Reviews for Digimon Accel Stream Season 2
Kanius chapter 27 . 3/5/2015
Glad I can help with the scenes. I pulled through just in time for this update!

Seems judging by reactions, we surprised the readers with the revelations. Yeah, Jesmon, the digital embodiment of Abridged!Alexander Anderson, has joined Ken's army. And just when they needed the back-up to take on Acnologiamon. Despite his fanatical craziness, Jesmon will make an effective asset bringing down holy carnage on baddies.

I enjoyed writing the scene of Sedna getting her licks on Jishikitori X. It was a long time coming. Like I said, Sedna shows how far she's come since Dawn of Chaos and upgrades the Dragon Saber to strike that chaos witch down!

Finally, yes the revelations. Who wouldn've thought Ken and Karin are true blood siblings of Sedna. But, that's not the shocking part. It's the reveal that Charon's the one who split the siblings and ravaged the Kuiper sector. Another shocker: the Kuipers were a team before Queen Serenity's Senshi formed!

Sedna learns she was killed twice by Charon, and this is enough to lit a fire in Ken, who just got done tearing Acnologiamon a new arsehole (and freeing Huanglongmon thanks to the others). Ken also accepts XLR!Helena's fate and willing to let her forget him. A hard bargain but better than letting her cease to exist.

Greil makes his final move. This time he seeks Kari for his lame wedding. It's all going down in these final three chapters!
JNaegi chapter 27 . 3/5/2015
Never thought I'd get mind fucked with the amount of revelations in stored. I'm still processing the information that just got learned. That means in the grand scheme of things- never mind. If I continue rambling I'll be pulling a Kazu and Kenta and just start fanboy(ing) about everything!

You also brought in elements from the Hellsing series with that fanatical priest and his lemmings of "angelic" order. Smell that hypocrisy guys cause that's what the smiling digimon is cooking. And to be let in on Ken's digimon team?

For convenience I'm actually happy Terumi is dead in this story, I don't want to think what would happen if they met up? Total anarchy and even Deadpool would get up in it for the hell of it!

I also got a He-Man/She-Ra Secret of the Sword reference from that whole "wiping the Kuiper's memory". And yes as Cosmos was talking I used the Sorcerous voice and took out Castle Grayskull.

I also spot a Chronicle Tsubasa/xxxHolic reference by Dimensional Witch! At least he's not lounging about in some robe smoking a pipe and speaking in philosophic rhymes with a black eared Monoka that drinks.

Very, very good Chaos! To Kainus as well for concocting this rather tale of woe and hope.

Oh yeah one thing; I'll just continue treating him like Ken, not some prince...just seems's going to take a while to get used to. What's next, he'll be living on the planet for the first couple of hundred years and-oh wait...yup mind fucked! LOL!

GAH! I need to stop rambling! Good job on all fronts dude, keep it up!

Until next time!
Ford1114 chapter 27 . 3/5/2015
So I take a read of a battle with that Fairy Tail dragon knockoff, after which we get to the big reveal with Cosmos' information. I see Jesmon btw.

Jolting down some bullet-points, we see how Charon makes a remnant that'll become Future Charon in Crystal Tokyo's timeline, thus initiate the DoC and AS Season 2 in the first place. We see before that, Charon once attacked the Kuipers' planets, especially with Sedna (since she is destined to bring the Triad together after her death). Huh, the Kuipers are the first senshis before Sailor Moon and her friends.

Yep, Kari is kidnapped by Griel for the wedding and just three chaps to go.
JNaegi chapter 26 . 2/5/2015
Yay an update!

Didn't expect a ritual of rebirth from Jishikitori X? She would have inherited something from Caster. Cyrus huh? If I remember he's that betrayer that wanted power and is Yamakin's predecessor?

You got to feel bad for Dimitri a little, always seems that when he's with Karin they are always rushing to Ken's aid! XD

Damn, Jishikitori captured Huonglomon and fused him together with Diarboromon to form the dragon of death from Fairy Tail? For a second I thought you'd have "killed" them like what happened to Natsu and the others and be revived 7 years later by providence.

When it comes to raging behemoths it will be a challenge for the Accel crew. What's this? Greil has a goal of ridding every version of Terumi that exist in the different universe's?

Good luck with that dream! Terumi's like the Joker in a way, hard to kill off and comes back like roach! XD

Should be good next time too!

