Reviews for High School is a Drag
Tezuke Fan chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
Thank you! I love this pairing and you've done a good job with them ] Do you like this pair as well?
I enjoyed reading this very much though it would have been even better if Tezu and Yamato had gone all the way...

You don't have to rush yourself with the other one. I'll be good and wait patiently :3
But I have a request to add in that fic. Add humiliation into the mix and make tezuka cry CUTELY! It'd be wonderful if it's Tez's first time and he's totally clueless about what they're gonna do...his clueless face can be both annoying as well as arousing for his captors :3
...I know this is kinda difficult with the type of request I've made...but please DON'T make this a tragedy! Maybe Atobe or Sanada could realize what they've done is wrong (after it's over) and feel sorry for Tezuka upon seeing his tears and ravaged state...and maybe hold him and console him as he cries or something like that. I'd be nice if you make it into a multi-chapter that they could try to patch things up by going on dates and becoming lovers or something like that. But it's up to you to choose... I think I've made a tall order so I'll zip it up now!

- Your lovely reviewer ]