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Ford1114 chapter 24 . 11/11/2014
After 2 months, Accel Stream is back with the remaining chapters. The new place you settled is going well? Hope it does. Next week, Omegaruby/Alphasapphire time. :)

So far it looks good that it’s about time that Ken will face off against Pyronmon. There are stories about Alpha X, the first Ascendant that I gave him a name from Taito’s Ascension, of his encounter with Pyronmon.

Omegamon X’s All Delete won’t work this time.

Oh yes there is this ‘dead hell’ place with the zombie Digimon of YYGDM-01. Well, looks like Pyronmon is given a ‘horrible death’.

Ah, Cosmos has a pep talk with Lady Morrigana about the crystal and how Brunhilde has potential to play a major part. There is hope for her.

It ends with Viper XP and some stuff coming alongside Legionmon.

Good stuff there.
Kanius chapter 23 . 8/28/2014
Finally gotten around to reading this chapter!

What a way to send us out while you go on hiatus until October. Glad you could come through and not leave us hanging too long.

That was one intense duel between Ken and Jishikitori X. I can't blame you for letting Ken string her along the duel and watching him go all Roy Mustang Beast Mode on the bitch was thoroughly satisfying. She crossed the line attacking his friends and pretending to be his world's Helena.

Rika's duel with the Shark-possessed Duke was nice. Too bad Seiryuu had to go down like that, but you came up with a nice rebound for Rika and boy did she need it. She'll have that Shark Drake tamed. Mako's saved and Jupiter has her hubby back. Rika earns herself some Xyz monsters and a number card, becoming the first person in her world to hold Zexal cards. Congrats to the Digimon Queen.

I do like your new custom monsters. My favorite would be the Grand Theft Kuriboh.

Glad they can save Chibi-Usa and Athena. Assassin X goes down hard (special thanks to Seto and Lyn getting involved the way they did) and she leaves the group warning of another skilled assassin hired to take down the Senshi. Indeed, they should watch out.

Ken goes all out nuts on Jishikitori, but we know why. Pyronmon is at it again pulling the strings. Glad Athena was able to calm her uncle down. I liked that sweet, tender moment between Ken and Athena.

Greil is sure slipping by the wayside and Terumi sure called out on his crap. Man, he went all out verbal beast mode on Greil. Heh 'Majin Buu wannabe', he wouldn't be saying that if in front of the creature's face, or maybe he would. It's Terumi after all. Greil, though, has his concerns about this D-Reaper (which I will unveil in Kai Season 3).

Both Greil and Terumi's time as villains are drawing to a close. There's no doubt about that. Pyronmon and Jishikitori are proof of the big villain transition coming up.

Well, finally Pyronmon faces Ken next time. Can't wait for this conflict to get resolved.

We're all thinking about you, Chaos. The move will bring big changes I can imagine. Hang in there!
JNaegi chapter 23 . 8/26/2014
Damn I was feeling Ken's duel against Jishikitori! And that ass kicking as he went all Roy Mustang on the bitch? DAMN, that was great! XD

I think that's the first time I see Rika's Seruiyuu card defeated, it made such an impact during her duel against Larry in IOTR so I didn't think it could be destroyed but than again higher attack points and all that jazz.

At least Mako is better now and that's interesting about what he offered. Looks like Rika will be taken up the title of best water duelist (maybe that sister from the Grandra siblings should show up and duel her for the title? XD)

Anyway nice stuff all around and a tender moment with Ken and his niece; always interesting to see Ken showing off his kind side, you know when he's not losing his mind, going cray-cray on a bitch! Oh man should have gone for the whole "Bitches love big guns" or something? XD

Yeah, Terumi might be a troll but I'll give it to him the snake is honest and blunt and I think that was really cool. Awww the two won't meet again? Why do I get the feeling he'll be next? I'll be honest, I'll moan for a few seconds.

Ah, the big move coming? Dude just get all what you need in order. I believe you'll be all right Chaos. GL with RL stuff okay? And stop with that evil smile, you'll get ideas! XD

Later days, Chaos!
Ford1114 chapter 23 . 8/26/2014
Oh, so this is the time you uploaded this chapter before the end of summer.

