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darkstarj13 chapter 29 . 5/20
Nice finally. Crazy battle to the finish
JNaegi chapter 29 . 5/18
That was a big battle. Always knew Ken would break the universe, maybe that should be a new nickname for him "universe breaker"?

A full on war with some cool scenarios of the Justice League, Avengers (Aww no Black Widow? Come on show some love for Black Widow, she needs the support that Marvel ain't giving her LOL!) Tenchi Muyo Universe gang and some others.

Yes, Slade and his crew are back and damn, that darkness god gave Yamakins a whammy! He isn't going to forget in a way this battle is a precursor to his descent into darkness?

Kuiper Senshi finally remember their past lives and all that is explained. Man Ken being linked to the Kuiper's is still effing big in my head...irony is a bitch in a way given he's part of the SM world and how he had issues of Sailor Moon previously with that damn tiara! LOL!

Pluto/Titinamon were a good fusion and finally sealed "the whore". Damn this future version was to cray-cray, give me the present version of her any day but this version had her peaks.

Just be happy she didn't become Terumi's baby mama! I mean if Charon and that digimon can have a kid in Ford's story why not a Terumi/Charon baby to stir up trouble? XD

Yay Kirby! Had me shocked that Athena would have kept that pink chub alien!

Nice OST for the chapter.

Good colab fellas. You come a long way Chaos, don't get stage fright now to finish. XD

Generic Reviewer chapter 29 . 5/17
This was a more satisfying ending than the actual DoC final battle. When you and Kanius work together miracles happen.

Glad I used "God Knows" from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Time for the epilogue. Also as much as torturing Charon for all eternity is a good punishment and all this gives me some ominous feelings about a BelialMyotismon version/someone freeing her from the abyss. Well at least it won't be as random as the actual 02 vampire.

Later days!
Kanius chapter 29 . 5/17
It was a pleasure to help you finish this long chapter. We sure made it longer than expected. Might as well have been three chapters, lol.

The Chaos War sure lived up to its name. A lot of craziness happened with the inclusion of other dimension characters. The Justice League (DCAU), the Avengers (EMH), Godzilla, Shaman King, Teen Titans, the Power Rangers, Tenchi Muyo, Sonic & Shadow, and even Kirby are all in on the rumble. Like Ford said, most of these are from the pre-2010s. Could've been more chaotic if we added more other dimension heroes.

Funny reaction from Terriermon when he sees Charon Hydra Mode. Likewise, Takato and Gallantmon's reaction to Godzilla. Liked the shocked reactions towards the surprise guests. Mars and Hiei recognize the JL; which reminds me if I'll ever show a gaiden of the fire couple in the JLU universe before going back to fight ChaosMillenniummon. There's also the YYGDM members in those other dimensions.

Besides Charon and Jishikitori X clones, we had the four Yagami clones. Yep, we got Omega X and Superman team-up. Celesta X and Houou Mars make two Yagamis their bitches. No roided up Ascendant will ever beat a cosmic bird who can eat suns.

Ah, the meeting with Metalla X and Blazer was something else, wasn't it? This humiliation plants the seeds to Yamato's heel turn in Kai Season 3.

After Ken takes a planet-busting blow from the Hydra, the Kuipers remember their past. Ken takes out the last Yagami clone and then becomes Cosmic Impulse Mode.

Thanks to Sonic and Shadow's Chaos Control, they hold Hydra Mode in place. Ken and Titaniamon CM wreck shop inside the beast's body and tear Future Charon out. Although Ken would've loved to end her, Pluto sealed Future Charon's fate, which I think is much crueler (but more deserving) to the chaos witch. And with that, by bye remnant of Charon. Chaos is a different story.

Metalla X gets the last laugh and finishes what's left of Greil.

With that, the Evolite saga and the Chaos War is finally over.

Now comes closure to Ken's story. The AS tie-in movie to be the last part to be written. Let's get that epilogue as soon as possible.
Ford1114 chapter 29 . 5/17
This is it, the final war of your main story. I'm typing this while seeing a college graduation.

That's a lot of crossover heroes appear such as Godzilla (much to their surprise) Justice League, Teen Titans, sonic and shadow, Kirby and Avengers. The fight is on by taking down Chaos Hydra Mode. Yeah, those guest heroes are pre 2010s.

Aw man those Yagami clones are as crazy and laugh to blast our heroes. I see Omega X meeting Superman and are allies for once. Ah, the Kuipers remember their past while Dramon X becomes Cosmic Impulse mode.

After a grueling battle, and with super sonic and shadow's help (chaos control!), they defeated future Charon and Pluto banishes her to a portal prison. Likewise they destroy Hydra Mode.

