. This means he can literally shoot lasers from his palms. Also, due to his ability to "bend" (manipulate) light, he can "bend" light to the extend that light does not reflect on him at all, which allows him to turn invisible. (I know, you NEVER thought a child of Apollo could do this.) Other than Photokinesis, Edan has every other ability children of Apollo have (music, archery etc).
Personality: Co-operative, funny, very.. "neutral". He doesn't really judge others much, and can see the good and bad in them. The reason he doesn't judge others is because he hates being judge, thus he doesn't judge others much. These are all good traits, however, Edan does have an "insanity mode", in which he goes all out, losing control of his powers. His "insanity mode" is triggered when he is very, very angry. And you honestly don't like him when he's angry. Good thing is, he isn't easily angered.
Birthday(Matters!): 11th August 1998
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [ x ] Good
Place: [ x ] Camp-Survival [ ] Big House([ x ]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?)
Looks: Short, dark brown hair with turquoise (blueish green) eyes. Most people find it hard to tell whether his eyes are blue or green, since they are turquoise. He is tall (1.83m/6"2) with an athletic build. He is said to be somewhat handsome.
QueenOfTheWorld chapter 1 . 2/21/2013
(First & Last) Name: Aster Fein
Race: [X ] Magician [ ] Roman [ ] Greek
Gender: [X ] Female [ ] Male [ ] Undeicded
Age (cannot be lower than 5 and higher than 15): 6
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): /Descanant of:
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: Nephthys
Info: (i.e: Personailtes, etc.) Aster is a clueless and funny girl, she doesn't realize she might die. She is cheerful and silly. Aster can be bad at sometimes, like when you make her cry, or make make her made. She's a bit like Shelby Anklebiter, just not as violent. Aster is smart too, she can speak English, ancient Egyptian, Greek, and French.
Birthday(Matters!): 12/13 /06
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [X ] Good
Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [ ] Big House([ ]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ X] Egypt?)
Looks: Aster has curly auburn hair and brown eyes. Since she was born in France, she has ivory skin. She has freckles across her nose.
ThaliaDaphneJackson12 chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
(First& Last) Name: Isis Frost Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [ x] Greek Gender: [ x] Female[ ] Male [ ] Undeicded Age (cannot be lower than 5and higher than 15): 14(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): Hermes and Rhea/Descanantof:Uranus, Mars, and Khione (MagiciansOnly)-FollowsPath Of:none (Egyptian God) Info: kind, strong, beautiful, independent (i.e: Personailtes, etc.) Birthday(Matters!): April 19/ /1995(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [ x] Good Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [ ] Big House([ x]Greek, [ x]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?) Looks: (Important Info):Blue eyes, freckles, dark brown hair that's curly, 5'9,not girly or not tom-boy, lithe.
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