Reviews for A Godfather's Gift: A Second Chance
darkhk chapter 31 . 6/17
ok pls pls you have to update! some of these chapters had me in freaking tears! I absolutely love this story! pls update!
Lee Chua chapter 31 . 5/31
Simply... Wow.
Guest chapter 31 . 5/11
Are you going to finish this story?
SpunkyPeterson chapter 31 . 3/30
I really hope you update soon! I love your stories but this one specifically is just so different from the rest :)
bryan.conant.bc chapter 31 . 3/13
such a great chapter, its been a long time lol. but I'm glad its back. waiting for the other story to get updated too. :)
ThatCrazyGirlReading chapter 31 . 3/11
What's...going on. Don't do this to me Sirius just died on my screen again. Are they really hiding or were they kidnapped I hope they are okay!? Those poor babies. HARRY IF YOU ARE STILL IS THE CASTLE YELL MY NAME...C.R.A.Z.Y. COME ON HARRY! Awe and rian is so adorable I love her.

anyeshabaner chapter 31 . 3/1
awesomeeeeeee update!..."hiding" just got a new meaning! ;)
LittleMissMoonbeam chapter 31 . 2/28
When Sirius defends Harry as his own it shatters my heart in such a good way and I love it! Even though it took a loooonng time for an update, I still very much love you and your wonderful stories and am ready from more.
Beyondthesea16 chapter 31 . 2/28
nice update, glad harry is going to be okay, too cute rian told harry he's her budder and hugged him, I think he needed that, so where are they hiding, waiting for more
fatima.muhammad.5688476 chapter 31 . 2/26
Superb! Good job!
speedsONEandONLY chapter 31 . 2/26
would it be inappropriate
to laugh at the end line?
cause i chuckled.
Queen-Akers chapter 31 . 2/25
Love it, can't wait for the next chapter!
Dakota.Crimson chapter 31 . 2/25
Ah finally! Good to see you back. And we're going to get on with the show now? Get this finished? I like the sound of that. So I hope I get to see another update soon (soon! Not a massive gap please if you can!)
Kyoii chapter 31 . 2/25
Very well written. I love it! Although I'm wiping tears from my eyes atm lol keep it up!
HT188 chapter 31 . 2/25
finally! i'm so glad you are finishing this can't wait to see what happens next! also can't wait for the next update on your other story! :)
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