Dude you got snow? Lucky, nothing here where I live at except for minor nonsense that pisses me off. Winter coming my ass!

Keep it going!
Kanius chapter 26 . 2/5/2015
The Apocalypse Comes... fitting title for what's to come.

Great to see this story back on track. I liked the small get-together and interactions with Ken's pals. I see you used my idea of Kasumi's delicious cookies (a nod to the cookies she made for Ken and co. in D-Reaper's Fury). Neat brief glimpse of how Ken gains Blademon aka the Z-Hybrid Warrior of Metal. Good on Dimitro for complying, lol. And we get a look at the other new addition: the reverse-colored Digmon aka Stone Cold Digmon Austin.

Now for the scene I wrote for ya. Cyrus returns to the living realm thanks to the Dark Eagle woman. She's ready to jump ship and take charge (which she has already unleashing her new monster). Cyrus should know better than to trust the mistress of chaos.

Lol, "He keeps hitting me in the deck!" Warlord makes the save but it didn't take long for Ken to pummel him and Cyrus. Greil/Paradisomon X hit the scene but too late to make a difference. Jishikitori X's taking over and Acnologiamon's a force not to be messed with. Interesting flashbacks Ken experienced. Wonder where this is leading? And Karin senses Ken's distress. They're way beyond linked now.

We're heading toward the end game. I can feel it!

To close out this review, RIP Monty Oum, an awesome creator; need to catch more of his stuff.

Here's to the next chapter and hope it comes out soon.
Generic Reviewer chapter 26 . 2/5/2015
Only Zagi (Dark Eagle) and the unholy lovechild of Mithos and Van remain (Greil).

Wonder how this can end in 1-2 chapters. Its time to give the final two bosses a real good send off
Ford1114 chapter 26 . 2/5/2015
Nice chapter with mentions of CyberBeelzemon and Titaniamon get engaged.

Cyrus finally appears. "He keeps hitting me in the dick." You can thank Teamfourstar for using your idea of Ken hitting Yamakins in the balls, only that Cyrus has the predecessor gene. Let's see how Cyrus will survive and lead to his meeting with the Digital Warlord alongside you know who that starts with a B.
So that's what I see of the Grima Shield.

Yeah, there's 4 more chapters left and not much to do. I'm not planning on getting Majora's Mask, I would have thought of getting Xenoverse, but I rather just watch the walkthroughs.

I have given Monty Oum prayers already.
Kanius chapter 25 . 12/17/2014
Glad I can be of some service providing scenes for the chapter.

Great and entertaining chapter to end the year on. Glad you were able to get it out before Christmas. And boy did Terumi get his Christmas wish in this chapterm but before we get to that...

What an intense way for Terumi/Viper X to go out on. Nice wave by Brunhilde and taking out Legionmon did Ken favors. The Symbiote Senshi were easily dispatched by Mars, Hiei, and Cammy, but that's fine. Better to focus on the main bad here. Terumi gets all the attention. He wrecked most of the good guys' shit and took their abuse. TK and Davis took it bad. Hiei's beating was worse, man what a humiliating defeat for him.

Moment of awesome came when Mars went Houou mode and fused her powers with Ken's cannon. That was enough to bust Terumi up. That wasn't even the end of him. Varuna seized that honor ready to behead him (a prelude to Beelzebumon's beheading in my fic), but then he gets the last laugh despite that!

Poor Varuna; despite the female badass-ness and muscle, she'll be the butt of fanservice jokes because of Terumi's pervy actions. She'll never let this down, haha. But, she does earn a half-victory beheading Terumi.

BTW nice eulogy, Jeffrey!

We get a more clear explanation on Kotori's Moon Force Crystal. You came up with the name and I gave it a backstory. She's had the chance to use it on D-Reaper in my fic, but she clearly has some ways to go until she finds her Maidens. Glad I could write her scene with Sailor Cosmos out. I'm pleased with the outcome. The Silver Valkyrie; you'll learn who she is sooner than later.

All right, the second half was good stuff. Titaniamon and CyberBeelzemon finally settle their differences in a duel. It was good and brief. Titaniamon shows her Amazon pride. It ends in a draw but they get married nonetheless.

Loved the bits with Tagiru getting taken down a notch. Chuckled at the parts when Kotori laughed at him for calling her cousin a girl. What the hell was he thinking trying to get Jishikitori X? Oh well, he learned his lesson and gives Ken a Sakkakumon.

