Reviews for To That Faraway Sky
Sumi chapter 4 . 2/27
That was inspiring to read! Please do continue
peppymint chapter 4 . 2/25
Snickers, and here comes the mist. Great story. I can't wait to see what happens next.
Guest chapter 4 . 2/23
I really like your story so fat and hope that you can continue it since it seems to be like 2 years since last update
Akira Xenoshi chapter 4 . 2/24
Pfft, this story is amazing and one-of-a-kind because yeah there are stories with Tsuna and Hibari best friends sometimes turned couple, but having a way to get The Hibari Kyoya to WILLINGLY leave Namimori without possibly being, highly unlikely, kidnapped is truly amazing. I love it so far and the interesting way you brought in Mukuro, things just got hella harder for poor Tsuna huh?...Hey is Hibari gonna snap and attempt murder on Mukuro?
Yuna X Haku chapter 4 . 2/20
You know... I do love this story and all but...
There are so little chapters! OAO)/
Reborn isn't even here yet!
Hadn't someone noticed a skylark and a (kawaii)dame missing?!
Just update. Pls.
Angel chapter 4 . 2/18
Are you seriously not going to update? I'm not impatient...but I've been waiting for like I don't know
6-8 months? And you're keeping me in suspense, gods I really wanna know what happens next and also when the others come into the picture, so please please please I beg of you to update because you're making me insane with the wait T.T
Redangeltree chapter 4 . 2/18
Ok, so... I never leave reviews but I NEED this story in my life! I hope this story continues even though it's been years. Love it so far.
Cyan Sky chapter 4 . 2/17
I love this fic, will be my fav ne

update pleaaasssssseeeeeeeeeee
Theta-McBride chapter 4 . 2/16
Love it! :-D
NaruLoveAnime chapter 4 . 2/14
An interesting story and I love it, and thank you for this story. I love every chapters so far. Your story is the best and will be another, 'my favorite's stories'! I'm excited and can not wait what will happen next. I love how you can make me, always thrilled to read your next.. next chapters in the end. So, where is it.. your next chapter? I think, I will crazy if i wait too long. Hurry and update soon! I'll love your chapters. So, Please Hurry and update soon! I hope.. new update, soon from you!
Flayne chapter 4 . 2/11
Hey there!
I really had fun reading this work! The first chapter was challenging because of all the bad stuff happening to Tsuna, but I understand how it must act as a catalyst for the story to proceed. Now it's really really exciting and I can't wait to see how their living together will be for the future.
Hope you update soon!

kazuki12akirah chapter 4 . 2/7
This may sound too corny even for me, but really reaaaallllly thank you for this wonderful story you've written.. Jut the first chapter and I've been hooked..
Good work! More interesting what i have read for a while... A great find..
Hoping for the next updates soon.. More power!
BloodyGrim chapter 4 . 2/6
Update please.
SerinasHarmony chapter 4 . 2/6
PLZ UPDATE THIS! Things r getting to awesome to be ignored!
meme7789 chapter 2 . 2/6
wow, i just noticed this story has the most favs in all of KHR FF in only four chapters 0.0!
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