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Celestia's Paladin chapter 3 . 5/10/2011
Well damn... never thought of have Jurai and Earth go to war like that... makes me wonder if I could do that as a Honorverse crossover... I really to hope that you may return to this just so we can see how the timeline gets fixed. ~GraysonPaladin
MMC chapter 3 . 8/16/2010
This is an interesting concept and I wish you would continue it.
00Zy99 chapter 1 . 4/28/2010
update? pretty please?
Rubel chapter 3 . 10/18/2007
I bet you didn't think to get a review on a story this old did you? Heh. I don't have much constructive to say other than neat. Much as I would like to see more of Key this seems like an interesting idea. Does the Universe that Isis comes from have a Tenchi crew? Did the singularity send them too the past or an AU? You kinda imply it since Sasami isn't mentioned, and I think that Tokimi would have mentioned if Washuu was on Earth. Well hopefully we'll see more of this eventually. Thanks for the good reading.
TenWings chapter 3 . 7/19/2006
update soon
TenWings chapter 1 . 7/19/2006
nice fic
wolf-in-hell chapter 3 . 9/18/2005
i am sorry to see that this story was abandoned, as it is very interesting, and with a good start to it.
shadowsoul51 chapter 1 . 2/15/2005
The Juraians must be nuts trying to fight warships of any caliber whith Police crusers, think of the warships as full fledged naval battleship and the police crusers as coast gaurd patrol boats on the other hand the Terrans challenging Tsunami (a litteral Goddess) whith even wepons of mass desturuction is also nuts.
DigitalGlowStick chapter 3 . 1/14/2005
wow the detail in these chapters is incredible. if this is the origional, i can't wait till the rewrite! This fic makes mine look like an elementary student wrote it. lol. (My fics arent about Tenchi so far because i havent seen the show since it was cancled from toonami like 3 years ago *tear*) i need to brush up on the tenchi series b4 i wrrite a fanfic. untill then, i will be a loyal reader.
Acidbuk chapter 2 . 7/22/2004
w00t FINNALY an update XD ok this has been here a while but I only just found this story again. not bad, like the need to write more on this, its an interesting concept, yet I think you've forgoten about this..

Hope you update soonly on a side note, since the captain of the Isis is a woman shouldn't it me "ma'am" and not "sir"?

Update soonly.
Red XIV chapter 1 . 10/30/2003
La Mirah, you're wrong about point 1. I'm not sure if Jurai has non-tree ships (there's no indication they do, though they have unsuccessfully attempted to get Washu to make ships for them), but Tsunami is not bonded to Sasami in the way that lesser trees bond with Juraians. They're not merely linked, they're MERGED, and I'm quite certain nothing like that has ever happened before.
Priest chapter 2 . 5/1/2003
well this is an interesting fic, and i look forward to reading the rewrite. keep up the good work. Ja-ne (_)
La Mirah chapter 3 . 4/9/2003
I don't want to be a whiner, but here it goes:

1. Not all Juraian ships are treeships; These are rather rare, especially the sentient trees of 3rd and higher generations. All of these should be bonded to a noble from one of the four imperial houses, INCLUDING Tsunami. If Sasami's not her master this time around, there should be someone else filling that role, or she should still be at the Royal Nursery.

2. LHW cannot usually change the gravitational constant. Tenchi can, because his wings are WAY more powerful than their number would suggest (which explains D3's commentary at the end of OAV 12).

3. Jurai's "empty space" includes the Sol system and many systems around it. They can mantain such a large, unpopulated territory because their treeships can wipe out fleets of normal ships, and thus even with their fleets spread out like that they are still an effective fighting force. The First Emperor's little sister Masaki lived and died in ancient Japan and still has descendants there, including Funaho's, Nobuyuki's and Kiriko's families. Jurai's probably rather close by, as galaxy distances go.

4. Jurai technology is extremely advanced, it's unlikely that Earth could catch up without joining the Galactic Union. Azaka and Kamidake, for example, are listed as being able to do subspace teleport jumps as long as the Milky Way's radius... not to mention AIs like Yukinojou and NB, as well as Azaka and Kamidake, and all of the neat gadgets you see throughout the series, such as Tenchi's juraian battle armor (stored on a ring, no less!), the GP uniforms in GXP , 20 year old scintists like Dr. Clay and, of course, Mihoshi's Control Cube.

In spite of all that, I've loved your story and hope you will continue it. As you can see from the points above, since you're already deviating from the standard storyline, don't bother trying to explain away too much the changes you made. Just slap the alternate universe tag at the synopsis and write what feels right.