Everything is back to normal, well except for Metalla X after meeting Blazer. Now you got your reward once the last chapter comes to symbolize Ken's closure, just like my Shinnen: New Year being my last fanfic.

One more to go, the epilogue.
JNaegi chapter 28 . 5/10
Finally got to this. Sorry for the delay, dealing with a head cold so I'll make this quick.

End game is happening for Ken as he rescues Kari from marrying Greil (you figure Grei would have realized how tall the Bakemon was marrying them...)

Battles run rampant with TK and Davis going AL2 along with a twit of Digimon/Senshi fusion.

What will the final outcome be?

Doing good brah, later.
Kanius chapter 28 . 5/10
Glad I can help with this and the next one. More on that next time.

Lol at Muffin Button reference.

Greil's dream of marrying Kari just blew up in his face, and so did his long term plans. Yeah, count on Ken to wreck on a bad guy's plans, or in this case wedding plans. Clever disguise, Ken.

Nice job with the good guys taking Greil down and saving Kari. Cute little moment with Mimi asking Kari about the dress and the 'hitch' comment directed to her (and TK). Yeah might be best if Kari ditches the dress to not be reminded of Greil. Greil finally makes use of the Zero Relic.

Oh boy, NeoPhotondramon and NeoTachyondramon again. Their feud never ends.

Yes, WarAngemon and Ultima X finally become Level 2 Ascendants! For Ultima X, all thanks to Sonja getting injured. Yep love can do that for you.

Sedna and Dimitri arrive, but not just them. The chaos witch finally strikes and ruins Greil's fun. And just like that Greil's gone before he had a chance to recover. Adios, Greil... for now.

Sailor Pluto hits the scene and attacks her sister (or a remnant of her sister). Oh yeah, the first fusion of a Digimon and a Sailor Senshi occurs. Big pivotal moment there, too. Titaniamon and Sailor Pluto combine to form Titaniamon Chrono Mode to help Ken and the others.

Looking really bad as Jishikitori X absorbs all the dark matter and chronal energy to become Hydra Mode. Yep, the final battle is here. Only two chapters left. Can't wait for the chaos war.
Generic Reviewer chapter 28 . 5/9
Welp its time for the VenomMyotismon version of Nyaruko/Nyarlathotep.

Greil got shafted pretty quickly. Time for his "valiant sacrifice" or just getting DemiDevimon'd. At least the latter hopefully means she can use Galactic Paradise/Paradais for shits and chuckles.

Not much else to say.
Ford1114 chapter 28 . 5/9
Your endgame begins with, MUFFIN BUTTON! (Cue Abridged!Goku pressing the button, “YAY!”)

Well Ken is going fine by defeating Griel and the heroes rescuing Kari. Oh wow, Ultima X just reach Level 2 after seeing Sonja get hurt.

Pluto faces off against Future Charon. A big surprise, Titaniamon fuses with Pluto to become Titaniamon Chrono Mode. So this is what K told me on email.

Then Future Charon uses all the dark power to become Hydra Mode and summons more clones of Charon and Jishikitori X. Oh yeah, Dramon X smirks for the chaos war ahead. Two more chaps to go.
Generic Reviewer chapter 27 . 3/5
Welp guess Kensuke and Karin are related. I dunno why but it felt like it was inevitable. That and Karin's origin death was planned by the crazy dark matter in a miniskirt also felt that was an inevitable reveal

Charon is still an asshole even if she's reduced to a Nobody. She's starting to get a bit like Xehanort in terms of keeping herself alive through ridiculous gambits. Still waiting for her NGETD form since she seems content with dicking around.

Greil is still Commander Red but with DBZ power creep. Hope he goes out with a bang. He's enjoyable.

Later days!
Kanius chapter 27 . 3/5
Glad I can help with the scenes. I pulled through just in time for this update!

Seems judging by reactions, we surprised the readers with the revelations. Yeah, Jesmon, the digital embodiment of Abridged!Alexander Anderson, has joined Ken's army. And just when they needed the back-up to take on Acnologiamon. Despite his fanatical craziness, Jesmon will make an effective asset bringing down holy carnage on baddies.

I enjoyed writing the scene of Sedna getting her licks on Jishikitori X. It was a long time coming. Like I said, Sedna shows how far she's come since Dawn of Chaos and upgrades the Dragon Saber to strike that chaos witch down!

Finally, yes the revelations. Who wouldn've thought Ken and Karin are true blood siblings of Sedna. But, that's not the shocking part. It's the reveal that Charon's the one who split the siblings and ravaged the Kuiper sector. Another shocker: the Kuipers were a team before Queen Serenity's Senshi formed!