Anyway, nice duel between Ken and Jikishitori X. I see the Seiryuu beast card being used since Invasion of the Rajita, alongside your originals such as the Kuriboh one. Like when Jikishitori X insults Ken of not acting like 'Koiba' (Abridged reference).

Did I see a mention of the D-Reaper as the buu clone, that's good foreshadowing for the current season we're reading, and the reason why Griel is concern.

Keep it up, this move will be good for you.
JNaegi chapter 22 . 8/14/2014
Ken is in a jam now but he seems to be doing well against Jishikotori X. His cards always seem to have a bunch of effects though but I just might be overthinking stuff.

Boy a lot of the YYGDM characters involved with this now and Chibi-Usa (teen), Athena and PinkPatamon are kidnapped, Mako possessed by a Red Shard and about to duel Rika in a battle of the seas duel AND no sign of Terumi?

What other things will happen to our heroes? Will the duels end in a surprising way? Will Athena and Chibi usa be saved in time? Will Yui get her card back and forgive Ken for destroying her monster?


Niche chapter Chaos! Later days!
Ford1114 chapter 22 . 8/14/2014
Nice chapter there, that starts off with Athena getting use to the present timeline. Haha, Paradiso X fights of RJ and Chibi-Usa.

Oh my, Assassin X is here under Cain’s orders to fight the heroes. There’s another duel going on as well. There’s Guardian Dreadscythe as well.

Good luck with the big move once again. It’s going to be a big change for you, but you can take a break as always. Keep it up.
Kanius chapter 22 . 8/13/2014
Another thing, I accidentally posted before finishing my review!

Sucks to have this end on a cliffhanger until mid-October if you can't get the next one out before the move. Given the circumstances, no rush. When you're ready, you'll regain that energy to plow through the rest of this season. I look forward to the next update, Chaos!
Kanius chapter 22 . 8/13/2014
Glad I can help creating Assassin X. She sure made an impression here taking out Karin, Dimitri, and their daughter (granted through dirty tactics) before letting Athena and PinkPatamon get taken. Greil also makes good on taking Chibi-Usa captive, but RJ grabs on and heads to the past.

What a rumble we have here with Ken, Sailor Jupiter, Himura, Yui, Inumon, Darkgabumon, Rika, Renamon, and Yugi showing up. Just then things really go down, we learn the whereabouts of Mako and the reveal of Shark Drake. Jupiter looks ready to give Shark Drake a piece of her mind, but Rika steps in to duel the possessed Mako. Rika likely has got this duel in the bag with Seiryu aiding her.

Jishikitori X has made this feud personal now. Even Greil's starting to see Jishikitori X is growing beyond his control. Once Assassin X meets her end, he has really no one left and Jishiki is likely to betray him.

Heh, Jishikitori just can't get a break when dueling Ken. Oh well, she's been asking for a butt kicking. I can't blame Yui being unhappy seeing her monster being used in this manner.
Kanius chapter 21 . 7/23/2014
Nice chapter with this one. neat way to resolve the Bio-Yagami battle. Never thought I'd see Ken use the Tenchu's Requiem. CyberBeelzemon makes a save for Titaniamon, who doesn't take it too kindly (looking forward to more interaction with these two considering future events that we won't spoil here). Indeed, the Accel Digiteam are back for the time being.

Oh, Lady Jade, this is quite the opportunity for you after Cain turned your services down. Oh yes, she will show him and Psyren. It's then revealed how a member is recruited and becomes initiated into an Evolite thanks to the Zero Relic. She gains an Examon and we'll get to see her Ascendant form soon. Uh oh, Athena is targeted and who would be the other Greil wants to capture, somehow setting up Ken and Jishikitori X's rematch.

Ok, some strange number card lands and Mako picks it up, only to get possessed. Makoto's gonna wonder why her hubby is late for dinner.

A big battle's waiting to spill out soon! Your welcome with the Lady Jade concept and guiding you through this.
JNaegi chapter 21 . 7/22/2014
Hey, you updated dude. Nice work.

The battle against Bio Yagami has met his end thanks to Ken using that move that has the potential to destroy a moon! At least with that the XLR-08 digiteam is back on track (hopefully).

