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Geneu chapter 12 . 4/13/2013
What a moutfull name, I wonder if they will shorten it? Like, Roussy... Or Caddy... or Mr. Mittens :D
Jake's opened up. There's not much to reveal, though... But amount doesn't matter.
One didn't know how to act "normal"... Another was afraid to act normal... Being cheesy together is okay :)
Team Moriarty chapter 12 . 4/13/2013
This is one of the cutest chapters I have ever read ever.

I'm not even over-exaggerating when I tell you this. It really was so cute. Jacob's reasoning to why he didn't want to tell Leah about Bella was too adorable. It was protective too, but at least he didn't take the over-protectiveness to the extremes.

And whoa. Leah Clearwater. If her personality is anything like you write about in your other stories, then Bella! watch out! I wonder why Leah didn't just ask Jacob to wait any longer. And oh my god, why didn't she say yes? They could just postpone the wedding, ye know? Maybe I'm thinking this too in-depth...I am...aren't I?

This was really good. I loved how Bella got a kitten! Oh my god, that's so cute. I can't wait for the next chapter, because now that they're being all cutesy and stuff, there's got to be more to the story than just a quick happy ending, am I right? I'm so sure that Quil or Leah has something to do next...

I love making assumptions xD and maybe I make too many of them! but oh well. I adored this chapter, you outdid yourself and it was really fun to read. That Christmas was well spent and I loved her cat's name.

I loved it. It was heart-warming, sweet, fun to read, adorable, kind of cheesy but in a romantic way, it was a pleasure to read. You are one of my favorite authors ever, and until the next chapter, I'll be making all these little scenerios about this story in my mind!

Thank you so much.

Until the next time!

x Moriartistically (Its Just Cassy)
Team Moriarty chapter 11 . 4/13/2013
Holy crap!

Harry died! Jacob cried! I hate it when I read about sad, angsty Jacob who cries. It breaks my heart because he's such a solid character and I can just imagine him crying and it just gets -blah!- too much! I let my mind wander out of hand, sometimes xD

Quil and Bella? Jeez, what a pair. I felt somewhat bad for the two of them, and how Quil did not even want to pursue in a friendship with Bella. It was quite sad actually. Bella has practically no friends, other than Jacob, and it's also making me wonder what they meant when they said 'Did you tell him?' 'No, did you?' I guess I'll just have to read on, then, won't I?

Holy motherf*cking cow. His ex came back?! And she's being super friendly, too! Omg omg omg. I feel so bad for Bella now. I really do. This must be so shitty for her! Not to mention, Jacob's just being so nonchalant and mediocre about it. Yeah, sure, he looks at her apologetically but you know...that must be so awkward! I couldn't imagine myself being in that position. And the fact that they'll (Jacob and Bella) both see each other when they get back home just makes me cringe.

At least Bella's being strong about this, and I love her bad-ass attitude. I always do. Maybe because, I myself, and some sort of a rebel. (Does not doing your homework until 12AM count? LOL) But because she has a back bone, and the fact that she doesn't cower away just makes me like her even more. It also keeps me reading! Dayum, girl, aren't you a talented writer?

Anyway, I'm going on to Chapter 12. That's the one I'm really anxious to read because it popped up in my e-mail and I'm like, HOLY CRAP! YAY! NEW CHAPTER!

I love your work. Love, love, LOVE IT! You're so freakin' incredible and you put MY writing to shame! Jeez, I seriously need to think about making another All Human story xD Maybe I'll even do a Jella pairing, just because you inspire me!

This is perfect work. Keep writing, like seriously. Don't ever give up.

x Moriartistically (Its Just Cassy)
Team Moriarty chapter 10 . 4/13/2013
I am so sorry I haven't been a good 'reviewer' lately.
A lot of things have been happening and it's just really hard to keep up with all the stories I'm following BUT I will keep reading and reviewing (that is, whenever I find the time!)

This chapter actually surprised me quite a bit. Bella telling off Jacob, and him not fighting back made me widen my eyes. Not only because what Bella said about Jacob being just as scared as she was, but the fact that he didn't even fight back or defend himself made me realize that he is indirectly admitting that he is scared, too.

I also felt so bad for Bella, when she was on the verge to tears about confront Jacob's previous engagement. The fact that he kept that from her (while she's living with him!) tells me that he's still hurting. I don't know, it's just a hypothesis. But that's what it seems like.

Both of them seriously need to figure out their feelings for one another, it's practically driving the both of them mad. And the fact that they can't just put two and two together and realize that they really have a lot in common, personality wise as well as their history, then they know that all they need to heal (that is, if there is anything TO heal), they can do it together.

Anywhom, I loved this chapter. I always love your work, and I always remind you. I think it's important to tell an author just exactly how much you appreciate them. Because I really do enjoy your writing, and I know it takes a crap load of time to come up with ideas and then put it all together so the story comes out like a solved puzzle.

I'm going to keep reading, because I really can't hold back how much I just want to press the "Next" button.

Sorry again, for my delay in reviewing. I hope you haven't forgotten about me...

xx Moriartistically (Its Just Cassy)

By the way, I have this unhealthy obsession with BBC1's Sherlock, which would explain my sudden change in usernames. xD Sorry if I confused you about who I am.
withlovej chapter 12 . 4/13/2013
I told you I'd see you over here!