Sedna learns she was killed twice by Charon, and this is enough to lit a fire in Ken, who just got done tearing Acnologiamon a new arsehole (and freeing Huanglongmon thanks to the others). Ken also accepts XLR!Helena's fate and willing to let her forget him. A hard bargain but better than letting her cease to exist.

Greil makes his final move. This time he seeks Kari for his lame wedding. It's all going down in these final three chapters!
JNaegi chapter 27 . 3/5
Never thought I'd get mind fucked with the amount of revelations in stored. I'm still processing the information that just got learned. That means in the grand scheme of things- never mind. If I continue rambling I'll be pulling a Kazu and Kenta and just start fanboy(ing) about everything!

You also brought in elements from the Hellsing series with that fanatical priest and his lemmings of "angelic" order. Smell that hypocrisy guys cause that's what the smiling digimon is cooking. And to be let in on Ken's digimon team?

For convenience I'm actually happy Terumi is dead in this story, I don't want to think what would happen if they met up? Total anarchy and even Deadpool would get up in it for the hell of it!

I also got a He-Man/She-Ra Secret of the Sword reference from that whole "wiping the Kuiper's memory". And yes as Cosmos was talking I used the Sorcerous voice and took out Castle Grayskull.

I also spot a Chronicle Tsubasa/xxxHolic reference by Dimensional Witch! At least he's not lounging about in some robe smoking a pipe and speaking in philosophic rhymes with a black eared Monoka that drinks.

Very, very good Chaos! To Kainus as well for concocting this rather tale of woe and hope.

Oh yeah one thing; I'll just continue treating him like Ken, not some prince...just seems's going to take a while to get used to. What's next, he'll be living on the planet for the first couple of hundred years and-oh wait...yup mind fucked! LOL!

GAH! I need to stop rambling! Good job on all fronts dude, keep it up!

Until next time!
Ford1114 chapter 27 . 3/5
So I take a read of a battle with that Fairy Tail dragon knockoff, after which we get to the big reveal with Cosmos' information. I see Jesmon btw.

Jolting down some bullet-points, we see how Charon makes a remnant that'll become Future Charon in Crystal Tokyo's timeline, thus initiate the DoC and AS Season 2 in the first place. We see before that, Charon once attacked the Kuipers' planets, especially with Sedna (since she is destined to bring the Triad together after her death). Huh, the Kuipers are the first senshis before Sailor Moon and her friends.

Yep, Kari is kidnapped by Griel for the wedding and just three chaps to go.
JNaegi chapter 26 . 2/5
Yay an update!

Didn't expect a ritual of rebirth from Jishikitori X? She would have inherited something from Caster. Cyrus huh? If I remember he's that betrayer that wanted power and is Yamakin's predecessor?

You got to feel bad for Dimitri a little, always seems that when he's with Karin they are always rushing to Ken's aid! XD

Damn, Jishikitori captured Huonglomon and fused him together with Diarboromon to form the dragon of death from Fairy Tail? For a second I thought you'd have "killed" them like what happened to Natsu and the others and be revived 7 years later by providence.

When it comes to raging behemoths it will be a challenge for the Accel crew. What's this? Greil has a goal of ridding every version of Terumi that exist in the different universe's?

Good luck with that dream! Terumi's like the Joker in a way, hard to kill off and comes back like roach! XD

Should be good next time too!

Dude you got snow? Lucky, nothing here where I live at except for minor nonsense that pisses me off. Winter coming my ass!

Keep it going!
Kanius chapter 26 . 2/5
The Apocalypse Comes... fitting title for what's to come.

Great to see this story back on track. I liked the small get-together and interactions with Ken's pals. I see you used my idea of Kasumi's delicious cookies (a nod to the cookies she made for Ken and co. in D-Reaper's Fury). Neat brief glimpse of how Ken gains Blademon aka the Z-Hybrid Warrior of Metal. Good on Dimitro for complying, lol. And we get a look at the other new addition: the reverse-colored Digmon aka Stone Cold Digmon Austin.

Now for the scene I wrote for ya. Cyrus returns to the living realm thanks to the Dark Eagle woman. She's ready to jump ship and take charge (which she has already unleashing her new monster). Cyrus should know better than to trust the mistress of chaos.

Lol, "He keeps hitting me in the deck!" Warlord makes the save but it didn't take long for Ken to pummel him and Cyrus. Greil/Paradisomon X hit the scene but too late to make a difference. Jishikitori X's taking over and Acnologiamon's a force not to be messed with. Interesting flashbacks Ken experienced. Wonder where this is leading? And Karin senses Ken's distress. They're way beyond linked now.

We're heading toward the end game. I can feel it!

To close out this review, RIP Monty Oum, an awesome creator; need to catch more of his stuff.

Here's to the next chapter and hope it comes out soon.
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