Been sometime since seeing Lady Psyren and now we have another one named Jade! Who'd have thought Psyren had any powers similar to the Senshi? But this is all about Jade who has taken up a partnership with Greil and now has become unified with a dragon! Should be cool on what happens now!

Awwww, now Mako is involved in this. He ends up getting possessed by some shark card and now he won't be eating Makoto's home cooking which everyone loves! XD

Seems the story is going into another full blown battle soon. Hope Ken and the others can overcome it!

Again nice work, dude!
Ford1114 chapter 21 . 7/21/2014
Finally, bio yagami is dead. And it looks like grief makes his new plan for jishikitori x to rematch with ken. Ah, more scenes with caincorp. Oh there's Examon.

You can thank K for helping out ideas. Again, take care of what's going on in real life.
Kanius chapter 20 . 5/29/2014
Great start on the Bio-Yagami mini arc. The scene with Tyra and Christina sneezing was funny. Ah, Ken can't hide the fact he's developed feelings for a certain Aussie Kuiper Senshi, lol.

So our Accel group raid the nerd!Myotismon's mansion and start renovating the place their own way. We get a gander at the experiments Myotismon's created like Chimeramon XP and SkullGreymon XP.

Azuma appearing to fight Titaniamon. Should be a good but brief fight, and I know she'll do fine. We'll see the Ultima armor put in action.

And now we get Myotismon's biggest secret creation: Bio-Yagami/Nova X, complete with the same water weakness Bio-Broly had it seems. He's already cracking heads (poor Ken and CyberBeelzemon) and preparing to bring the house of pain to the Accel team. Can't say I blame Kasumi for being scared (she hadn't gone through what the others have).

Uh oh, wonder what Greil is up to in the YYGDM dimension and looking for Cain Corp of all places? We'll find out soon enough.

Nice update, looking forward to the next one!
JNaegi chapter 20 . 5/28/2014
So Ken and the crew head off to the scientist nerd Myotismon to give him some trouble and it brings an unexpected person back; Nova X.

Dude will be bringing the hurt to the Accel digi-destined. Oh man, Ken has an EXTREME dislike to anyone that's a scientist. I don't know why but I think he was also directing that to Alderic as well?

Anyway I wasn't expecting Azuma and he's fighting the expy of the queen of fairies; she'll be fine since Titinamon has trained in the hyperbolic time chamber (yeah me for remembering!)

Hey what's Greil doing in the YYGDM world and looking for Cain Corp?

Keep at it Chaos.
Ford1114 chapter 20 . 5/28/2014
Now we reach the 20th chapter mark. Ah, the heroes go to Myotismon's lab for some chaos and thanks for the Wesker theme music I suggest. Yeah, the Bio-Yagami story is coming.

Hmm, I see CainCorp is mention, wonder what could be (other than I know this on email anyway)?
Kanius chapter 19 . 5/2/2014
Good chapter, Chaos. Tons of over-the-top fighting and blood/data to be spilled. The three-way ascendant battle across the dimensions got crazy. Neat and funny cameos from the different universes with Senshi in them.

SM-A1 had an interesting crew. That Luca kid turns into a Ken fanboy. Wow, Dramon XDB really showed no mercy kicking that Ivy girl like that and breaking her in two. That's funny. Even funnier seeing the Jedite and Nephrite fakes getting obliterated. Ah just had to throw in a Over 9000 joke (except it's over 9 million here).

Jishikitori X shows off her new Dragon Mode.

Neat seeing the Fate/Stay Night crew. I do remember them from JFai's Continuum story.

Hmm, Beryl's taken over Crystal Tokyo in JFai's S. Continuum fic? Man, I need to catch up on that.

Uh oh, Ken's rings come off and he goes Eva Berserk mode on Viper XP and Jishikitori X DM. Very brutal stuff when he tears out her wings like that and beats her over the head. Thank goodness Slade intervened. Heh, he tells Uranus off. But, it's for her own good.

All right, the chaos stops and Ken gets sent back to his world. Well, peace time never lasts in Ken's life. Never a dull moment as long as the baddies are out to get him. Great work integrating JFai's stories. Now I plan to read up on them (or catch up in the case of Senshi Continuum).

Can't wait for the next chapter!
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