Reviews for Digimon Accel Stream Season 2
JNaegi chapter 17 . 2/14/2014
Nice update. Haven't see Maki in awhile but he gets mind fricked and fighting Ken, but it is one-sided given his upgrade thanks to the Time Chamber.

Oh, wonder what Terumi has in stored for SHIELD?

Hope things are going fine dude.
Ford1114 chapter 17 . 2/13/2014
It's been quite sometime since I review your stories. Well nice of seeing the marvel characters, alongside one fact that you can't trust Griel. Ken must have lost it when he and Maki kill each other of trusts.

Not to worry with real life, but keep up the good work.
Mechapunk87 chapter 16 . 10/6/2013
hey man i'm a reader and i been reading your stuff for like 2 years and i got to say man your digimon stories well they are bad they sucked. i mean the first digimon story you made it could have been awesome but because one thing one thing i hate about the story your f**king OC man kensuke is so sue dude to the point that you do two things, you don't Focus on your other characters like when some digimon who want to help ken and he like don't get in my way or i'll kill you too! it's sad man . and don't get me started on the bad guys man they talked to much and they are weak they are no challenges but a few and there should be more powerful evil digimon and bad guys in that world. i mean they get kill off in like one, two chapters and it's dumb.

now this is not a flame i'm not flaming you i'm not bashing you or your story i'm just telling you how it is it in my words

now if i get a pm from you telling how you hate me and all that s**t let me tell you i don't give a f**K! unlike these guest losers i'm right here dude, i'm just telling you how i feel about your stories and i'll keep read your stories too and if you do make new team of kids? you Focus on them and your other characters and just kensuke and his bull s**t digimon army and that all i got to say.
Kanius chapter 16 . 10/3/2013
Great chapter, my man! You knock out another action packed installment with added suspense and hilarity.

Ah, glad you used the upgraded 'Herald' forms for Athenamon and Swordswoman (yep she was channeling Wonder Woman). It was great seeing them in action and taking down ExoGrimmon's components.

Photondramon hits the scene and hits everyone hard with that 'Negation Roar'. That sure did plenty of damage to both sides. Moreover, he's become NeoPhotondramon and goes berserk at the mere sight of Tachyondramon. He hasn't forgotten Ken either, and speaking of Ken... he's definitely doing a Natsu (like that video you showed) eating the digi-ether along while gaining a dragon aura. And then 'Goldramon' intervenes.

There's no mistaken there's a connection between Goldramon and Pyronmon. Pyronmon surprises by taking Ken's body and sending them a message; on top of that using the Zero Factor to copy Jishikitori X's attack.

Slade makes a short comeback and saves Ken's butt again. Ken alsoSurprise to see Slade bringing out the Mega-Evolution Charizard (early bird preview for the newest Pokemon series). Slade shutting Terriermon up was funny.

Yeah, Greil/Paradiso X is not recovering from that Fairy Law anytime soon, but the devious Jishikitori X is setting into motion her own plans. Jishi's mask comes off during the battle and reveals a brunette Sailor Pluto look-a-like. No surprise Ken already wants to kill her already. Yeah... I got a good idea who she is. ;)

The stooges are now going to feel the Amazons' wrath.

Ooo, a cliffhanger ending. Wonder what's brewing in the void formerly GranDracmon's realm.

Now Ken knows where Helena's star seed is and hasn't forgotten his mission. Can't wait for this tournament arc in the SSS story and I am looking forward to the next 'project' of ours. ;)
JNaegi chapter 16 . 10/2/2013
Times are indeed changing; so many references to various stuff! To note, nice upgrade for Athenamon and Swordswoman (making her attire and body like Wonder Woman? Sweet touch!)

Oh cursed Sailor Uranus of the Accel world, thou art a heartless bitch. The wound causing him trouble again. Ken pulling a "Natsu" with eating digi-ethernano and forming a dragons aura but soon his body gets hijacked by this Pyronmon (I think the name is from Darkstalkers) and the dude knows Fairy Law?

It's interesting and ironic that someone like that knows a holy scripture that banishes an enemy deemed by the caster. But good ol Slade helps Ken again and uses a Mega Evolution.

