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zeke905 chapter 45 . 3/16
Are you going to finish the Star Wars series? Or leave it?
the brown cow chapter 45 . 11/8/2013
Wow, I wish I could applaud for you. Anyway fantastic story
ZabuzasGirl chapter 2 . 10/13/2013
Update immediately, please!
LongLiveTheClones chapter 45 . 8/10/2013
Love this ending and it is so perfect! I'm glad you decided not to destroy Bren and Rex with Alderaan. After reading about them for two stories and so many chapters, I think losing them both would be... too much. They deserve their HEA. You made the right choice.

I also like the pacing of this chapter. The hints of the destruction of Despayre provide nice foreshadowing for the events that come later in the chapter. It is just enough to give a nice roiling and twisting of the gut without giving everything away. The image of the Rebel ships going to check things out and simply disappearing is terrific. It all implies that the Death Star was used more than once, (which if you watch the movies, you get the impression it was used to blow up Alderaan and then blow up itself.)

The moment of quiet intimacy between Rex and Bren was endearing and spoke to how strong their marriage has been during the past 20 years.

Also enjoyed the way that Bren had hints that disaster might be coming but was afraid to say something for fear of looking silly. It makes perfect sense and so many times in hindsight things seem perfectly clear, yet, at the time everyone remains quiet for fear of looking foolish. Rex trusts in Bren's instincts and encourages her to speak up.

Loved Ahsoka coming back into the story and being the one to issue the warning about Alderaan! Makes total sense she would be able to foresee such a major disturbance in the Force, and because the warning was coming from a Jedi in hiding they could not do a full-scale warning to the whole planet. (I mean, how could they?)

Loved the way you described the passage of time when they were about to flee the planet and trying to gather the remnants of their lives: There are occasions, usually happy ones, when it passes with the speed of a shooting star, illuminating one's life for a moment, an instant, a heartbeat, before it is gone, poof. No more, never again. Time passes and leaves only memories in its wake. Then there are those occasions that linger like an unwelcome house-guest or the taste of something unpleasant. Each moment stretches into a dozen more, getting exponentially longer and longer until you think you will break under the weight of them building upon you.

Great to hear that Jess and Kix ended up with the Rebellion. And, Coric ended up with a wife? Eeh gads but that deserves a story!

This is a great quote: Though he'd never met the kid, Rex decided to take it as a good omen that the one who'd destroyed the superweapon was called "Skywalker."

I also love that you didn't put them in the heart of the fight in the end, but gave him a more realistic role. Doing training makes perfect sense for him and slicing is perfect for Bren.

What a great journey this has been!
Kelana-ti chapter 45 . 8/9/2013
Aww, man. I was so tense reading this... LOL. I'm so happy you found a way to save everyone. How did Ahsoka know the Death Star was heading for Alderaan? Was it a vision or something?
Like how you wrote the scene leading to it's destruction. I think the tense and pov worked very well. I like that Rex and Brenna are part of the Rebellion now. That's cool. Will we at least get a few short stories showing how that works out? Rex integrating himself in military life again, how the trainees like him. That could be fun.
CC-2224 Commander Cody chapter 45 . 8/9/2013
Thank-you for not killing Rex and Bren, i would have cried if you did. it was an amazing piece of writing. i wonder how Rex would react if he met Luke?
Jess Marylin chapter 45 . 8/9/2013
Definitely a very good ending! The best! And I'm definitely smiling. Bren and Rex are safe, so are the girls. :)
TheLightIsMine chapter 45 . 8/9/2013
My gut flipped when I realised what was about to happen to Alderaan...I'll admit, I thought Rex and Bren would die, perhaps asleep in each other's arms or something in a truly romantic and tragic end, almost fitting...but I can see why you chose not to have them perish - everyone joining the Rebellion is an exciting thought. :D I liked hearing about their kids, too, now that they've grown up and left home. Jek and Iri - adorable!

My heart was pounding in the lead up to Alderaan's destruction. As the pace increased so did my pulse; great writing! I love the quote you used at the beginning, too - very apt. The ending was so...well, I wanted to cry. XD It's so sad it's over, but at the same time it's such a great story of love. I'll miss it, I think.

The whole story was, as per usual, incredibly well written and exciting, with some great romantic moments. It was great to see Rex and Bren's story continue - and I love how Ahsoka was the one to save their lives. It just all...fits.

DoubleEO chapter 45 . 8/9/2013
Aww, this was an amazing story and I loved reading it! :)
Longlivetheclone chapter 44 . 8/7/2013
I just adore this scene between Rex and his teenage daughter. It feels so real. A conversation like this one must be so difficult to have for both parent and child and brings up a lot of emotional termoil. But, Rex handled it so beautifully. He seems as suited to the role of father as he was that of Captain, (although one can see the crossovers between the two roles and experience is everything.). It is a very touching and pivotal moment when he shares the dark moments of his past and tells Irini what he was doing when he was thirteen, especially since he is not one to usually tell war stories. A beautifully written scene and tells volumes about the patience Rex has gained since becoming a father.
Reulte chapter 44 . 8/6/2013
I haven't reviewed often but this chapter was simply too good to not review. I loved Iri's perceptions of Rex - all solid like a foundation - and how she kept calling him 'dad' or 'daddy' even through her anger. I'd love to see something of the other clones (and not just Chopper) and how they have proceeded. I'm worried about what might happen and who might be on Aldaraan (Fives and Mar?).
Kelana-ti chapter 44 . 8/5/2013
Aww. And Iri learns that, yes, aliit ori'shya tal'din. Family is more than blood.
Loved this, and loved Irini's voice. This chapter was perfect, and probably one of my favorite's. :D How you described Rex, solid like a mountain, how he spoke, and all that stuff... exactly how I thought he would be like when he's older.
So, next chapter's Alderaan? Just Alderaan? Uh oh.
Jess Marylin chapter 44 . 8/5/2013
That was very sweet. Iri had to find out about Rex not being her biological dad sometime. Rexter handled it very well too. I loved seeing the relationship those two have through Iri's eyes. :)
And, as for Alderaan, please tell me that the family wasn't on the planet when the Death Star...
CC-2224 Commander Cody chapter 44 . 8/5/2013
awwww Iri has a crush on Jek :P

haha gotta love over protective mothers scolding you whenever you try to have an bit of mischievous fun...
Kelana-ti chapter 43 . 8/3/2013
Awesome. Kinda like that you gave them another girl... and Tana? Interesting name. Like it. Very cute ending. and as always, looking forward to the epilogues.
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