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Kanius chapter 5 . 4/17/2013
Great chapter update, man. The opening scenes were really cool with the other Senshi showing up with their husbands (well some of them). Glad the Sailor Senshi in the future are donning their Valkyrie armors and taking threats more seriously.

Yeah, Ken bolts the minute Hiei shows up! At least he got to say goodbye to Koori and Athena before Hiei cut off his head. Hahah. And big lol at Neo-Queen Serenity's major botch and everyone facefaulting. Luckily, the green-haired woman (Pluto, huh?) helped guide Ken and his partners into the YYGDM mainstream dimension.

Good but short battle with Skielmon. Plenty of funny moments with Varuna and Ken. Loved the He-Man reference (additionally adding the opening score for it) and Varuna did ask for it. Tyra is definitely the biggest 'She-Man' that Ken's ever met.

Nice teamwork taking down Skielmon. Well, well, looks like Orcus just gained a new admiration for Ken. A new crush, maybe? Should be interesting where this goes. And can't wait to how Tyra receives her 'punishment' but a visit with Rika's mom doesn't sound good. Lol.

Terumi shows up and begins raising hell with Sandiramon. Viper XP is a cool name. Yikes, Takato and Rika re in trouble now. Luckily, Ken, the Kuipers, and Angemon X join the Beast Tamer couple to take down Terumi/Viper XP. Business is about to pick up!
JFai chapter 5 . 4/16/2013
Nice update!

Cool cameo with the future Senshi and their hubbies as they decide to keep their armor for future use so they are not unpreapared again. It's amazing that Hiei still holds a grudge with Ken, even his future counterpart attacks him as he sis his princess hugging him. Good thing Ken won't tell Sedna about her future kid yet.

So in a way Pluto (YYGDM version) helped out Ken when he was traveling through time and winds up in a battle.

Nice throw back with the He-man reference! Yeha Varuna you did walk into that and Orcus has a crush on Ken; she just jumps from one to another...I am so proud of just like her teacher!

Terumi finally appears and reveals about his Deva partner about being the evil side to him. Now it's coming to focus about that since the Deva's are good. Takato and Rika appear as well and are about to battle Viper XP. Good name by the way.

I gotta give it to Ken for knocking Terumi's block off but he finally unleashed the "blazblue".

Looks like they will be in for a major fight.

Your welcome with the help!

Thumbs up dude!
Kanius chapter 4 . 3/28/2013
Nice chapter, man. I liked the scenes you worked with for Ken's bedtime story to Athena and the brief moment of Jishikitori X being controlled while keeping her identity well hidden.

I was honestly surprised how quickly Frostburn and Ford harshly judged Ken. Thankfully Sleipnir and Knut disagree. Bacchus, naturally, seems to be split in the middle, but leaning to not judging Ken harshly. I'm glad Karin, Dimitri, and the future cast were more understanding. It's heartbreaking when one Karin loses trust in him, but at least there's two (well technically one since the one in the future is just a slightly older version of the mainstream YYGDM-01 one).

How cute Koori and Athena call him 'Papa Ken' and 'Uncle Ken'. He's getting love from these two in particular in a fatherly figure way. I can't wait to see how future Hiei reacts to seeing Ken again. Ryuuhi also needs to chill out. At least, the Senshi will take more future threats seriously and wear their armors again.

That was some 'bedtime story' Ken told. That was some acidtrip. What an interesting meet with Yen Sid. So, that's what the Valkyr was; from Max Payne!

Well, at least I know (and hope) Ken told a more PG-variation of that story to little Athena. I am liking her bond with her Uncle Ken. And thanks for using my room idea. Funny how Ken makes a 'Brony' reference when he noticed Athena's pony and battle monster collection.

Yeah, Jishikitori X is not taking being Greil's subordinate well. Caster's magic must be very powerful to control this new Evolite. If she's able to cross time and space, that's gonna spell trouble for Ken's journey to retrieve his world's Helena's starseed. Greil's awfully confident with this Ascendant killers even though one was apparently destroyed.

So, next time, Ken and his team make their departure from the future and head to YYGDM present. Wonder if he'll see Terumi there, but more importantly he's got another Ascendant killer to stop! Good work as usual, Chaos.
JFai chapter 4 . 3/27/2013
Nice update! Well looks like some of the some of the Neo Senshi's animal spirits don't like Ken! I'd never thougth that would transpire. Ken stays and tells a story to Athena about his misadventure!

When you brought up that Max Payne stuff, I laughed! "You are in a fanfiction Ken" really must have been an eye opener but he'll think it was just a dream!

I see Yen Sid and he helps Ken goo into dreams but Terumi uses that drug. That was quite the trip he experienced. Nice holler to my story Chaos! With that scenario I don't mind adding it. Since it was part of a dream and dreams are connected as Yen said, I can always say that V-chan has a vauge memory of that happening but she will not think much of it. Mal though will remember and wonder why that little spectalce happend!