Hmmm, someone who looks like the Time Guardian with brown hair, brought all sorts pain and suffering and is top baddie (in my book!) Lady you are...nah I won't say it.

Heralds of RaPhoenixmon huh? Just like Galuctus. Damn, Greil got his uppity ass handed to him and what do you know, Terumi wasn't there to relish in it! Well with Pyromon, Greil, troll, Jishikitori, and the like, Ken's got a long road ahead of him.

Good thing he knows about Helena's starseed though and now details of this new tournament! I guess you could call it a "CAT BATTTLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEE!"

Nice update Chaos.
Kanius chapter 15 . 9/21/2013
Entertaining chapter I must say. From the opening action to the duel, things were getting chaotic. Ken/Dramon X sure loves to throw insults to bad guys, even if they're women. Jishikitori X sure didn't take that and gave him quite the thrashing. Kerbexmon being there sure didn't help him and his Digimon any.

Jishikitori X's cards were deadly. Of course Ken would do something like that and defy logic. Some good play from Ken, although he had to give up most of his deck to do it leading him to giving her a good beating.

Good action from the others. Athenamon VM takes careful note of Titaniamon's Ultima Armor using Jupiter's Valkyrie powers. Fairymon and Ranamon quickly make short work of MarineDevimon and Pukumon. Now, Photondramon has joined in the fray and takes on Tachyondramon. Now, Jishikitori X and Ken bust out Rasenshurikens, what else can they do?!

Looks like this arc's about to end next time. The fight against Jishikitori X and ExoGrimmon continues until then. Good work elevating the insanity level, Chaos.
JNaegi chapter 15 . 9/20/2013
And here I thought Yugi was the only one to screw the rules? Seriously not even luck. When thinking about Ken's stats his ATK, DF, AG are high but his LU and other misc parameters would be like at a D-class (IMO), if comparing to an RPG.

It's like the Dart'z season when Yugi used the seal and sacrificed his monsters when dueling Raphael. I'm amazed he had the 3DS dragon cards at his disposal but they got trashed and Jisshi-X almost beat him. That's actually something to file away for future use.

Come on, people are going to call him Kenny, he should just run with it! Just because that character dies on that show doesn't mean he will meet the same fate (he's hard to kill).

Add Rasenshurikan to Ken's ever expanding repertoire; Zero ability seems to have given him a boost with stuff. Makes you wonder what other stuff could happen with him ability wise?

Hey it's Photodramon! And he just unleashed a powerful attack that could destroy a place and eradicate the people in there? Hmmm, Dragon Ball search anyone?

Doing good dude!
Kanius chapter 14 . 9/6/2013
They bust into ChaosGrimmon's facility and already mayhem's broken loose. Ken is not holding back blasting anything getting in this way. His rendition of the Tobuscus Assassin's Creed Brotherhood trailer song was a riot. For sure SkullSatanmon and MarineDevimon should be scared out of their wits. MarineDevimon gets a love rival (in Pukumon) as he desperately tries to win over Jaarin.

And just when the two groups succeed with the rescue mission, Jishikitori X (the Prodigal Whore, lol) interjects with a new Digimon, Kerbexmon. And it gets worse when she and her new Digimon tool pull Dramon X/Ken into a hell realm. Looks like we're getting a Duel Monster duel. been a while since we had one in AS.

Meanwhile, Athenamon VM will finally see Titaniamon's Ultima Mode in action. The fight against ExoGrimmon is on!

The Goldramon bit threw me for a loop until you explained in the email. I get where you're going with 'that'. Looking forward to this 'guy' confronting Ken. A good and entertaining chapter like always, Chaos!
JNaegi chapter 14 . 9/4/2013
Ken busting out the guns and going on an all out and taking the digimon to an all night blitz! MarineDevimon having a love rival is unexpected, it's not like Jarrin is desperate and already has Sam but the doofus battle should entertaining.

I have to disagree with ChaosGrimmon's assumption of plant digimon being the only attractive ones; Angewomon is a top fave along with Venusmon (being the pinnicle of beauty but I'm being biased). Anyway Ken gets sucked into a sub-version of hell? Well thinking about everything that's transpired as of late it was bound to happen.

