Reviews for The Threat of Tomorrow
letterfromathief chapter 1 . 1/27/2015
This was beautiful and utterly heartbreaking with everything that could've been, that was and is. Someday I might stop being upset about Graham's death, but after reading this, I will probably be upset at myself for it.
bowtiesandcoffees chapter 1 . 12/14/2013
So sad ! My favorite part of this one shot, is the ending with Ruby, the aftermath of Graham's passing and the impact it had. It's really sad, and kind of haunting. It gives this one shot all its emotion, and really capture their relation.
Anyway, I'm glad I found this, there's not enough Ruby/Graham stories out there !
renzhie chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
this was so well written that I'm ready to accept it as canon and protect it close. First of all, I like the summary-i have always liked your summaries... when the notif pops into my inbox, even though you write a fandom I'm not in, I usually check the summary because that's how good yours are.

The way you wrote them; individuals and dynamics, astound me. Ruby's my second fav after Belle. She was such a badass let me love you, and Graham-the way he thought he was missing something and the truth was there, but he just couldn't see it killed me all over again.

Can I just take a moment to cherish grahamemma scene there because ahhh my heart was crushed when he died in her arms. It was so easy to ship emmagraham back then.

The ending was fitting and had a lingering sadness to it. You have a knack for writing an ending that makes me want to claw my face. Sobs.

Keep writing!
Alessandra Hope's thief chapter 1 . 3/12/2013
I think I'm in love.

Really, the way you write is...woah, it's just so captivating. So fluent and intense, so all-encompassing in what would seem little. You describe exactly what would need to be described and then leave the rest to the imagination, and still you guide it because that's what was left to imagine. God, just like what PrincessPearl said... you managed to tell their story as individuals and their love story, not always explicitly, in this fic in a way one could only dream of.

Ever since I saw Graham I liked him, and then I loved him, just like with Red, and then when one thinks about it, they could've been so great for each other and I'm so lucky that I inmediatly found this fic and that it is absolutely all I ever wanted in it, and better, so much better. You wrote exactly how I feel about them and omfg it's just so perfect!

Still very in character and very allined with canon (like, just like 'days that never got written about'...just like scenes that never got filmed, or got in screen...and both in FTL, in Storybrook, in the show as a whole and in fanfiction) and, idk real-feeling (?) Couldn't really ask for more.

Just...perfect. I'm in love with this fic :3 You've put the bar really high for those other 25 fics I've yet to read lol

Thank you very much for this
Linzerj chapter 1 . 3/9/2013
I liked the way it sort of flip-flopped between Red's perspective and Graham's perspective. Also love the wolf connection between them. A really interesting pairing I wish we could've seen more of...
Great job!
Tallimie chapter 1 . 2/22/2013
Wow, I really like your writing style, reading what you write is great, but what you left unwritten is even more amazing. The relationship you gave those two is amazing and if Graham hadn't died in the show, they would have been great together. Really nice story. .
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
hello hello hello guess who drank a glass of soda at midnight and now can't sleep at 3 am? i'm fine clearly

no but seriously i read this before i went to take my usual five-hour nap and then i woke up and read it again and i am honestly in awe of your storytelling abilities in addition to your general writing abilities because wow you just managed to encompass so much of their love story in less than 3k words and i still came away feeling like i really understood how much they meant to each other and how their relationship grew and developed and how it changed during the curse and just wow this was brilliant?

first i wanna talk about the summary and the refrain of "what do you know about" because it was honestly gorgeous like WOLVES and HONOR and LOVE and LOSS and they're all such pretty concepts in writing terms but when you combine them like you did it just makes it all seem even more ephemeral, sort of? not sure if that's the word but it really grabbed me from the get-go and just those four words tell you a lot about their story already in their own way which is a magnificent storytelling device (is that the right phrase? i cannot FUNCTION at 3 am jfc) and i loved it a lot like it just summed up ruby and graham and their stories and how their stories intertwined so beautifully

and then ruby oh ruby she was MAGNIFICENT like having graham's own spear at his throat was just gorgeous like yES PLEASE THAT'S MY GIRL i love love loved seeing her all bright and mostly happy and full of spunk and life before she knows about her wolf thing because she's adorable in all her interactions with graham and she just shines really brightly because she's so full of life at this point and teasing and flirting with graham and becoming friends with him and just yes amazing i adore that you showed us that side of her because we definitely did not get to see it in the show in fairytale flashbacks because by the time we ran into she was almost aware of the wolf thing so it was just really nice and i just loved seeing her like that because she's an angel always but here she's a bright happy angel with graham instead of the kickass fighter that she becomes

and graham of course oh man he was so so so beyond perfect like i just ! i always forget how much i adore him and then something reminds me aND THIS FIC REMINDED ME TENFOLD HE WAS SO ADORABLE AND CHARMING AND SDLKDSFGJKLDS god i love him and you wrote him so brilliantly, you completely captured his voice in fairytale land (oh and also red's too i forgot to mention but i loved that you could see the culture of fairytale land in their voices basically you are a magnificent writer in general!) and then also in storybrooke he was so sweet but lonely and lost and just asjklfdsgd wow i miss him a lot thanks for that :( no but in all honesty you captured him perfectly and i fell in love with him all over again sigh

and to sum it up basically your writing is as beautiful and glorious as always i mean honestly "In the woods, their bond has almost become almost sacred. Timeless and unburdened by the boundaries from around them, as if alliances or anything more are not difficult at all in this troubled era that has befallen the realm." (the TROUBLED ERA THAT HAS BEFALLEN THE REALM have i mentioned how much i love language like this i'm sure i must have in one of my other reviews but i really really really love it a lot) and "it's like he's inhaling unnecessary amounts of smoke after blowing out a large candle as he realizes kissing her would be like tasting tales of the forest tangled in her veins, his veins, their veins. " (just wow jesus christ how do you write? that last phrase made me want to cry because it was so glorious) and the entire section that's just graham's death scene (still sobbing violently about it) was also beautiful and just yes okay i should sleep but basically your writing is amazing and you are amazing and i love you a lot!
TheNicks chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
Wow. That was really deep. Seriously I haven't read a story like that in a long time mostly for those two characters it would of been heavenly if they were together and so much more if this really happened! Keep it up!