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bankai777 chapter 10 . 3/22/2013
I wonder what will mito and kushina say to tsunade and shizune when they reunite.
UzumakiMitoChan chapter 9 . 3/21/2013
Oh my gosh! Please update your story is absolutely amazing! Update! I'm dying here, I literally check everyday to see if you've updated. I just- gosh I don't even know where to start. The characterization of all the characters in here like both Naruto and Hashirama, are astounding. I'm simply blown away with how well you've kept me engaged this whole time. Even though most of the story has been canon, and following the manga/anime, I still find myself deeply entertained at this new Naruto, or even this new Sasuke that you've created. With Sakura, her character in the story seems a bit less dynamic, but I'm thinking it's only because she won't become a major part until later in the story...? But anyways, I also love that you seem to know what you're talking about when describing battle scenes. Most writers are very good writers, but their description skills of scenes like that are either boring, or too vague. With your writing, I can literally picture the fight in my head as I read. I understand completely what you mean about how Naruto and Hashirama's personality are slowly merging together, and it shows in your story as you show clearly the personality traits of both characters very well. I love the fact that you brought a young Mito back because I was happy to see Naruto so powerful, and strong, but sad to see him so heart-broken over his past wife's death. I'm glad that I had looked up Uzumaki Mito when she was young because I can see that she and Naruto aren't so incompatible. But I think I'm going to stop here before you think I'm so crazy person. Lol. It's just I'd thought I'd let you know how truly amazing your writing is. So if you read through this whole thing, thanks for staying and reading. Please update soon! :3

animeflunky chapter 9 . 3/21/2013
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merchantofam chapter 9 . 3/21/2013
I must confess that while I still retain my confusion from the first chapter, I like what you written so far. Though I must ask, did you resurrect Uzumaki Mito solely for a romantic reason? I ask, because so far other than two scenes she hasn't served any worthwhile role.

Speaking of which, in the previous chapter Mito is shown calling Naruto husband in front of Sasuke and doesn't bat an eye, yet the audience hasn't been shown a scene where the truth or any semblance of it has been revealed to Sasuke.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/21/2013
To merchantofoam

well. I dont really see what is confusing. Kushina survived the extraction because it is a fanfic, not a manga/anime. Extraction may be a death sentence, but Uzumaki blood is never to be underestimated.

We don't know too much about Hashirama. so it is a reasonable assumption that he knows the Bijuu's names. I mean, he is an extremely empathic individual, somewhat like the sage. So he might have taken the trouble.

And, the author did mention that Hashirama's chakra calms Kurama. It seems they have a bit of a history. So it is reasonable for Hashirama and Kurama to talk civillly. And Hashirama is a figure of towering power. Being sealed within a shinobi of his stature must be different, even for a bijuu.

I think you are confused because you like highly canon oriented stories. You are simply unable to think outside those constraints. fanfic is an attempt to move outside canon, so i think small liberties like kushina surviving is allowed.

Great story!
merchantofam chapter 1 . 3/20/2013
This chapter was incredibly confusing.
1) At the start you imply that Kushina and Minato were saying their final goodbyes to Naruto, however just a few lines later you state Kushina has somehow survived the Kyuubi extraction. (It was explained in the manga and anime, that Kushina only survived due to her Uzumaki heritage but even then the extraction was a death sentence.)
2) The interaction with Kyuubi and Naruto, and to the same extent with Hashirama seemed really awkward. Not to mention, the Kyuubi has a deep seated hatred for Hashirama so I doubt it would have spoken to him as a friend.
3) How does Hashirama even know Kuarama's name? Naruto only learned of it due to Son Goku telling him, till then no mortal had learned of it.
blackvincent1 chapter 1 . 3/20/2013
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keishiro chapter 1 . 3/18/2013
I am loving this fic, I am awaiting reading more
Winnieflutters chapter 9 . 3/18/2013
That was an amazing 9 chapters, I was so engrossed in your story that I couldn't stop to review before now! I can't say that I've read a naruto fan fic like this one before so the originality in that sense definitely captured my full attention. I can see what other reviewers are getting at by saying he is more Hashirama than Naruto but I agree with your logic on the matter.. I would be more confused if he had more of a Naruto personality. The only thing I would suggest is building on some of the other characters more,members of the Konoha 12 in particular, just to make it feel slightly more realistic. I love that you have characters like Mito and Kushina that you've molded but without incororporating the other central characters I do get a sense that the main elements of the Naruto world we know are lost. Great job though!
MsQueenWitch chapter 9 . 3/18/2013
very good
iamgoku chapter 9 . 3/18/2013
It's one if the best fics I've ever read ( and I've read a lot ) keep up the good work
Ilysia11 chapter 9 . 3/17/2013

Mr. Sqweakers The Great chapter 9 . 3/17/2013
I can't wait for the next chapter. This story is truly good.
Bluesnowman chapter 9 . 3/16/2013
Awesome story so far.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/15/2013
great story
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