Yeah, Takato's starting to show his overprotective side regarding Rika. That paranoia ends up creating something horrific in my fic. Good to know TK will cool down with his vow to protect Kari.

Slade lays it all out for Ken. Ken's becoming an immortal. He's reminded of Accel!Helena's fate, but now Ken's heart has fallen for another - Christina/Sailor Orcus. He now packs a set of new Duel Monsters for his deck - the Raid Raptors like you showed me.

The Accel!Uranus and Neptune are saved and sent back to their world. The Symbiotes get special delivered to Spidey and Deadpool. Nice reference to the recent Death Battle!

Things are not looking good with Jishikitori X plotting a big event in the horizon. Greil better forget about Kari. Dawn of Chaos Redux or something smaller scale but still very dangerous? Not good either way. Finally good to see those holes in D-Reaper's Fury getting filled up.

Great chapter and there was enough content that resolves things (the Terumi fight & the Amazon duel/wedding). This season's winding down with a few chapters left and can't wait for the finale in the new year. Take it easy and happy holidays!
JNaegi chapter 25 . 12/16/2014
*ahem* Hazama aka Yuki Terumi aka Viper XP aka troll, was a foul mouthed, arrogant, conceited, saccharine, nut job that terrorized Ken and the rest of the cast to no end and has made troll face be infamous with trolling.

Even throughout his psychopathic tendencies, he was a fan favorite and will be "missed". Thank you Viper XP for the fun! I'll be sure your counterpart has all sorts of fun down the line so he can "avenge" for being downed by Dutch blonde chick!

That's my eulogy.

Good chapter all around dude! I never thought Houoh Mars would fuse her powers with Ken's cannon to bust Terumi's ass! But I NEVER expected Varuna to deliver the finishing blow?

I'll say this Terumi is more perverted! That's the vibe I got from him! XD Man even Hiei has some trouble with the troll, I figure he'll doublely train to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Yay for Cyberbellzmon and Titinamon getting married! She's an amazon and had to fight him for the sake of her pride!

Whoa so that's how Kotori ends up with the MoonForce crystal? She'll learn to master that sacred crystal! Man nothing but the power of miracles in YYGDM?

Accel world better get on the action of divine providence! XD

Color me surprised you ended up saving Accel-Uranus/Neptune? I mean sometime ago you were pretty much throwing them down the drain but I guess you mellowed out? Of course you could just be waiting to do something again? LOL!

Yeah Slade comes back and reference to what he did in the Fate world is always good! Looks like Ken is turning to an immortal. And time is running out for him saving Accel-Helena's life but it is brought up he's getting close to Christina.

So little plot holes are evident for the D-Reaper saga going on in Kainus story which is good. Don't worry T.K. you'll get strong (and get a little *** nevermind)

Oh Jishikitori, will she bring DOC version 2.0 to Kensuke's world? I guess we'll find out eventually unless Greil starts up his plans to get Kairi.

All and all a good chapter my man!

Later days
Generic Reviewer chapter 25 . 12/16/2014
Terumi went out like a baller. He also died the same way a certain Beelzemon somehow cheated. Even more hilarious symbolism.

Then again those random surprise attacks were annoying and StormSakuyamon was bound to be hit.

Still wondering since Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon is gonna be real pretty soon he'll show up since random Raid Raptors came down.

Symbiote Senshi felt kinda like background noise but I guess you wanted a less clustered boss fight. That's acceptable.

Later days!
Ford1114 chapter 25 . 12/16/2014
Well that finishes off Terumi. Goodbye to the green haired troll.

Did I saw Tagiru, let's hope he's not some 'mary sue scrappy' like in the show for our related fanfics.

Yeah, I see CyberBeelzebumon and Titaniamon are engaged. Knowing Takato is paranoid, it foreshadows what happen in D-Reaper's Fury.

Ah, I wonder what the Silver Valkyrie is like, that makes me inspire something, but we'll see.

I did saw the Death Battle in my spare time. Happy holidays and another new dawn.
Kanius chapter 24 . 11/11/2014
I'm glad I can help writing the scene you asked for and explaining the new Moon Force Crystal. Expect Kotori using it in my forthcoming fics.

Overall, this was a lengthy but very packed chapter. It's good to finally get the Pyronmon arc resolved, surprised it took just a chapter.

