Reviews for Dirty Little Witch
Guest chapter 8 . 2/12
first jk never said that and she based ron on the guy she was in love with and many way ron was a better man then harry harry had no choice ron did.
BMS chapter 8 . 2/10
Excellent story.
Fun and a little twisted.
vickety chapter 8 . 1/15
This was deeply troubling, but fun. Thanks.
keitaropurple69 chapter 8 . 10/31/2016
I love this story and it is very original, but i wish it was alittle longer.
Tilty.bbb chapter 8 . 8/23/2016
This was a great read well done
Warlock chapter 3 . 6/20/2016
Gods I love what you did to Dumbledore
Warlock chapter 1 . 6/20/2016
Cool start. Time to see how the transition goes!
AlwaysAnAussie chapter 3 . 11/2/2015
well congrats on your first fic. really enjoyed your ides. thx for sharing.
AlwaysAnAussie chapter 1 . 11/2/2015
wow that was different and intense. can't wait to read the rest of this fic.
Tunderkiwi chapter 1 . 10/31/2015
It has a very good first chapter. While I have read many fictions like you have wrote, starting still kept my attention for that I applaud you. I hope the rest is as good as the start. Thanks for publishing it.
Claudius Clavicle chapter 8 . 6/28/2015
Perfect grammar, fetching plot and excellent style. I'm mighty impressed. Definitelly gonna check your profile for more.
Guest chapter 8 . 1/28/2015
wow i was just playing injustice and this fic reminds me what would have happened if superman had won
Guest chapter 8 . 10/27/2014
I don't know about 100, but what about 150? I enjoyed this story, great word flow.
NorahMars chapter 7 . 7/20/2014
Interesting ideas, always loved a nice dark! Powerful!harry/hermione but Ginny pisses me off. Attitude is way too snippy. Loving all the other things tho.
erbkaiser chapter 8 . 7/2/2014
I enjoyed the first five chapters of this fic a lot. After that it took a plunge into the dark which I didn't much care for.

Still, thanks for 5 enjoyable chapters.
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