Reviews for Birth of the Forest
Eruonen chapter 22 . 5/5
Love your story and can't wait to see more.
Guest chapter 22 . 5/1
I have an idea for the Kushina story line and from what I can inference from the information about the chakra reaction with the metal naruto/hashirama combined is also the reincarnation of the sage of six paths and with his Uzumaki blood should be able to awaken the rinnegan when under extreme emotional distress so I say he finds out about Kushina's betrayal and it causes him such emotional distress he unlocks the rinnegan but the personality of naruto wins between the two that naruto gives her a second chance, his unlocking of the rinnegan also solves the problem of how he reaches and surpasses his power as hashirama as well as having kyuubi teach naruto all about the rinnegan and have the plot line progress towards the war and the unveiling of the moon eye plan to madaras entrance.
guest chapter 22 . 4/12
Dude I lv ur fic but why is naruto taking the back sit of his own body come on even if hashirama loved mito naruto should be able to love who he wants .think about it and update soon
Dazzle chapter 22 . 4/7
This is a neat story, not many folks manage to write interesting stories with a cast this powerful. Cheers!
brynchilla chapter 1 . 4/7
It seems that things are developing too fast. Yes, Naruto had the chakra and what not, but he doesn't have it yet.
It would take time to develop it, not to mention his body/chakra pathways might not be developed enough for the over load and it could end up doing more harm than it would do good.
Dwiggy chapter 22 . 4/4
Mito Jiraiya and Tsunade should get together (let's be honest, they are the politicians running Konoha not some gay ass council shit) and have Kushina go on a suicide mission. Intercept the Akatsuki, go into enemy lines (Iwa), and capture Roshi. You could have her succeed, and they could use the jinchuuriki to give the "allies" another advantage. An interesting idea would to have them extract the 4 tails (if you pick Roshi to be the one who gets captured) with a combined effort of Naruto mokuton dragon, and then Mito and Kushina working together to extract the 4 tails. It would be good direction to take because lets be honest, their conflict is not what should happen between family. Then Naruto could nominate Sasuke to become the Jinchuuriki (I just love the thought of a giant monkey with a lava susanoo). And then finally, Mito and Kushina could seal it in Sasuke. Despite all that crap about how you have to seal a tailed beast in a baby, you could probably still do it. Kushina could either do, 1. Shiki Fuujin and entrust all her hopes on Naruto. Or, 2. create some bs seal that has no consequences.

Another route you could take is have Kushina die on the mission (putting up a hell of a fight, some badass chase scene where she is getting chased by Kisame, Deidara, and Tobi) and have a similar effect on Naruto that Jiraiya's death had on him in canon. Either way, Kushina dies and her secret remains a secret from Naruto and he doesn't hate her.

He would then get mad at Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Mito and he would have to travel somewhere to blow off steam (with Sasuke if you choose to have the 4 tails sealed in him and he can train him and stuff).
Guest chapter 3 . 3/27
Damn it! You are one of the few fanfiction writers who acually correct Kishimoto's lazy character development. You balanced the twists of the story quite remarkably, may I say. I am in the first three chapters already and the story shows great potential, so you have all the support I can give.
Iskander Mandoraekon chapter 7 . 3/23
It was clear, some people just need to learn to read
CynthiaRosenDale chapter 1 . 3/22
Your plot is good, but it seems like the story is going too fast, and some of the characters like Kuruma is a little OC.
SpiffySage chapter 20 . 3/20
I really like this story by have a quick question. Why is Kushina a traitor? It seems illogical that she would turn on her son. Earlier in the story, she said that even after all these years she was still fiercely loyal to Minato, who is dead, and would never marry anyone else. Wouldn't she be just as loyal to Naruto, who still lives, as she was to Minato if not more? It just doesn't make sense to me
js chapter 1 . 3/14
I know its called you can pretty much change anything you want
that doesn't mean i have to like it, specially when you butcher it..
the shodaime hokage did not want the kids of konoha to be lethal killers (at least not right away)...he wanted the kids of konoha to be kids for as long as possible...i
killuablue chapter 22 . 3/10
Not update yet? Please updateee
Malcolmxr12 chapter 22 . 3/2
Man I LOVE your story also I think the kushina storyline is great. Also can you write the amount of days your going to be writing till you update.
Alexnder chapter 5 . 3/2
Interesting thought line for your story, however i find that you rush everything to the point of that the story falls apart. You truly started this story back at the "beginning" of the academy, and thus had huge amounts of story and filler that you could have written out. you instead slammed through everything getting through the academy, the D ranks, the mission to wave AND the first stage of the test in 5 chapters. it is so rushed that there is little to no actual detail. you state something and move on.

You also did it off by my perspective. You could have had a gradual morph into the Shodaime, instead of this rushed and hurried INFINITE COSMIC POWERS bit that you did. Should he have been a lot stronger with the jumble of memories gained in that short amount of time. a bit, but the way you have him sort through enough in a matter of months is unseemly in my honest opinion. In addition the idea that just the memories equal skill is also unseemly. You basically Kage Bunshin hacked the memory recovery of a previous life. The Knowledge of HOW to do something might have been gotten back, but the use of such in the body currently held would be awkward at best, disastrous at worst. The wisdom of the previous life might have been regained, and some of that would have been immediately noticeable, but as i previously stated the instantaneous memory transfer bit is just a bit much to bite off. You made a Genin, who while housing the memories of the Shodaime, was still a genin fight off Hoshigaki and Orochimaru. You made an Academy student who was taught a bad form of fighting to the point it became instinctual to him, all of the sudden be perfect at moving through the Kata's of a entirely different form.

Again i say you have a good concept, but your output is very sub-par in my eyes. It needs a heavy rewrite to truly stand out on this site as it currently falls in with the majority of stories. Godmode Naruto. unrealistically change the perceptions of this or that person so suddenly it gives whiplash. As it stand, your story is just another in the archive. it doesn't stand out as better. it doesn't stand out as more well thought out. it just is.

Now mind you i am not here to try to deter you from writing. I am not saying you are a bad author, or any such things. I just think you have a lot to work on.
Prince Sheogorath chapter 22 . 2/28
Awesome story. Please update soon!
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