Reviews for So Sick
Kasumisou chapter 1 . 5/24/2013
wow! really unexpected story!;)
it was sad at the beginning but in the end everything got brighter! i thought their daughter dyed in the incident when i read about Kazuki left her alone...i glad i was wrong! since it's KazuKaho's story i just can't imagine such a sad ending i guess XD
and wow this is a three sonfic in one story isnt it?!:)) its the first i read it!:) well done!)))
btw i liked the 'Daisuki da yo' song the most of Ai Otsuka!:))
i liked the story and im happy for the happy end!:) Thank you!
mtnikolle chapter 1 . 3/11/2013
I could feel the horror and angst building in my heart while I read this and figured out what happened to them. I'm so glad you decided to give them a happy ending... even if their family is still going to have a lot to deal with while they rebuild themselves.
LittleBottle chapter 1 . 2/24/2013
OOOOH MY GOOOOOD ! D'X THIS IS- I LOVE IT SO MUUUCH ! AT FIRST i was really sad cause they're so sad and all but the ending makes it perfect X'D I dunno how many times i've said this but i normally dun like marriage n children stories but i ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY love this one (T_T) It's so touching ! N i totally love how u slowly reveal the child part (T_T) So touching... For a second there i thought kazuki was drunk and driving and got into a car accident with the child 0.0 I was like NO THAT CAN'T HAPPEN 0.0 But really.. it's perfect OH AND THE SONG ! ISN'T THIS THE FIRST TIME I KNOW THE SONG U USE ? Oh wait no its not XD Oh but I've heard of this song a few years back and i loved it but i never knew the title so thank u so much X'D This will b in one of my eternal favorites XD Do u remember "saved the best for last" ? That's kinda one of my most memorable songs XD Thanks to u XD N this song... HUU HUU HUU im actually crying (T_T) THank you for that awesome ending XD I was afraid that it will be a sad ending because the picture looks so sad D'X n the title is "so sick" SO THANK YOU SOO MUCH! I really want to make a kazukaho story ! SOON ! I WILL I WILL ! X'D THANK YOU SO MUCH X'D