Reviews for With Faith Unfearful
627283377 chapter 1 . 12/14/2014
Great job. This left me in awe. I simply loved this story. It was very well written with precise details that made it all the better. So cheers!
Emi-Ly Sway chapter 1 . 5/17/2013
I don't know lots about Iphis' story, but I think it helps a lot to incorporate the Transgender reality in the "classically educated frenchboy of 19th century" world. I actually appreciated this story because I didn't expect it to work. Of course, I think trans men and women must have existed in a form or another at that time, but as the coverage or literature of it is unavailable, I feel that it is quite hard to imagine their situation. The only fics I've read about that didn't do much for me. It seemed that they were dealing with it as if the reality of LGBT in 19th century France was simply the same as it is today, but transposed in another situation and it clashed way too much. All that is to say I liked this short little fic because it didn't give me that feeling. Seemed more realistic.
huh. I have no idea how to be succinct in English (Not my mother's tongue-sorry-for-mistakes-and-imprecise-wording).
So you can skip to this part: I liked it a lot. Good job !