Reviews for A Careers Fight: The 100th Quarter Quell
111hungergames111 chapter 2 . 3/2/2013
I think you should add more depth to each reaping. Make us want that character to win.
lko chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
WAIT NEVERMIND, I realized there is more than one career.
lko chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
hey sorry! I saw that d. 4 was already taken! I'l change the district and stuff..
lko chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
Tribute form:

Name: Madison Brooks

Gender: Female

Age: 16

District: 4

Second option for district: 1

Appearance: Madison like the majority of District 4 is attractive looking. She has long light brown seaweed hair, tan skin, and ocean blue eyes. She is 5'6 , and has an athletes body since she is a career.

Personality (Be Detailed): Madison is a very ambitious person and doesn't like to lose. She can be manipulative because she is a very good liar. She can also get a bit emotional at times but she tries her best to hide her emotions with sarcasm. Outside of the training center, she is a lot more easy-going and is for the most part well loved by her district.
History (Very Detailed)- Growing up in Disrict 4, a career district, Madison never had to worry about not having enough food to eat. She has always known ho0w to swim and fish, since her dad was a fisherman. Her day job was working at the docks. Madison as a kid loved doing sports, and winning. When the Capitol stopped allowing sports, she was convinced by a trainer to join the careers academy. Her parents were wary of it, but Madison agreed to it anyways. She was related to one of the past victors from about 10 years ago, so she had it in her blood right? Killing people still didn't seem natural to her though. She never believed she would find joy like the kids on TV from district 2 from killing, but she most for sure find joy in winning. When she found out that she was selected to volunteer as a tribute she felt proud, pushing any feelings of doubt or anxiousness away.

Strengths(4x)- Familiar with Weapons, quick/nimbleness,

Weakness (Please go with the strengths)(4x)- Is terrible at working with a sword, won't be always familiar with what's in front of her (ex: animals, plants, climate, etc.), Impatient with others, stubborn

Weapon- Dagger

Reaping outfit- A light blue, flowy and simple dress. Her hair is in a waterfall braid, and she is wearing cream colored heels. On her necklace she is wearing her lucky seashell, given to her by her grandmother.

Chariot outfit- Her stylist decided they would go for the mermaid look this year. They let her seaweed hair be naturally because it gave her the mermaid look. Her stylist then covered her 'private parts' with fish net. Her stylist told her 'More skin works with you Darling'. She was comfortable in her own body, so she didn't really care. Whatever she had to do to get sponsors, she would do. Her stylist then painted her legs to look like scales on a mermaids tale,

Interview outfit- A light green, frilly and lacy, revealing dress. Her hair was straightened.

Skill shown to gamemakers- Throwing multiple daggers, hitting the center of the target every time. She then shows how she can do close up combat with the daggers. After that she just doddles around and shows her familiarity with other weapons, besides the swords
Alliance- Mostly with the 'original' careers from District 1 and 2, and her district partner. She doesn't completely trust the other tributes from 1 & 2, but she knows that at the moment it's best that the best team up. When things go bad, she will leave as fast as she can, maybe with her district partner
Career- Yes.

Arena strategy- To play like a career, but use her manipulation skills. She knows that most careers have the brute strength. But with her sense of manipulation and wit she knows she has one of the most powerful weapons.

Any idea how they should die-Uh I don't know, if she dies something ironic maybe?

Why should they win- Because all of her life she has trained. Also because of her skills besides strength, she is a big contender. She also will do almost anything to win.

a sea shell given to her by her grandmother.
Drpeppericey7 chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
Can't wait for the Story!
CatchingFire75 chapter 2 . 3/2/2013
I really liked the reapings! I can't wait to read more about diamond!
coaster317 chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
HI! I might submit if You don't mind something, erm, Different!
SerpentineWizard12 chapter 1 . 2/23/2013
Name: Julibee keeper

Gender: female

Age: 17

District: 6

Second option for district: 8

Appearance: quite beautiful. Has a fit body that gives her the appearance of a body builder. Has green eyes and short messy black hair.

Personality (Be Detailed): solitarilly confined. She doesn't like to be social, because it will end with her being out of control and her opponent gets injured. No romance here! She has strong anger issues and loves to shout at people.

History (Very Detailed)- at the age of six, her mother became an Avox, which drove jubilee into insanity. She doesn't have any siblings, so there was no one to turn to for moral support. Her father was always busy and hardly noticed she was around. The confinement gave jubilee the chance to train. She started at the age of 8 in her room. Se would lift furniture, smash walls, and run around her yard at night. After about 3 years, her workout paid off. She was as fit and muscular as any guy. Over the years she stayed in her room building muscle and staying healthy, because she knew hat If she were reaped, this would come in handy. Now she is fit as a bull and ready as any career to pull your guts out.

Strengths(4x)- strong, fast, tall, and tough

Weakness (Please go with the strengths)(4x)- noisy, doesn't plan ahead, dis trustful, and unstealthy.

Weapon- her body and the scythe.

Reaping outfit- meh. Tee shirt and gym shorts.

Chariot outfit- meh. Anything that shows off her abs.

Interview outfit- meh. Same as chariot, but Under NO circumstance should she wear a dress.

Skill shown to gamemakers- punching bags or weight lifting.

Alliance- NOOOOO way!

Career- her own one!

Arena strategy- kill, kill, kill!

Any idea how they should die- killed in her sleep or by drown ing. Her weight makes it hard for her to float.

Why should they win- well, she can kill anyone at close or far range, and it might finally get her noticed by her father.

Token- pfft! Those nerdy things? Hah!
Radio Free Death chapter 1 . 2/22/2013
The OC form should go on your profile otherwise your story might be reported for breaking the rules.
111hungergames111 chapter 1 . 2/20/2013
I hope my tribute gets in!
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