I loved this chapter (but I love every chapter, so what's new?)! Jacob's "I care too much" mini speech was cute. How he was protecting Bella from Leah and her bitchiness… oh, that's adorable! Then, Bella was pregnant? Did we know that before… I don't think we did, but we may have and I may have forgotten. Still, sadness. And what did Jacob think when he said "God, no, Bella. You didn't!" and all that? I didn't understand the implications. I'm a tad but slow at times, so yeah…

And Jacob got Bella a kitten! A little grey furball! Oh… I'm now going to pester my husband until he lets me have a kitten—or a puppy. Either works. I've been begging him to let us have one since our first anniversary. Maybe for our second anniversary he'll let us get a puppy or a kitten.

And the story was cute how Jacob remembered Bella's wish to have a pet when she was little is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. That's adorable.

Then, with Quil and Claire… things are getting suspicious—or at least, mysterious. I wonder what's going on with them.

Great chapter, love! I really can't wait for the next one. This was a cute chapter. Cadarousse (was that it?) and Bella kissing Jacob at midnight was also very charming. Loved the story. Everything was precious.
ilovfanfic chapter 11 . 4/12/2013
Thanks again...see you next chapter
Geneu chapter 11 . 4/11/2013
Pretending is good and all but someday you will get fed up with it, or it will break. Pretending is just that, right?
Plot I like. Yes. I do. Too bad I should wait for it...
Seriously contemplating idea to buy a DeLorean now.
spacecadette chapter 11 . 4/11/2013
Emotional chapter. I feel sorry for Bella, she seems to be letting things just happen and Jacob, while distraught should really know better that to treat her like that. Even though he obviously has his own issues. Cant wait for the next chapter.
withlovej chapter 11 . 4/11/2013
I don't want to admit it… but Jacob's beginning to annoy me. I love him, but I hate him. I can't explain, but he makes me want to stomp my foot and have a tantrum like a little child. Jacob and Bella, as much as I love them, are just torturous themselves, therefore torturing me. It's just devastating.

And geometry? I've been there, girl, and it's not bad. Just enjoy being young! I can tell you I'm not much older and I loved geometry. Algebra—not so much. Once you've finished year twelve, you'll start to miss it all and wish all you had to deal with was geometry. Uni is pretty sucky as of now. Because these huge courses are all such a ball! Gotta love it, yeah?

Anyway, loved the chapter and can't wait for more. Wonderful as always, hon.
Master Gaga chapter 11 . 4/11/2013
We've missed you, Dee!

Fanfiction has been nothing without your updates. Well, it's been something-horribly boring.

Now that you're back, however, I'm happy. This chapter was what I love; angst and unrequited love. It was so heavy, so damn "Wounded Rhymes" that I found myself feeling right at home.

The spelling was fine. No mistakes here. The character development was superb. Bella's jealousy and hurt towards Jacob are amazing to read about. I enjoy seeing a Primadonna turn into a human.

On a more personal note, you've been missed. Please keep writing, my friend; your art is lovely.
Geneu chapter 10 . 4/8/2013
Okay, the possibility of Quil and Bella was on the corner of my mind since the moment they met. Still, it's a little shocking to actually read about it happening. This chapter had the most "oh, damn" effect on me for now :)
Needless to say that I really, really want more. Which is why I glad to hear about "four to six" extension :D
withlovej chapter 10 . 4/8/2013
You almost made me cry.

Is that weird? That you almost made me cry? Not that the chapter was really sad or anything… but holy cheese balls (my husband says this because of the little ones and not wanting to hear them cuss, so I've picked up on it). The chapter was pretty depressing, though. I think my heart broke in half—maybe even shattered—when after Quil and Bella did the naughty, Jacob brought home some girl and did the naughty with her… and then he just sat there and Bella cried and he mouthed 'I'm Sorry'.

How depressing and heartbreaking was that?! I mean, I really felt for both of them. So, was it really revenge? Did Quil tell Bella? Did Jacob find out? Will Claire find out? Does Jake actually have feelings for Bella?

Really, I loved this chapter despite how much pain it really involved. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Master Gaga chapter 10 . 4/7/2013
This was rather confusing.
Well, it wasn't confusing. It made sense and I liked it. I liked it a lot. I just felt rather lost halfway through it, and had to read it backwards for it to make sense to me. Still, it was incredibly lovely.

The Jacob/Bella bit made me cry. It was so Electra Heart. So freaking Marina Diamandis. But at the same time, it was so you, Dee. It was your very essence in a small bit.

It was gorgeously written. It was lush, and delicate. It was crystalline, if that makes sense to you. To me it does; It was pure and stripped but it shone on its own.

I'll stop the rain of adjetives. If that's how it spelled. I'm sorry. I'm not that smart. Anyways, thank you for sharing such a lovely chapter.
OKBoom chapter 9 . 4/7/2013
This story is AMAZING!It is rich and amazingly written! Please post as much as possible before your trip!
ilovfanfic chapter 9 . 4/6/2013
Great chapter.*
with love!
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