So Ken is called "Papa Ken" by Koori and "Uncle Ken" by Athena, it seems future girls like Ken or feel a bond with him. Karin and Dimitri are cool with it but Hiei...I'll bet he's still cursing the day she said that. Oh Ryuuhi don't be such a downer! Hey maybe he's secreatly a bronie?

I liked Athena's room and she will be a nice asset!

Looks like Greil is having trouble with Jishi but low and behold Caster has a command seal to control her. I shouldn't be surprised since she is a witch.

Ken will be heading to the past to deal with another Ascendant killer, should be good.

Good work and again thanks for the shout out with that story!

Kanius chapter 3 . 3/14/2013
Great conclusion to the battles (but not necessarily this opening arc for Season 2). We get the defeat of Krieg, the surprise appearances of Omegamon X & Photondramon, Athena gains a new crest & Digimental, and a darker turn for Ken/Dramon X.

Just one criticism: Bacchus is a cheetah not a tiger.

I liked that exchange with Bacchus and Ford. It was neat seeing Umi using Mjolnir and getting props from Makoto. That's good Makoto was saved and liked her giving props also to Titaniamon gaining her new mode. Ken accesses a new Xros transformation and shows signs of a darker and sadistic turn during his fight with Omegamon X.

Pegasusmon's sacrifice won't be in vain. His legacy will be carried on through Athena and PinkPatamon. Athena gaining her own Crest of Miracles and Digimental was a big turning point for her. PinkPatamon gains a new Armor Digivolved form. BTW, Jeffrey, MLPFIM wasn't the first thing that came to mind for Pegacormon, or have you forgotten Pegasus from Sailor Moon is an alicorn/pegacorn? Pegacormon shows she's a great healer and puts a huge dent into Blitz X's armor. I bet Dimitri and Sedna are both proud of their daughter and her Digimon.

Omegamon X and Photondramon crashing the party was unexpected for them. Though Photondramon got hit with the X-Virus, it won't be the last we see of him.

Good to see Titaniamon Ultima Mode, Blue Mars/Koori, and Ryuuhi helping out. The 'Papa Ken' bits are still funny and cute.

With the battle over, everyone in the palace prepares to rest and this gives Ken some time to recover. Can't wait to see him bond with Koori and Athena before he has to go. Greil now has to step up his game after losing his comrade.

Great work, Chaos. This arc will wrap up and we'll be getting to the present YYGDM. Can't wait!
JFai chapter 3 . 3/14/2013
So the fight concludes with Krieg dying in the end. Well that makes two Evo-lites down!

The battles were good, Umi weilding her mom's hammer and getting a few good whacks in along with Ken accessing a new transformation. He was badass but his personality is shifting more off-balance now!

I though Bacchaus was a cheeta, not a tiger? Anywho his little jab at Ford was funny. Photondramon makes an apperance and tries to stop the 'troll's' other digimon Omegamon X? Boy he might be in the running for searching for his master now too.

In a twist Pegusmon gives his life for Athena and turns into the crest of Miracles which helps PinkPatamon digivolve into Pegacormon.

Why do I get the feeling that was from MLPFIM (I have to abridge it. My pride won't let me say that name!) however she's strong and her attack revitliszed the good guys and damged the bad. So Athena is a shoe in to help out the others from time to time. Dimitri was surprised and the way she was flying on her really surprised everyone. That's a way to bring down a dire situation but still good.

Maybe during the resting period she'll bond with Ken?

Koori and Ryuuhi get some action as well and it's so prescious how she continues calling him "Papa Ken".

Greil doesn't get foxface so now he'll just wait and swears revenge for his deceased coleague.

A nod to Lord of the Rings! That whole "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" is what Gandalf said.

I'll admit I have no clue what Greil is planning with that core.

Continue doing well with the story!
Kanius chapter 2 . 3/5/2013
I'm sorry this is a late review. I just managed to read this in full now.

It was another well done chapter. As always, the arc moves along at a nice pace and we're heading toward the climax.

Man, does Blitz X have a beef with Makoto. He went through all that effort just to bind her with steel girders on top of chains? She really did a number of that pride of his. I hope they can save Makoto in time before that bomb goes off. Blitz X's explanation of how Koori knows Ken was surprising to Ryuuhi.

Glad you used my idea of the Senshi's Valkyrie armors being sealed in a chamber. Just when Sedna puts her armor back on, Blitz X raids the place and tries to destroy the rest. Titaniamon gets hurt badly by Blitz X. Oh, but what's this? Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn's armors somehow merge with Titaniamon and become her new armor form. It'll be neat to see Ultima Mode in action. Glad to know Sleipnir can produce new armors for those three. That was nice encouragement she gave Battle Jupiter as Makoto's daughter now claims the legendary Mjolnir!

Yes, Dimitri got back his crest of hope and becomes ascendant again to fight Ryuuhi and Ken deal with those DamnedChessmon and co.! Wiselmon was sure a pain to deal with (his magical negate ability that easily negated Sedna's attack) before ultimately falling. It was really neat to see Athena helping out Ken and her parents.

