Reviews for The Final Generation(Oc's Needed)
Awesome reader chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
Name: Tyler Sanders
Godly parent:Athena
Info:Is super smart always thinking doesn't back down from a fight since she can calculate the all out comes of the carries a knife, sword and a her favorite book (the odyssey).Is very tricky and likes to confuse her foes.
Place:camp-survival, Greece, Rome
Looks:Has sand brown hair with natural blond highlights, her hair is by her shoulders, she is 5 ft 6in slim be considered beautiful. Has a light grey eyes and a a small scar on her palm. She wears black Convers light blue jeans a white t-shirt with a grey jacket over. Has a grey bandanna with a white owl in the middle around her neck.

Name:Tommy Sanders
godly parent:Athena
Info:Tyler's twin brother not as smart as Tyler but don't be fooled he is smarter than you. always carries a sword and shield.
Evil, might turn good at the end for a girl who he loves
Place:Greece, Rome, Egypt
Looks:Blond hair with small strands of brown mixed in. grey eyes, 5 ft 10 in good Red Vans black jeans grey t-shirt and a black jacket, has a piercing in his left ear. a small scar in the palm of his hand.
Ali-wa chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
(First & Last) Name: Zenobia "Zenny" Hall and Boudicca Hall
Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [x] Greek
Gender: [ ] Female [x] Male [ ] Undeicded
Age (cannot be lower than 5 and higher than 15): 11
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): Athena
Info: (i.e: Personailtes, etc.): Zenny is the more aggressive one, and Bouddica is the one who is more diplomatic. However, both can fight.
Birthday(Matters!): 16/11\2001
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [x] Good
Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [x] Big House([x]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?)
Looks: They both have long light brown hair, though Zenny dyes hers black and Bouddica dyes hers red.
(Important Info): Cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT be a Big Three or a Maiden Goddess(expect Athena) child!
suicideblonde99 chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
(First & Last) Name: Seth Allendale
Race: [x ] Magician [ ] Roman [ ] Greek
Gender: [ ] Female [X ] Male [ ] Undeicded
Age (cannot be lower than 5 and higher than 15): 14
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): /Descanant of:
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: (Egyptian God) Set
Info: (i.e: Personailtes, etc.): Quiet, conservative, 'emo' and cold. He works as a spy on the First Nome. His twin is Zahra Allendale.
Birthday(Matters!): 16/7/90
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [X ] Evil [ ] Good But he turn into Good because he fell in llove with one of the OCs (your choice)
Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [ ] Big House([ ]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [X ] Egypt?)
Looks: Messy dark hair, hazel eyes (more brown than green) and is always in leather jacket, a rando t-shirt and baggy jeans.

(First & Last) Name: Zahra Allendale
Race: [X ] Magician [ ] Roman [ ] Greek
Gender: [X ] Female [ ] Male [ ] Undecided
Age (cannot be lower than 5 and higher than 15): 14
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): /Descendant of:
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: (Egyptian God): Horus
Info: (i.e: Personailtes, etc.): Loud, brash, infuriating and she doesn't give a damn about what people think.
Birthday(Matters!): / / 17/6/98
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [X ] Good, she always try to convince her brother to join her.
Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [ ] Big House([ ]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ X] Egypt?) She lives in Cairo with her father near the First Nome.
Looks: Bleached red hair, hazel eyes (more green than brown), she always wear fishnet stockings, ripped stuff and leather jackets.
Cal I chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
Aaron Madison
Cal I chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
Name: Aaron Madison
Greek, God parent:Apollo
Info: unlike his siblings Aaron doesn't use a bow and Arrow, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a good aim, he prefers fighting with a sword. He is very charismatic can talk his way out of trouble. can use any instruments and sings very well. can tell time by looking at the sun and can make sunlight shine out of the palms of his hands.
place: nowhere is a wanderer, travels from place to place
Looks:Tan skin, dark brown hair hazel eyes, is 5 ft 10 inches tall dresses like a greaser has a business man hair cut always has sunglasses on no matter what. is very fit and muscular and has a tattoo of a sun on his forearm
kwcupcake2000 chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
name: Samantha( doesn't like being called by her full first name, so Sam) Doner
race: roman and magician
gender: female
age: 14
godly parent: bellona
follows the path of: Isis
info: outgoing, kind of shy and catious around new people she meets. A great leader when needed to be. Sweet and caring. kind of tomboy doesn't really care for makeup and heels.
birthday: 9/25/1999
look: tan skin like Hawaiian. really dark brown eyes but not black. hair same color and the length of hair is a couple inches past the shoulder. her usual outfit jeans with black hi top converse sneakers. wears a tshirt with a leather jacket with a grey hoodie.
Little Chibi chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
It's spelled 'rough'
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