Lol, Hiei is really father of the year material teaching his kids to use their fire. Of course, Rei isn't going to have any of it. Rei and Hiei's fun arguments are a main reason why they're one of my favorite pairings (crossover or not).

Pyronmon crashes the YYGDM-01 dimension, takes out some of the heroes, and takes Rei. Boy, Ken sure wasn't thrilled with this. Cute moment with Faith putting away those pancakes and PinkPatamon being disgusted with his appetite. It is really good to see these family moments. I really liked seeing Ken interact with Karin, Dimitri, and Athena. It's times like this I like seeing Ken wind down (of course with him, that doesn't last, but not his fault!)

So, we get Keke, TK/Patamon, and Davis/Veemon to join the fight. Good, the YYGDM assembly could use the help.

Pyronmon was a proven challenge for Ken. Intriguing backstory and history on the Zero Factor, Alpha X and the grand priestess Morrigana. Veemon even has a part of the Zero Factor in him.

Pyronmon goes all out Houou Mode and takes it to Ken! Too bad there had to come sacrifices (RIP Volcadormon, the Sistermon, SuperStarmon the crazy bastard, and Omegamon X). And what a way to finish Pyronmon via THE deus ex machina aka the Spiral Key! Rest in pieces, Pyronmon. Wonder if Titaniamon will tell Omegamon and Athenamon about this, lol.

The Houou is finally back at full power and Morrigana couldn't be any prouder. Nice of the staff to come into play to hold Pyronmon. Liked how the scene with Cosmos and Morrigana came off. I am looking forward to Kotori making use of the crystal she acquired from Ken.

And just when all goes well... leave it to Terumi/Viper X and Legionmon to ruin it. Uh oh, the Symbiote Senshi are back. Wonder how the YYGDM Sailors are going to take this, especially Mars. I know Varuna's 'dying' to get her hands on Terumi, lol.

Great stuff with this chapter and we're moving forward to the finale. Can't wait to see the end of the tunnel, my friend. It's all linking up to D-Reaper's Fury well.
JNaegi chapter 24 . 11/11/2014
A nice welcome back Chaos and good chapter! Always nice seeing Ken bond with his niece.

Damn Hiei teaching his kids to use fire at a young age; I don't care if they are immune to it! He better get on point or Rei will kick his ass. Speaking of which gets captured (surprising since it's usually someone like Usagi?)

Pyronmon certainly was a challenge for Kensuke given his SOL cannon did jack shit to the flame being. Liked the history lesson involving Veemon to have a portion of the Zero factor. Along with Greil's scheme being revealed about using Ken as a way to defeat the D Reaper.

Tanks to some of his digimon (3 which will be missed) and that Gurren Laggan attack from Starmon, he is gone and became zombie food.

Now the phoenix is back to full power along with the sisters gaining a staff from their ancestor! I wonder who will use it? I'll say Cammy for the most part since she is an active member of the Neo-spirit team.

I see what you did there where CyberBellezmon said "Well excuse me princess!" you totally got that from that Zelda cartoon that got played during the Super Mario Super Show back in the day! XD NICE Segway dude!

Yikes, Viper XP makes his move with *gasp* Uranus and Neptune as Carnage and Venom. I see the end finally coming for those two (which some know you will take GREAT pleasure in ridding of) XD

Doing a GJ job with it Chaos!

I'll write the eulogy in the next chapter! XD
Generic Reviewer chapter 24 . 11/11/2014
So only 3 bosses left? Sorta knew Pyronmon was gonna lose anti-climatically but it looks like things are wrapping up.

Terumi to Greil to Dark Eagle Lady seems legit.
Ford1114 chapter 24 . 11/11/2014
After 2 months, Accel Stream is back with the remaining chapters. The new place you settled is going well? Hope it does. Next week, Omegaruby/Alphasapphire time. :)

So far it looks good that it’s about time that Ken will face off against Pyronmon. There are stories about Alpha X, the first Ascendant that I gave him a name from Taito’s Ascension, of his encounter with Pyronmon.

Omegamon X’s All Delete won’t work this time.

Oh yes there is this ‘dead hell’ place with the zombie Digimon of YYGDM-01. Well, looks like Pyronmon is given a ‘horrible death’.

Ah, Cosmos has a pep talk with Lady Morrigana about the crystal and how Brunhilde has potential to play a major part. There is hope for her.

It ends with Viper XP and some stuff coming alongside Legionmon.

Good stuff there.
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