Oh, and here enters Terumi. Like the 'troll' he is, he's setting everyone up to die along with Blitz X. But, oh here's Greil. Looks like there's set to be some dissension within the Evo-lite ranks. Terumi can't be trusted for sure. Not surprised they wouldn't know Paradisomon. The reaction from the future heroes about the hell Evo-lites put Ken through (especially the mention of his parents and Helena being victims) was a believable reaction from them.

Now, the final stage is set in the future as Blitz X merges with AncientBeetlemon. That anime chant (Zeige Dich) I recall came from the Bount arc from Bleach. Gee, and I wonder what the story behind the newest Evo-lite 'Jishikitori X' is about?

Between saving Makoto and this battle, things are getting heated up. I look forward to Dramon X and Angemon X tearing it up!
JFai chapter 2 . 3/3/2013
Another impressive chapter Chaos!

Blitzmon X had to explain that little history to Ryuuhi-kun with Koori being abducted when she was a baby! I guess Rei and Hiei wouldn't explain all of that stuff to the twins given they were distraught over that happening.

Hey the Senshi's armors hanging around the Crystal Palace for decoration is like Bruce Wayne's cave from Batman! Titaniamon gains a new form with three of Sailor's armors, she will be able to kick some ass with this along with Umi gaining her mom's hammer in her time!

It's like you said, Blitzmon X really did have AncientBeetlemon, makes me wonder How Junpei would feel about that?

Good thing they were able to get back Dimitri's crest of Hope and Athena stepping up by assisting Ken in her own way!

Greil and Caster summon a new person to help them, I wonder what her deal will be later on? It's kind of good the person formally known as Medea is keeping to the side lines for now!

Well, well Terumi makes his grand entrance in style and what does he do; start a massacre and tells everyone present about Greil's involvement with murdering Ken's parents and his sweetheart Helena!

Dimitri being wary of Terumi's abilites that's unexpected but he is crafty. Now Greil and Terumi will have there own battle with them taking off and now Krieg has fused to become even badder then ever.

So that's Krieg's back story, about being from Greece (he kind of reminds me of Hercules in that respect) and Jupiter, Mars and Venus stopped his rampage before he's flung to the digital world. Nice twist with that.

I hope they save Makoto from that trap! It's to be expected she doesn't have access to any of her powers, even though her spirit beast was there he gets thrown for a loop.

Makes you wonder what the other Senshi's future counter-parts are doing during this crisis?

I did spot the reference! With adding the phrase with Sephiroth, along with Saber and Gilgamesh it made me laugh! I wouldn't put it past him doing all that stuff Ken was thinking.

The king of Trolls, damn that's not going to get old!

Thanks for that!

Good work with it and keep it going Chaos!
Kanius chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
Time to give my two cents. This was a quick and great start to Accel Season 2!

Poor Ken has lost trust of his universe's Senshi except for Pluto and Sedna. With all that's happened, I couldn't blame them, but I doubt that's going to stop Ken from finding Helena's starseed. He's got until June? Time is his worst enemy here and he better get that starseed fast.

Terumi is up to no good again. Hmm, he's planning things behind his colleagues' backs and even setting them up to fall starting with Kreig. How funny he calls himself 'The Troll' and nobody knows what he meant. It'll be something worthwhile when Ken faces him. On a side note, what's this ritual Griel and Caster are planning?

And we straight into the battle in YYGDM's future. So nice to see Umi training hard with Koori. But, what's this? Kreig/Blitz X and his Damned Chessmon make the scene. Kreig really does have a big bone to pick with Makoto to go this far. He hints about a wrestling career. Wonder what he means and how this relates to Makoto.

Little Athena is such a brave soul to want to fight alongside her parents. Of course, Kreig has aces up his sleeves to subdue Neo-Queen Serenity, Sedna, and Dimitri. And what a cheat for Kreig to use an anti-Ascendant Digimon to absorb Dimitri's power.

Haha, such a funny sight of Koori glomping 'Papa' Ken! What a cute reunion, Hiei is not going to hear the end of this.

Nice season opener, my friend. I can't wait to see how the future arc plays out.
Ford1114 chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
Finally, Season 2 has arrive! Yeah, I was pretty busy in real life of lots of stuff..

But I see you put the Damned Chessmon in the first chapter, can't wait to see them in action. Ken arriving in the utopic 31st century is a good start. Like that Terumi is just as trollish as ever.

Seeing a good start, it will be darker and edgier than the first season.
JFai chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
This chapter was a blast!

Looks like the Senshi in Ken's universe is having a hard time trusting him outside Pluto and Sedna. Now he's gotta find Helena's star seed before June? Time is crucial for this.

I couldn't stop laughing with Terumi's remarks, calling himself the troll as an alias?! Makes you wonder why the others couldn't figure it out, even though I guess they haven't met him yet, except in a game image?

It seems he's planning somthing else, since he's setting up his own teammates for destruction.

Krieg's up to bat as he invades YYGDM's future where his prime target is Makoto. Koori showing her silly side by glomping Ken! She does remember him, I shouldn't be surprised since she is a demon, at least half.

Boy Krieg's got some power by sealing the higher-ups powers. Awwww, I spot Athena!

This will be a good season dude! Keep it going!
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