Maybe he'll meet some hell spawn or something? Athenamon, Titianamon and the others prepare for a battle with Jishikitori X following him.

Cosmic fire in Goldramon? Is it possible a Phoenix Force is going to appear in his universe and someone inherits it that will become his greatest challenge ever to stop the burning judgment? Of course that's just speculation on my part so who knows?

Always entertaining to read Chaos!
Kanius chapter 13 . 8/20/2013
We're off to a new arc and lots of developments leading to a new conflict. Of course, we start off where we left with Griel and Terumi. Griel's learned the hard way not to trust that backstabbing snake, but luckily he was spared thanks to Jishikitori X. He rewards her with some spell card and a new spare arm. Still, one has to wonder what evil intentions Jishikitori X has that Griel's unaware of.

Ah, an Amazon tournament. My idea and we'll get to that shortly but first we have a rescue arc. Funny to see Ken's reaction to the cuffs and good to see some downtime after what he went through. Of course, the ninja twins have to demand to know all he went through. They're lucky they weren't there to see Death Mode again.

Fairymon, Ranamon, Mermaimon, and Titanimon end up getting captured. Our two groups head out to save their friends from this new enemy in another dimension; and they're not alone! The two stooges are coming too! And despite having Tsukuyomimon DM removed, Ken's sadistic nature hasn't gone away and Indramon was just another victim. Never change, Ken. Mikato's definitely right.

Now, our groups are about to hit this DWDD3-07 dimension where this supposed friend of Griel lives. We're entering unknown territory here. Looking forward to the next one, Chaos!
JNaegi chapter 13 . 8/20/2013
An all female brawl to determine who will lead the amazons in the next phase of glory? Never thought I'd see the day Athenamon give up the throne but she does have a title as a "Royal Knight" to uphold. As well as it's better that an ACUTAL woman is in it, not some pseudo-fake who has the voice of a woman and might be a male.

Titinamon gets captured while training her new armors along with Jaarin and Izumi with Meramon to boot? Wonder what's in stored for them.

This is a damn moment; MarineDevimon and SkullSatamon are STILL alive? First that fiasco with Pharomon, the invasion attempt with the Rajita and now apparently, they survived DOC's conclusion? I will give credit where it is due for their tenacity...damn, damn, DAMN, they are just too idiotic to kill off, huh?

Now a small party is heading to save them with Sara! Nice seeing the Henry/Sara going strong and Kensukemon (sorry for the misspell) joins the fray.

Mikato and Shizuka appear and drives Ken up the wall. Again, team work people, they are setting a bad example as digi-destined for future generations. Oh boy, oh boy, his sadism levels are going off the charts. It wasn't meant to be sarcastic and if it sounds like it sorry.

Anyway Greil get's injected by Terumi, and Jishitoki is up and ready too! Oho, Greil finds Saber cute huh? Oh Caster, you've left this story too soon and for the life of me I'm trying to remember, where are the twins? They aren't dead?

Ah, you guys are double teaming it I see? Well since it involves "that" girl it's not surprising but this tournament sounds all intriguing.

Just making sure, the Senshi are already going to become royalty later in life, so why do they want to rule the Digi-amazon kingdom?

I guess it's just to improve their fighting ability so they don't get rusty due to parenthood and the like (for some, not all just yet)

Anyway doing good with this story Chaos!
Kanius chapter 12 . 8/14/2013
Some intense stuff took place. When Tsukuyomimon Death Mode appears, you know something crazy and eventful happens, albeit his appearances are pretty rare. He had an intense fight with Jishikitori X and he knows who she really is. Likewise, Jishikitori X has figured out it's Ken and blames him for something he did to him. Guess we'll figure out about this later.

Sedna and Angemon X get to fight Mystique X. Caster's spells prove to be troublesome, but Titaniamon rebounds using Ultima Mode and uses Saturn's power to break down the magical wall. Of course, Caster gets taken down, and Greil's none too pleased (more like pissed off). He retaliates using his Galactic Paradise that knocks Angemon X, Ken, and the others back. Dimitri takes it the most though. Surprise appearance from Terumi as he makes off with Paradiso X/Greil. Jishi disappears too, and looks like she's escaped with her life. That Zero Factor is nothing to be taken lightly.