- La Mirah
Dan chapter 3 . 3/13/2003
I was wondering if you were every going to continue. I am glad you did. I am really enjoying this story. The intergration of the Tenchi cast will be great, but the war by itself could probably sustain the story too. I can't wait until you update. Keep writing.
Ilpallazzo chapter 3 . 3/13/2003
I'm glad to see that you take my points into consideration and is willing to go back and correct previous chapters.

Instead of running a discussion in the reviews of your story, I thought I might as well email you my thoughts on the information contained in the 3rd chapter of the story. And I did - only it bounced, so I am forced back here on the review panel.

I do agree that other powers could supply Earth with technology to gain a pawn to use against the Juraians. However this would hardly happen overnight, and there needs to be a good reason why Jurai hasn't interfered earlier before Earth could become a credible threat. If the talks between Funaho and Washu in OAV 13 is any indication, the Juraians are very observant on this point, so it would hardly pass their nose by that a subject planet they had shaky relations to were being pumped full of war tech by enemies of Jurai.

Seriyo, the pink haired noble, may reflect a common attitude in the ruling circles, but he was basically comical relief in the series. Imagining that jurai is ruled primarily by people of his stupidity and blind arrogance would hardly do them justice _

There is one commonly accepted weak point in the juraian chain of command though: That some people hold positions based on their heritage rather than their ability. This should provide a bit of an edge to Earth if they promote on a basis of skills and achievement rather than family background and political standings.

As for the Yukinojo/Bizen incident, there are a couple of factors we have to remember:

1) The Bizen was not really a ship at that point. Just a floating tree with a few added shield/weapon systems added by Yume. It did not have anywhere near the armament a full fledged cruiser would have, much less a second generation one.

2) Yukinojo was not just any GP ship-of-the-line. It was an experimental ship fielding the culmination of many years of tech advancement.

3) The only reason Yukinojo survived at all, was that Yume let it. It would have been little trouble for her to pound it a few minutes more and reduce it to it's component parts.

In conclusion, if Yukinojo, top of the line experimental ship, got pounded to bits without doing any damage, where it's opponent was a 2nd Gen tree without hull or standard weaponry, what makes you think that a single Terran vessel has a chance against a 3rd Gen treeship cruiser, much less be able to win?

As it is, encounters with Jurai ships look like bad news for Terran ships. If you want to even out the odds, my suggestions would be:

A) Experience. With their super-power status, Jurai rarely have to actually fight battles. It could be reasonably assumed that many Juraian captains lack actual combat experience. Combined with the earlier mentioned weakness in their chain of command, this would even out the field a bit if the Terran captains had greater experience.

B) Numbers. While a treeship will vastly outpower most ships, especially so with those of the early generations, they lack in numbers. Treeships are hand-carved and produced only one place in the galaxy. Furthermore they require a noble bonded with a space tree, which in itself is a reasonably rare commodity. In all, it is reasonable to assume that the GP fleet make up the bulk of the Juraians actual ships, where the treeship fleet is more like a limited elite task force. Limited as it is, it cannot be everywhere at once, and it will be vulnerable if spread too thin over a vast area of space. Thus Terrans could make some headway by engaging the more evenly matched GP ships defending Jurai space. The big problem which could cost them the war in the long run would be the treeship taskforces which they could do very little against.

C) Characters of Tenchi Muyo. Where they side could make big changes in power.

The points A, B and C also help a bit against the one pint of complaint I had, which you did not address: the extreme scale of destructive power you used. The points are meant to give Terrans their chance to be on a fairly even scale with the Jurai, without making up one Terran super-ship after another. The power of Isis and Hidden Patriarch seems to be measured in how many solar systems they can obliterate per hour, and this fits very poorly into the Tenchi realm where a ship capable of taking out a planet is almost unheard of.

Regarding the mess with Tsunami, here is a suggestion:

The Isis has in it's arsenal an experimental weapon: A limited singularity bomb of sorts, which is designed to strike against ships in warp by creating a gravitational distortion. Ships in system range will be forced to drop into normal space, and ships too close may find themselves merging with the singularity for the split-second it exists. It is the hope of the Terran scientists that this could damage or ourtright destroy treeships, by striking at a time where their LHWs and superior weaponry isn't a factor.

Of course the effects of LHWs on a singularity is unknown by Terrans at this point. However, as Isis detects a treeship in hyperspace, they get a chance to test it. This ship is the Tsunami, and it employs it's LHWs in defence. However, the corresponding change of the gravitational constant has some quite unforeseen effects on a ship still in warp, resulting in whatever siyuation you need for your plot to advance. The Isis could simply be close enough to be caught up in the effect.

I'm sure a Larry Niven fan as yourself could work with this and create some nice pseudo-tech terms for it _

I hope you will take some of this into consideration or be willing to discuss it. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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