Ah, cool Magnamon appears thanks to Magnadramon giving Sedna the Digimental of Miracles. Oh, and it's about time someone crotch kicked Ken (or Tsukuyomimon DM in this case) for once! Poor guy. Still, after kicking others below the belt, karma was gonna come back and get him good. Proved to be effective, haha. And Magnamon completely subdues the psychopath, leading to Ken and Death Mode to ultimately split up. Glad he finally overcame his inner demon, allowing X and Keke to seal him in that jar.

Ken's been cuffed (now he'll know how Yusuke felt) and hopefully it'll do some good in the long run with the psycho locked in the jar. Now, Sedna has some idea who Jishikitori X might be. Wonder what Myotismon plans to use with this blood sample (yeah, I wonder...). Ken and the crew went through a lot of crap in this chapter and they'll have time to recover, but looks like not for long.

Looking forward what happens next! Needless to say, Ken and company never have it easy.
JNaegi chapter 12 . 8/13/2013
God dammit, I was placing money on Caster at least using her noble phantasm and depowering one of the heroes temporarily! Well she's out of the running.

But in hindsight; YAHOOO someone FINALLY got an official hitting of Ken getting kicked in the nads...uh...I mean awwwww poor Kenny! At least he was a good sport about it and had a high pitched voice.

Greil didn't take kindly to losing his servant and goes on a rampage. I'm mighty impressed with his attack. It reminds me of Lucy Heartfilia's Ureno Metria spell from Fairy Tail.

Dang Angemon X gets brought down to his knees along with Ken knocked out but at least he purified his corruption and X and Keke got the spirit cuffs on him. Maybe like his idol Yusuke he'll learn to train with it?

Terumi makes a surprise appearance and Jishikitori gets some action but the Zero Factor is a powerful attack! Frick, if he ever used that against Yamakins...

Anyway good chapter! I am wondering with all his jumping around I hope he hasn't forgotten his original mission?

Till your next update!
Kanius chapter 11 . 7/26/2013
Another eventful chapter, but this time with bigger stakes because of our resident psychopath with a scythe has returned.

That was all she wrote for Malachite/Diablo X thanks to the fox-faced prick Terumi/Viper X. Gravi X sacrifices himself, but won't be in vain with Mercuremon joining Ken's army. But, oh how Ken came so close to letting him out, but thankfully Titaniamon stopped him. Ow, Ken near went emo with the wrist cutting and wanting to kill himself, but thank goodness Karin was able to talk him out of it.

The Tyra pics came out just fine. I really liked Ken's reactions to each one. Even a butch girl like Tyra is capable of showing a feminine state (though in this case not by choice). Yeah, I think Ken is long overdue to meet the Duelists from the yygdm verse (to meet Tyra's friend Lyn).

Crap now hits the fan once Jishikitori X and Mystique X got involved. Greil maybe getting involved as well. Oh, but they've really asking for it now that Tsukuyomimon Death Mode's returned to slaughter. Sadly, now Sedna's seeing this in person for the first time. Let's see how they come out of this and hope X gets those cuffs on him before its too late!
JNaegi chapter 11 . 7/26/2013
It's safe to say that Mal is gone; he came, saw and now returns to where he came. To be taken out by Terumi me though, that's cruel and old green-hair ran away since he didn't want to battle Ken! It's kind of a good thing fox-face didn't go to that universe, he'd bring such anarchy to them.

Those were some funny pics of the Amsterdam native, she does have a feminine side, when she's not acting butch. Ken never did meet any of the Yugioh characters did he? I'd think he'd enjoy their company.

Now Mystique X and Jishikitori X are on the rampage but Caster is unleashing something she can't control. X finishes the cuffs but will he get there in time along with Greil might get involved in it!

Ken is boarderlining on the emo-stuff though, glad Karin is there to support him!

All right dude, good chapter and glad that you had some use for Malachite!
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